Tips to Warm up your Home after Christmas

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your Christmas season was filled with lots of lovely memories.

After the most magical time of year, our homes tend to feel a little empty and cold. The twinkly lights, fresh greenery and yummy Christmas scents are all tucked away. It does feel a little refreshing to have a blank slate, but the stark contrast of a house decked for the holidays to a bare post – Christmas house leaves me feeling a tad blue! The sight, sounds and smells of Christmas really warm up your home. So why shouldn’t we focus on the sights, sounds and smells around us all year! Surely paying more attention to these details ALL year, will cheer our homes and hearts! Let’s chase away those post Christmas blues with these tips to warm up your house after Christmas!

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 Tips to Warm up your Home after Christmas 

There are few things fresh flowers can’t fix! A drab house is not one of them! Sprinkle fresh flowers around your home to warm it up. They will lift your spirits and brighten your mood! Look at our fireplace after all the Christmas decor was put away…
Tips to Warm up your Home after ChristmasIt is kind of blah! Look at the huge difference, simply by adding some fresh flowers and the warmth of a fire…Tips to Warm up your Home after ChristmasThe room feels warm and cozy, bright and cheery! Flowers are the magic your home needs after Christmas!Tips to Warm up your Home after ChristmasTry buying a couple of bouquets. Arrange some in your favorite votives for little vignettes peppered around your home. This will stretch your bouquets, giving you more bang for your buck! You can also use a large bubble vase, like I did for a big pop!

To replace the sweet smell of Christmas cookies baking in your oven, or the fresh smell of a pine tree, lite a delicious candle to give your home a fragrance and warmth!

My favorite scents are peony and volcano. Both fill your home with a fresh floral smells. It is heavenly! Arrange your candle on a fun tray {find my ruffle marble tray here} with some blush glass beads for a lovely little vignette.

Pulling out your favorite accessories or picking up a few new ones will help warm up your home. Surrounding yourself with people and things that you love, adds a feel to your house that really transforms it into a home.

To add some warmth to our end table, I grabbed my favorite cake plate, a sentimental crown, a sparkling geode {my dad taught me to love rocks}, and a votive. Look around your home for piecse that mean something to you and pull them together for a special arrangement. Stack your favorite home decor boxes topped with some fresh flowers.I’m in love with these laurel and flower wreaths! They make sitting down to pay the bills a little less dreary! Faux flowers are also a good option if you use ones that are good quality. They will pay for themselves over time!





One of best ways to add some life and love into your home is through the sounds in the air. I truly believe that music has the power to calm an anxious soul, cheer a down day, and spark energy into a room. The beautiful, uplifting music that fills the air at Christmas, puts people in a better mood. Don’t stop playing cheerful music! Find a fun station and crank it up! When my kids were little, I would turn on calming music and pull out all of their blocks and cars. They would play for hours to the quiet music. To get us moving, my mom would play upbeat music while we cleaned the house.

Music is magic! 

Hopefully these tips will help you warm up your home this January! Wishing you love as you feather your nest for your little flock!

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12 thoughts on “Tips to Warm up your Home after Christmas

  1. Oh, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I got a lot of wonderful ideas to use. Love the beauty.

  2. Unlike some, I always dread taking down Christmas décor-it feels so empty! Thank you for the tips and I’m glad I haven’t lost my mind that you linked the wrong post. I’m glad to know you are human too! Haha! Love your style 🙂 I’ll be following along!

    1. Haha! I’m sorry about the linking the wrong post! Thanks for sticking it out! I hate having to send more emails! I hope your home feels warmer after Christmas than normal! It is always a sad day when it all comes down. xoxo

  3. I’d love to know what happy music you play! I am so out of the loop with music options these days! It’s either KidzBopp or NPR! I’m needing some inspiration!

    Btw, I wanted to post a comment regarding your posting on how to keep your White House clean with 5 kids……I LOVED it and have put some of your suggestions into practice as of yesterday! Here’s to hoping I’m as successful as you’ve been!🥂 I’d love to see more posts on family and children routines/suggestions! I always feel so scattered and love seeing /learning tips from someone that’s got it all together!!

    1. Hi Brenda! I usually play Pandora Radio from my phone onto our speakers. I love Michael Buble station! I will also play some Frank Sinatra. They are so classy and upbeat. I will definitely be sharing more posts on my routines and daily life. Thank you so much for the suggestion and for your lovely comment! Have a lovely day! xoxo

  4. Randi, your tips are absolutely perfect! You always find a way to transition your home seamlessly from season to season, so I’m so glad you shared this post! Love you my friend!!! xo

    1. Jen you are so sweet! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Love you my friend! xo

  5. What a perfect way to add freshness and more of your beautiful ideas to any room…thank you for such a great suggestion! It even makes me think that spring is right around the corner….right????

    1. Hi Marilyn! Fresh flowers does make my heart yearn for spring! It is right around the corner! Thank you for your sweet comment! xoxo

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