3 Simple Ways to Add Pink to your Home

Pink. It’s everywhere in home decor, and I’m totally ok with it!!!  I love using pops of pink in my decor because it adds a soft feminine touch to any space. Pink is a happy, cheerful color that lifts your mood. You can join the pink home decor trend by adding pink to your home without going overboard and making the boys in your house revolt! There’s need to paint a room all pink or purchase a pink sofa {although these are fabulous options}! Using that much pink might throw your husband into cardiac arrest! Just add simple touches of this gorgeous  color to your home in a way that feels natural and blends in with what you already have. IF your husband isn’t on the pink decor train, these tips will help you sneak it into your decor. Here’s 3 simple ways to add pink to your home that will blend into your decor.

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3 Simple Ways to Add Pink to your Home

Add a little pink to your bed! It makes such a big impact! I added this pink satin quilt  and shams from Pottery Barn to my daughter Ellie’s bed for a fun switch up. This is the same quilt I had in my spring bedroom.

I absolutely love the quilt and shams!!! They are so soft and luxurious. Pottery Barn’s is one of my go to places for bedding because it is affordable, durable and on trend. We have bedding from them in every bedroom in our house!

pink and white tween bedroom - brass crystal chandelier -tufted wing back bed pink white girl's bedroom - satin pink quiltNotice how I have the quilt just gathered at the end of the bed. This look adds just a touch of pink to the bed without swallowing it in pink. If you want to have pink a more predominate color, just make the bed with the quilt as the main quilt {see below}.

I love this quilt paired with a white ruffle duvet and crisp white sheets. In my bedroom I had it paired with a white linen quilt. To soften the look even more, you can add a fur throw pillow and fur lumbar pillow as accents.

One of the most asked questions I get, is where did I get Elie’s bed. We had it custom made a few years ago because I couldn’t find what I had envisioned. Well I found a few options that are similar for you…

This pink satin quilt is also gorgeous with blue. My favorite blue and white duvet looks fabulous with it! Use the duvet as the spread and the pink quilt as an accent at the end.

The bathroom is such a fun place to add a touch of pink! Simply buy a few pink towels and style them in your bathroom. These pink towels, also from Pottery Barn, are seriously as soft as butter on your skin. Their towels are nice and thick, yet dry super fast!

I like to buy 3 bath towels and 2 hand towels, then mix in some white monogrammed towels for fun.
3 Simple Ways to Add Pink to your Home - glam bathroom3 Simple Ways to Add Pink to your Home - glam guest bathroom - pink towels pink bath towels - elegant guest bathroom pink and white towels on wicker serving tray - glam bathroom

Try stacking your towels in a tray to be both a pretty vignette and a fancy place to hold bathroom staples. 

Flowers are seriously the most simple way to add some pink to your home decor. If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you know how much I love to mix fresh and faux florals. There’s nothing like fresh flowers, but sometimes having a good faux around makes life more simple. No watering, clipping or running to the store! So give yourself a good mix throughout your house.On Ellie’s nightstand, I like to add pink roses. Sometimes all pink other times, various shades of pink in bud vases. pink glam bedroom
I love to add flowers in the bathroom. In the guest bathroom, there is a single faux pink peony stem in a blue and white bud vase. It really doesn’t have to be a lot of pink to make a statement and add some pink to your home decor!elegant bathroom - styling tips

So don’t shy away from pink! Try adding some pops of pink in your home decor with these simple tips!

Happy decorating!

A special thanks to Pottery Barn for sponsoring this post.

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23 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Add Pink to your Home

  1. Gorgeous! LOVE all the added tips for adding pink, very classy! I love pottery barn and have been using their bedding ever since my kids were little. I am lovin those pink lamps too!😍

    1. Thank you Denise! Pottery Barn is such a great place to get fabulous bedding for your whole home! Those pink lamps are my daughter’s favorite! xo

  2. Love this Randi! I can’t get enough pink right now either. And I’m so in love with my pink PB towels! They are the softest and look amazing as decor too! xo

    1. Erin I can’t believe how soft they are! I want to take 2 showers a day just to feel how soft they are! Thanks for your sweet comment! xo

  3. Beautiful!! Your style is impeccable! I absolutely love the towels. It is a lovely shade of pink . Thank you!

  4. Oh my goodness! I’m in love with the pink quilt! Such a perfect shade of pink. I’m trying to figure out what room I can make over using it!

    So fabulous,
    Cindy G

  5. Your style sense and use of pink is absolutely stunning. You are able to use it in a way that I don’t mind pink at all. ,I actually love the color! Another great post. The Pottery barn stuff is beautiful!!!😍😍😍

  6. I absolutely love the new look of the white fur and soft pink blanket! I want to dive into all the plush bedding. The pink blanket looks super soft & silky. You have created a beautifully relaxing room.

    1. Oh thank you so much Karin! Ellie just loves this room and that quilt is both of our favorites! xo

  7. Hi! Just love your beautiful refreshing pinks! I wanted to ask where you found the gorgeous cobalt blue pillows on your bed? I have been looking for that exact color,
    Thank you,

  8. Your daughters room is beautiful. I have two girls and adore Pottery Barn but live in Scotland and can’t get it delivered here! We have a few small items family have brought us back.
    Love seeing your beautiful home.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I am so sorry they don’t ship to you! great idea to have it hand delivered! Thank you for your sweet comment! Best wishes! xo

  9. Now everyone has me wanting to try the PB pink towels!

    Ellie’s chandelier is stunning! Where is that from?

  10. Love your color palet that you use throughout your home. Working on lighting up our living room.

    I have same blue and white duvet cover from PB. My king comforter doesn’t do the job filling it out with lots of empty space. Any suggestions Welcomed.

    Thank you Amelie

    1. Thank you Amelie. I would look at getting another insert. They make them all different sizes. Some say they are King but the measurements are not the same as the duvets. Check your duvet measurements and find one that is similar in size to the duvet. You can usually find them at local shops or Pottery Barn should have one that fits it better.

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