5 Things You Have to Have for your Home

You know those things in your home that you love so much you want to tell everyone about them?!!!  Well, today I am sharing 5 of those things you have to have for your home and where you can find them! These are 5 things I love, love, love and want you all to have them too!

First, let me share a fun little fact about me. When my husband was in Dental School, we were starving students. To earn some money to buy my babies new clothes and afford a few extra things, I started a boutique baby blanket business. I sold luxurious baby blankets, burp cloths and bibs in a store front on eBay and to local baby boutiques. I became really savy listing and selling things for my little business on this awesome platform. Here’s a little peek at what I used to make and sell…

That was my fun experience with eBay! Over the years they have changed from a bidding platform to a company where you can find a huge selection of high quality items for your home, at amazing prices! 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is NEW and available with the “Buy it Now Option”. Meaning you don’t have to bid on the product, just click and buy. Most of the items ship for free too.

When I was thinking about my 5 have to have pieces that I use daily in my home  – I did a little research and found you can find all of them on eBay!

Are you on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what my 5 things are?!!!! Well here they are in no particular order { funny – they are all items I use in my kitchen}…

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No. 1  Bubble Vase & Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are an absolute must for me in our home! An inexpensive bunch from the grocery store or some clippings from the yard, it doesn’t matter where they come from, I just have to have a few. Flowers make everything more beautiful and make our home a happier place to be. This bubble vase is my favorite way to style my flowers. It is simple yet elegant, letting the flowers steal the show. I have several for our home. You have to have at least one!!!

5 Things You Have to Have for your Home5 Things You Have to Have for your Home

No. 2  Gentle, Good Smelling Cleaning Supplies

A clean kitchen is a MUST! I looked long and hard for cleaning supplies that were gentle enough to use on my marble, but left my kitchen smelling fabulous. I LOVE Mrs Meyer’s cleaning supplies! Use them to clean just about every surface in your kitchen. We also use the dish and hand soap, it smells amazing!

My favorite towel to clean our countertops and appliances with are these soft microfiber rags. They are gentle on all the surfaces and wash up so well.5 Things You Have to Have for your Home white kitchen - marble countertops - gold lighting

No. 3 Smeg Toaster

On a perfect morning, I would have enough time to make homemade waffles for our kids, but most mornings are far from perfect and I depend on my Smeg toaster to stand and deliver boxed waffles to my hungry little army! We use ours daily, so I didn’t want to have to drag a toaster out of the cupboard every morning. IF I was going to have a toaster out on my counter all the time, I wanted it to be stylish and functional.

When my eyes landed on this creamy, classy, 4 slice capacity toaster {there’s also a 2 sliced toaster option}, I knew it was meant to be in our home! See how it blends in with our decor and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb?! She is functional and stylish and I love, love, love her! If you need a little more color in your life, you will be happy to know that they come in some darling other colors.

I loved mine so much, I purchased the matching juicer for my husband {he loves fresh oj}, and I am eyeing the hand blender for all of my baking.

white kitchen - smeg toaster - fresh roses arrangement

No. 4 Marble Coasters

Marble coasters? You are probably asking y0urself why would these be one of my must have pieces? Well, these babies are an absolute necessity in our home to keep me sane. We used to have a parade of unclaimed cups lining my kitchen counters. It drove me insane! There was never any clean cups when you needed one!

One day I had a lightbulb turn on in my head… line up 5 coasters, one for each of my kids. Each child got a coaster. My oldest is spot number one, second in spot number two, and so on. It works 95% of the time. The amount of cups needing to be collected is significantly down, so is the amount of dishes needing to be done!!!

Ours are lined up down the side of one of our cabinets. Out of sight!

5 Things You Have to Have for your Home

No. 5 Dyson Cordless Vacuum

When my floors are clean, life is good! The house magically seems all clean, even though it may need dusting and a slew of other things! I try to vacuum my wood throughout the downstairs everyday or every other day. This is a job the kids actually like to do too. The vacuum I use, that I can’t even stress to you how much I love it, is a cordless Dyson V8. I have also had the cordless Dyson V6, I loved it too. The V8 is a little better for me because of the amount of wood we have and the length of time I need my to run for.

This vacuum is “BOSS”, in the words of my children, because the head swivels and can get into the cracks and crevices of your home. It bends and can go under furniture. I love the attachments you can get for them to clean out door tracks and ceiling vents. Our kitchen drawers fill up with crumbs, so I just click on the small attachment and vacuum them right up.

My boys love it to vacuum out the cars too. It is great to vacuum up your upholstered furniture in any room.

For my rugs and carpet, I love my Dyson upright. It has stronger suction for carpet. The amount of dirt that fills the canister is unreal!!

dyson cordless vacuum - white kitchen 5 Things You Have to Have for your Home

I hope these must haves help make your home a little more beautiful and a little more organized!

*This post is sponsored by eBay. All content and ideas are my own.