5 Tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Leopard purse nordstrom anniversary sale


You have probably heard about and even shopped the ever so popular Nordstrom Anniversary sale. If you are anything like me, you get overwhelmed at all of the items and the shopping frenzy!

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale really is one of the best sales of the year and I want to help you take full advantage of it without getting overwhelmed. I’m sharing a 5 tips I’ve picked up from shopping the sale over the years.

Tip #1

When it comes to decision making, I’m more like a turtle, so impulse sales get me all frazzled thinking if I don’t decide now, the items in contemplation will be gone when a decision has finally been made! I got some good advice from my sister in law, she said, if you are thinking about a piece, purchase it. Nordstrom has the best return policy, if you decide it isn’t just right, take it back.

Tip #2

Look for inspiration on blogs or Instagram. There are so many items on sale it is impossible to see them all, or to see them and know what to do with them! You can visit blogs and peruse Instragram for other shopper’s favorite finds. I found many of my favorite items, that I had completely skipped over by reading friend’s posts.

Here are a few of my favorite things…

nordstrom sale top picks

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Tip #3

Keep checking back on nordstrom.com, if something you want is sold out. Items get returned and restocked all the time. Persistence is the key. These gray booties were sold out in my size for days. I kept checking back and scored them!

gray booties from nordstrom anniversary sale

Tip #4

Shop for gifts. This is a great time to stock up on birthday or even Christmas gifts. These earrings and makeup bag would be the best gifts!!!

ted baker make up bag

kate spade earrings

Tip #5

Have fun! Try a pair of shoes that is a little out of your comfort zone. Buy a new shade of lipstick for Fall. Put together an outfit that really makes you feel good. The prices are right! I can’t wait to show you a few pieces I got that I really had fun with! Keep an eye out on Instagram.

Use these tips and go have yourself some fun at the sale of the year!

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