Welcoming Fall Home Tour 2017 – Glam Fall Bedroom

Hello and welcome to our Welcoming Fall Home Tour! A special welcome if you are stopping in from French Garden House, thank you for swinging by! A little about me, my husband and I have been married 20 years and have 5 children. I truly believe you can live life stylishly everyday, even with children. Here on RGD, I share simple tips for living your life in style.

Today I’m joining a few talented designers to bring you lots of inspiring ways to welcome fall into your home.

When you think of fall decor, pumpkins and changing leaves come to mind. Well here in Arizona the only pumpkins we find are sitting at the grocery store and there are no fall leaves to be found! So I look at fall decor in a different light. To welcome fall into our home, I like to add color and texture. Fall gives you a warm cozy feeling. This is reflected in how I decorate our home for fall.

Try welcoming fall into your home, by adding a little warmth to each room. Use pillows and throws, candles and flowers to soften your home for fall. This week I’m sharing how I welcomed fall in our bedroom using color and texture. Next week I will be sharing the rest of the house.

Many of you know that I love a neutral color palette for my home for a few reasons.

  1. It is so calming.
  2. You can change color schemes by simply adding new pillows, bedding or artwork.
  3. Even the style of a neutral room can be changed by incorporating different patterns and accessories.

This fall our neutral bedroom went from summer blue and whites {see more here}…

to this…

Glam Fall Bedroom

Welcoming Fall Home Tour 2017 - Glam Fall Bedroom Welcoming Fall Home Tour 2017 - Glam Fall Bedroom Welcoming Fall Home Tour 2017 - Glam Fall Bedroom Welcoming Fall Home Tour 2017 - Glam Fall Bedroom

To get this dramatic, cozy fall look I only made a few simple changes to our room…

Simply switching out a lamp shade can give your space an entirely different feel for just a few dollars! Mine went from linen to black with a gorgeous gold lining. The light casts a soft gold light at night now. Perfect for a cozy fall night.

New pillows give our room a totally glam look for fall! The black and white pillow and velvet leopard can be purchased from a fabulous pillow shop called Willa Skye {here}. This shop has fine quality pillow covers that can be easily switched out each season. I love swapping mine out for a totally new look every few months. The covers are easy to store and take up hardly any space!

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Other linens

Gold and marble are still at the top of the design trend list. I think they add warmth and interest to any space! A few gold and marble trays, yummy candle, chic design books and some fun vases help warm up the room.

Notice the bench was swapped out from a linen and wooden one to this velvet and brass one. The velvet and gold glam up the room!

Whether you use fresh or faux or a mix of both, flowers soften and brighten any room!

I used blush as an accent color to welcome fall into our bedroom. If you are not a fan of blush, you could also achieve the same look using another color. Gray would be an amazing color to add for fall or an icy blue. Just a few splashes of color can really transform a room and welcome fall into your home!

Try welcoming fall into your bedroom with color and texture instead of pumpkins and foliage!

For more ways to welcome fall into your home visit my fabulous friend Cindy’s blog, Edith and Evelyn. See a full list of the loop below…

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29 thoughts on “Welcoming Fall Home Tour 2017 – Glam Fall Bedroom

  1. This look is so pretty and unique it has me rethinking how I approach seasonal decorating. Thank you for sharing this inspiring and beautiful post. I love every, single detail of this autumn glam bedroom!

    1. Linda thank you so much for your sweet comment! Wishing you a lovely fall and happy decorating! xo

  2. Randi, your room dressed for fall looks amazing! As a fellow “neutral” decorator, I love how you can switch the whole look of your bedroom with accessories. You desigined a beautiful, restful place with a high touch of the glamorous! I love being on this tour with you, thank you for inspiring me to do something exciting with our bedroom here at home!

    1. Lidy thank you so much for your comment! It was such a pleasure to do this tour together! You are such a talented lady! I look forward to touring together again sometime! Happy fall my friend! xo

  3. Randi
    What neutral wall colors do you use or find to be the most versatile? Love, Love, Love your style!

    1. Hi Lori! Thank you for your comment. I love Edwardian Linen from Ralph Lauren. It is a warm white with a slight shade of cream. Most of our home is painted in this color! xo

  4. Your bedroom is simply a gorgeous blend, of style, beautiful color combo, and warmth. I love it! One question, can you tell me about the floors in that room….are they real wood? They are gorgeous! It was a visual treat to see your bedroom!

    1. Hi Toni! Thank you for your sweet compliments. The wood is real and we love it! The name and link to it is under room sources – kitchen. I hope that helps! xo

  5. Hi Randi! Beautiful as always! May you please share where the bench in the photo is from? I couldn’t find the sa.e bench in your links.

  6. What a gift you have for decorating! Thanks for sharing your gift with us.
    Do you use down/feather pillows in your Euro shams? If so, can you share the source?

    Thanks much,

    1. Thank you Christine! I like to use down because they hold their shape so much better. I like to buy mine at Pottery Barn or on Amazon. Best wishes! xo

  7. Can you please tell me what colour and type of velvet ( slub or regular) that your bench is?Thanks so much, I love everything in this room especially the pillows and all the blush, my favourite too!

  8. I have one more question, Are the blush pillows you linked, the exact same ones as on your bed? Need to know since I can only buy them from a seller who won’t accept returns.

    1. Hi Jane! My bench is the slub velvet in pearl. The blush pillows linked from Nordstrom are the exact pillows I have. I hope that helps! xo

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