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How to Set an Elegant Rose Gold Fall Table


This fall I am totally crushing on rose gold, so I incorporated it into my fall home decor (you can see my fall tour here). I love the coppery, pink color and how it feels warm like fall but isn’t as bold as the traditional fall oranges.

Tablescapes are one of my favorite ways to decorate for a season or holiday. They are easy to set up and really make a fabulous statement. I set mine up and keep it up, until the holiday is over. Most of the time we use the table for a fancy family dinner or to host a get together. Sometimes it just sits there looking pretty! I always say, “the dining room is my favorite room in the house because it is the one room that is always clean!”

Whether you are setting a table for an event or for just yourself and your family to enjoy, set one – it will brighten someone’s day!

Today I am sharing how you can set an elegant rose gold table in your home for fall!

gather-your-supplies_edited-1Below is a list of what I have on my table. Adapt it to what you have in your cupboard already, or splurge and purchase a few new pieces you think you will use frequently.

Currently two of my table setting essentials, the monogrammed dessert plates and gold silverware, are 25% off plus free shipping at Horchow right now!!! It’s a great time to purchase these pieces now since you can use them throughout the holiday season. I use mine all the time!

Just click on the photos to purchase items.


You will also need…

  • 1-2 Dozen roses. I used these gorgeous peachy golden ones my grocer had. You can also use white, peach or even a pale pink.
  • 2 Large, fresh, white pumpkins.

***The gold striped pumpkins are from Michael’s, I couldn’t find them online. Check your local store.




This centerpiece looks complicated, but I tricked you! It is SO simple!!! Let’s break it down!

  • First place your table runner down the center of the table. You guys, the table runner I used was less than $15 on Amazon! It’s amazing! I bought a matching tablecloth for Christmas too!
  • Next place 2 fresh white pumpkins in the center of the table. Mine are from my local grocery store. If you can’t find fresh ones, use faux.
  • Now add some smaller gold, mercury glass, copper and rose gold on either side of the large white pumpkins. The idea is to gradually be scaling down in size. Place some on their side or leaning up against another pumpkin for some variation. Don’t leave them all flat bottomed on the table. It will look weird!
  • Tuck some fresh baby white pumpkins around the outside of the larger pumpkins. Again use faux if  you can’t find fresh and tip a few on their sides.
  • Grab 6-8 small and medium sized votive candle holders. Mine are the exact ones I listed above, rose gold and gold. Fill them with water and nestle them in around and in between the pumpkins and on the outside edges of the centerpiece. Leave one at the end of the centerpiece on each end of the table empty for a candle to be placed inside.
  • Trim your roses so they only have about a 2 inch stem. Place 1 -3 roses in each votive. I alternated 1 and 3 in each votive.
  • Step back and look at the masterpiece you have created!!!! Move things around if you need to.

I wish I was there to give you a hug and celebrate with you! It really is that easy!!!!









This is my favorite part! Setting the table with the pretty dishes is like frosting a cake, or putting on jewelry! The dishes make the table sparkle and come alive!!! My favorite pieces on this table are the copper, hammered chargers and the pink and gold glasses.

A few tips when setting the table…

  • Use two glasses. One for water, and one for the beverage you are serving. Fabulous hostesses always offer their guests water. It’s polite. Plus you feel fancy having two glasses!
  • Napkins go on the left, unless you are placing them in the center of the plate or underneath it.
  • Set two plates. It just looks better! Chances are you will be serving more than one course and will need more than just one plate anyways.






Here are a few dining room sources

{Tour and shop my full dining room here}

I set my table up over a week ago and still have it set. I smile every time I pass by. Change out the flowers when the fresh ones die. You can find a dozen roses for $10. The small luxury of having fresh flowers in your home, will brighten your day and lighten your mood. We all know that a happy lady equals a happy house!

Go set yourself an elegant rose gold fall table! Email me a photo of yours! I love receiving your emails!!! You guys are amazing! Happy fall!







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16 thoughts on “How to Set an Elegant Rose Gold Fall Table

  1. Gorgeousness! I, too, don’t go for the darker orange tones for fall. I like a more neutral fall…this is so stunning and I love how you walked through your design step by step! Thank you! Your talent is wonderful! Blessings! Ana

    1. Thank you Ana! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! That makes me so happy! Have a lovely day! xo

  2. Randi, Everything looks spectacular. I really am inspired. I also love your unique choice of colors for fall. Leave it to you to make fall and pumpkins feminine and flirty! Love you and love your style. Blessings, Julie

  3. The only thing nicer than the people aeound the table is a beautiful tablescape to enjoy. Yours is stunning, and thank you for breaking the components down for us. It certainly does not look that easy! And i so love the beautiful soft colors that whisper autumn.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Jae! I am so happy you stopped by! I totally agree with you. Have a wonderful evening! xo

  4. Well-done, my friend! This is just gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing those glasses at Anthro but have little cabinet space for more glasses. BUT, you are tempting me! Maybe I can store them under my bed haha. {{HUGS}}

    1. Ha ha! I have very little room myself, but when I saw those, I felt like they were made just for me! I will make room!!! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  5. It’s absolutely gorgeous Randi! I love how detailed you were with your instructions and your pictures are just perfect! Love you friend! xoxo

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