Magnolia Fall Mantel + Fall Family Room Decor

 Welcome to our magnolia filled Fall family room! Today I want to share this simple, elegant, magnolia Fall mantel I styled for our Fall family room. It was really easy to put together and totally transformed our family room for Fall. I like my mantel to be the focal point of the room. Then add little touches of Fall decor to my side tables and coffee table. If you don’t have a mantel or fireplace in your family room, make your coffee table your focal point. Wherever your focal point is in your room, that is where you put the most effort. Everywhere else should have nothing or a small dusting of decor. My favorite motto is less is more! Here are the details on how I created this fun magnolia Fall mantel.

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 Magnolia Fall Mantel

The size and scale of my mantel is large, so if your mantel is not as tall or grand, use smaller pumpkins and fewer magnolia florals. 

What you will need

Seafoam Velvet Pumpkin – size LE

Lagoon Velvet Pumpkin – size  JJ

Blue Ice Velvet Pumpkin – size 8″

Faux Magnolia – 8 stems

Faux Eucalyptus – 2 -3 stems (cut in pieces)

Blue Berries – 1-2 packs

Faux Wheat – 1 bundle

This little velvet pumpkin trio is perfect for a side table! I used the  6″ Seafoam, 6″ Wedgewood and 3″ Lagoon for my vignette.

ginger jars

fall family room decor ideas

Fall family room decor ideas magnolia arrangement

Notice I kept my same throw pillows from my Summer decor? These aqua throw pillows are my all time favorite pillows from Arianna Belle. Not only are the colors so calming and perfect for any season, the fabrics are also so luxurious! They are versatile enough to use them year round. I have some fabulous news too! Arianna has given me a coupon code for you guys to use to save 15% off your order now through September 25. Use code RANDIFALL22  to save 15% on any pillows you choose. These are the ones I have used in my home.  All of my pillows are 22″ with  24″ insert. 

I used a few of my white ginger jars and some of my light blue ginger jars and aqua ginger jars to style the room. Adding different shades of blue to your ginger jar collection is a great way to add some depth to any room.

Fill one with some of the samefaux magnolia stems and somefaux magnolia leaves to connect your mantel to the room. 

Fall Family Room Decor ideas Family Room styled for Fall

Transitional Family Room Styled for Fall

Neutral family room styled for fall

Bamboo Hurricane Tall | Bamboo Hurricane Small | Crown | Vanille Candle | Marble Box Gold Handle | Veranda Book |Marble Box | Selenite Candle Holders

Detailed Family source list here.

If you missed my tips for styling your kitchen for Fall, see them here. You may also like our Fall entry post.

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  1. Thank you for this gorgeous mantle display- I know now what I going to do with my mantle. I wanted something elegant and this is definitely it. I always look forward to your posts knowing that I will find inspiration for my own home.

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