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The IG Dream Home – Design Challenge

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Welcome to the IG Dream Home design challenge home tour!

Many of you are probably visiting here after stopping by my talented and fun friend Shauna’s blog.  I love her eclectic and modern style.

For those of you who haven’t followed along on IG, let me fill you in….  for the last six weeks, I’ve joined with a group of amazing bloggers to select our favorite rooms from posts featured on Instagram.  We’ve held a design challenge each week in search of our favorite rooms from entries submitted by you to create the ultimate Instagram dream home.  Each week a winner was selected for the room theme of the week.

Today we are revealing the complete IG Dream Home featuring the winning rooms!  It’s amazing how each room really flows with the next.  Here she is…..



Week 1 |  Week 2 |  Week 3 |  Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6

{Click each week’s link to be directly connected with each winner’s Instagram page.  Each of these designers are must follows}


Now for a fun twist! Each of the hostesses of this challenge chose their own Instagram Dream Home from the each week’s entries.  It was so much fun scrolling through photo after photo of gorgeous inspiration and getting to select my imaginary dream home! There are some seriously talented designers on Instagram.  I wish I could have made my dream home into a mansion and featured more of them!

My Instagram Dream Home…



Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6

Week 1: Living Room

Cindy from @edithandevelynvintage

Cindy @edithandevelynvintage family room The IG Dream Home design challenge

Cindy’s style speaks to me on so many levels.  Her beautifully curated home mixes antique and new pieces into a home that feels like an artist’s masterpiece.  She has an incredible eye for design and a talent for painting furniture and giving it new life while maintaining it’s charm and character.  I’m always inspired by Cindy’s Instagram and Blog posts.

Week 2: Bedroom

Jennifer from @decorgold

Jennifer @decorgold bedroom for the IG Dream Home Design Challenge

Jen’s bedroom is perfect.  Just perfect. It’s everything a bedroom should be, dreamy, relaxing, romantic, inspiring, comfortable and absolutely gorgeous. Her calming color palate mixed with her luxurious fabric and textures make this room a feast for the eyes.  She also marries old and new seamlessly, a look that gives a home soul.  Jen’s photos draw you in and leave you thirsting for more posts!

Week 3:  Kitchen

Lori @mrsparanjape

Lori @mrsparanjape kitchen for The IG Dream Home Design Challenge

You know you love someone’s work work when you scroll through your photos to find that the majority of inspiration photos you’ve saved all come from the same designer. Lori is my girl.  Her designs are clean and elegant, traditional yet modern and dusted with an ever so small amount of glam.  I dare you to not fall in love with her work!

Week 4: Dining Room

Paige @paigemcewen_amodernrustichome

Paige's dining room for The IG Dream Home Design Challenge

You all know that French design truly inspires me.  Well when I saw this room curated by Paige, with hints of French detail amid a modern farmhouse style, I was smitten.  The room feels inviting and dreamy, a place I envision having a fabulous dinner party with family and friends. Well done Paige!

Week 5: Bathroom

Deborah @blountdesigns

Deborah @bountdesigns bathroom for The IG Dream Home Design Challenge

Let me introduce you to Deborah one of the sweetest, kind hearted designers I know.  She packs each room with pizzaz and elegance and still manages to keep them feeling livable.  The molding and details in her master bathroom are reminiscent of a glamorous boutique hotel.  She even hung a tassel on her doorknob.  It’s all in the details.

Week 6: Exterior

Kris @drivenbydecor

Kris @drivenbydecor home for The IG Dream Home Design Challenge

Dream home, that is exactly what I thought when I laid eye’s on Kris’s home. Not only is her home charming with the bay windows, classic black shutters and traditional brick chimney, but her yard is a literal Garden of Eden!  Can’t you picture yourself laying on a blanket, curled up with a good book, sipping a glass on freshly squeezed lemonade, or gazing out from one of those bay windows watching the hummingbirds zip around those spectacular hydrangeas?

This challenge has really been a gift to me.  It has helped me look at my own home with new eyes.   There is beauty and potential in any space, we can create a dream space using the inspiration of others.

This has been such a fun and inspirational challenge! Thank you to everyone who participated and followed along on this fun little journey.

Next up is my darling friend  Tamara from @citrineliving.  I can’t wait to see her dream home!

 #IGDreamHome hostesses

Kelley | Brittany | ShaunaRandi | Tamara | Haneen | Laila | Mollie


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14 thoughts on “The IG Dream Home – Design Challenge

  1. Randi…thank you so much for sharing my bedroom! You are so sweet! I love all of your choices (and would have chosen the exact same rooms…but with YOUR bedroom) in your dream home!!! Thanks again and I hope you are having a wonderful spring break! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much, Randi, for the sweetest compliments and the super kind feature on your lovely blog!! I’m so happy that you included my master bathroom design in your personal IG Dream Home choices!!?❤️ I remember one of the first (maybe the first!) features and Friday shout-outs, that I ever posted on my IG page, was of your beautiful master bathroom with that gorgeous chandy from our mutually fav little French shop in NOLA!! You’ve continued to wow and inspire me from day one, my friend!! Thanks again for making my day!! (And so cute of you to mention one of my favorites in our master bath…the Mercury glass tassel that I found a home for on the linen closet door.?) Your eye for detail makes everything you touch, swoon-worthy!! ?❤️xo

    1. I just adore you Debs! You’ve been one of my favorites from day one too! Thanks for sharing your heart everyday and bringing a smile to my face with your daily posts! xoxo

  3. Randi!! Thank you so much!! I’m thrilled to have my kitchen as a part of your Dream Home!! Genius idea and I’m so honored to have made the cut! xoxo, lori

  4. Randi, thank you so much for choosing our home as part of your dream home – I’m so, so honored! This officially cements the fact that you’ll have to come for a visit and have that lemonade with me 🙂 I’m so thankful to have connected with you through Instagram – all of you ladies in the hashtag party are such an inspiration!

    1. I would love to come for a visit, I’m fairly certain I would never leave! Love your style! xo

    1. Loi thank you so much! You are my design idol! Everything you do is simply stunning. xo

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