Fashion Friday – How to Make your Lashes Look Like a Million Bucks

How to get the world's best lashes

You want to make your eyelashes to look like a million bucks? Yes, me too!!!! If I could only put one make up product on everyday, it would be my mascara! Long lashes make me feel girly and “done” for the day.

I have tried out my fair share of mascara brands over the years, and I have found some that I really like. One I even loved. Then one day I walked into my Sephora store and talked to a darling makeup artist with the fullest, most luxurious eyelashes.

She convinced me that my mascara was good, but Marc Jacobs, Velvet Noir, was fabulous. With eyelashes like hers, I couldn’t argue.

How to make your lashes look like a million bucks

Before you go applying this liquid gold to your lashes, let me fill you in on a little secret, throw away your eyelash curler. Just toss that little metal contraption in the trash, then do yourself a favor and buy Bobbi Brown’s eyelash curler.

You may think that any old lash curler will get those babies to stand at attention. I thought so too, until I took the advise of my dear sister in law and bought myself Bobbi’s curler and was stunned at the results. My lashes hit my sunglasses when I blinked. Girly lashes!

Make your lashes look like a million bucks with Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara

Now back to the velvet noir.  This stuff is the real deal. The brush is full and luxurious allowing you to really lengthen each lash. This mascara has a small amount of fibers in it, adding volume to your lashes as well.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascaraHow to make your lashes look like a million buckshow to make your eyelashes look like a million bucks

I have fairly long lashes without mascara, they are just really fair. This mascara lengthens and darkens without clumping, leaving your lashes looking like a million bucks! Excuse my fine lines, I’m not a spring chick anymore.


velvet noir

Get yourself some and let me know what you think!

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