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How to Host a Bake Group – Featuring Mini Cakes

How to host a bake group with a pink and gold tablescape

A few years ago, one of my good friend’s got a cookbook for Christmas. She was excited to try all of the recipes, but quickly realized it would take her weeks to try all the ones she wanted to make. A brilliant idea was born. Create a bake group! Invite other friend’s who also enjoy baking and have them each make a recipe from the cookbook.

We have continued to meet together every few months to share our love for baking. Something almost magical has happened over the years, we have gotten really good at baking, and have grown closer together!

Hosting a bake group is easy and fun! You can do it too! Here’s what you do…

How to Host a Bake Group

No. 1  Invite a small group of friends, who enjoy baking, to join your group. We have 6 members in our group { one was sick this month }. These members don’t need to be professional bakers! Just people who like to bake and would like to better that skill.

No. 2  Choose a theme for your group and pick a date for your party.  Our theme this month was mini cakes. Each person chose a mini cake to make and brought one for each guest to try. We have done tons of different themes. Some of our themes have been…

  • A favorite cookbooks {I have shared some of my favorites below}. Each guest selects a recipe from the same cookbook.
  • An ingredient, like apples or pumpkin
  • A recipe from a foreign country
  • Holidays
  • Pies
  • Tarts

Here are some of my favorite cookbooks

No. 3  Set a pretty table for your guests to enjoy all of the baked goods. Sitting around a beautiful table, makes the desserts taste even better. We take turns being the host of the group. Serve your guest a light lunch so they don’t go into a sugar comma! Also set up a separate area for your guests to display their desserts on. They have worked hard on them, let me show them off!

No. 4  Now for the best part! Eat the desserts, sharing any tips or useful info about your recipe. Would you make it again? Was it difficult? Where there special ingredients the other guests should know about?

No. 5  Before your guests leave, plan your next bake group! Time will pass you by and you will not get it scheduled! I speak from experience. Choose a date, a theme and a new host.

There you have it! You have started a bake group!

Let me share our bake group table and recipes from this month…

How to host a bake group, pink and gold tablescape

I chose a pink and gold color scheme, because pink and cake compliment each other so well! The table cloth is a pale pink linen table cloth. It reminds me of the most perfect shade of pink frosting. This table looks like I spent a lot of time preparing, but really it was simple, it’s all in the little details.

White rose centerpiece on pink and gold table

Simple white rose centerpiece

White rose arrangment in milk glass vase

Easy white rose centerpiece

Three large candy dishes serve as vases for the simple white rose centerpieces. These were so simple to create! I just clipped the roses to about 3 inches long and placed them into the dish. No foam, no fuss.

Pink and gold tablescape with salads in teacups

Pink and Gold place setting for bake group Elegant pink and gold place setting How to host a bake group details

How to host a bake group, tablescape

How to host a bake group table details

Little details on the table like the teacups to serve the salad, pink votives holding a single rose for each guest, tiny candy dishes with fancy candies, votives with candles and crisp white napkins make the guests feel pampered.

Cake plate display for hosting a bake group

How to host a bake group, mini cakes

Mini cakes on bar cart

How to host a bake group mini cakes

              1                          2                          3                          4                             5

{Click on the numbers for the recipes}Coconut Lemon

Mini Coconut lemon cakes with pink paper flowers

Mini Coconut Lemon Cake

This was my dessert. I found this recipe called, ” The Best Coconut Cake”. Boy was the name true to the recipe! It was light and airy, and delicious. I added a thin layer of lemon curd between the cake layers, because the coconut lemon cake that the Nordstrom’s Cafe sells  is my favorite and I wanted to recreate it!

Almond and white chocolate

Mini Almond Cake with White Chocolate Fondant

Mini Almond Cakes with White Chocolate Fondant

Black Forest

Mini Black Forest Cake

Mini Black Forest Cakes


Vanilla Bean Cake with Strawberry Frosting

Mini Vanilla Bean Cake with Strawberry Frosting

Mini Vanilla Bean Cakes with Strawberry FrostingCoconut Lime

Mini Coconut Lime Cake

Mini Coconut Lime Cakes

How to host a bake group with friends

You guys, seriously all of these recipes are worth trying! We always say, “this bake group was the best one yet!” This one, really was the best one yet! The cakes all tasted as good as they looked. I have some crazy talented friends, whom I love sharing this hobby with.  I want you to have this much fun too!!! Go and start your own little Baking Group where you live and make something amazing, and then tell me all about it!

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Happy Baking!!!!



Pink and gold table setting for bake group

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