15 Ways to Style a White Vase – Instagram Challenge

Pink hydrangeas in urn The white vase is quite possibly the most versatile piece in floral and home design.  It can be used in any style home, in countless ways.  Chances are that everyone has some sort of  white vase in their home.  Whether it’s an actual vase, a pitcher, an urn,  a bowl, a tureen, or a jar, there is bound to be a white vase laying around the house begging to be styled.  To welcome spring,  I collaborated with 15 talented designers in an Instagram challenge that showcased ways to style a white vase.  Our only instruction was to use a white vase, style it and photograph it.  The interpretation of a white vase was left to our discretion.  Today I am sharing with you our 15 ways to style a white vase, inspiration for you to use this spring as you welcome it into your home.


Kelley Nan white vase challenge

Kelley Nan – Kelley

Kelley’s show stopping arrangement sparkles with the addition of yellow roses amongst the sea of purple glory.  I love the surprise element the pears and grapes provide. Check out her blog for fabulous design tips.

15 ways to style a white vase featuring The House of Silver Lining

The House of Silver Lining – Shauna

How clever was Shauna for adding veggies to her vase?!  She even provides a step by step tutorial on her blog so you can recreate this masterpiece in your home.

Randi Garrett Design white vase challenge

Randi Garrett Design – Randi {me}

Kelley, Shauna and I all used fruit when we styled our vases.  Fruit and flowers go together naturally and are such an easy way to add interest to an arrangement.  I chose to use a white vase one of my best friends gave to me, I love it’s shape.  Pink roses and some eucalyptus would have been lovely on their own, but I wanted to add an unexpected pop.  I grew up in Southern California, so I added some clementines on bamboo skewers for sentiment.  This arrangement was so simple, anyone could put it together.  Give it a try!


The Grace House white vase challenge, 15 ways to style a white vase

The Grace House  – Jennifer

tone on tone 15 ways to style a white vase

Tone on Tone – Loi

Jennifer and Loi both used white pitchers to showcase their blooms.  Notice how Jennifer used  hers to create a vignette.  Loi’s arrangement is simple and stunning.  He shows us how less is more.  Both of them have blogs that will inspire you. Loi has an antique shop that is on my must see list!


The Sunny Side Up – Erin

Z Design at Home white vase design challenge

Z Design at Home – Bree


15 ways to style a white vase featuring Citrine Living

Citrine Living – Tamara

Erin, Bree and Tamara are masters at styling. They featured their stunning arrangements nestled amid a beautiful setting. Their settings allowed their flowers to be a magnificent focal point. All of these looks move you to think about the scene in which you want your flowers to play the part. All of these ladies have blogs that are worth visiting on a regular basis to help keep you motivated around your home.

White Vase Oscar Bravo 15 ways to style a white vase

Oscar Bravo Home – Oscar

Old Silver Shed 15 ways to style a white vase

Old Silver Shed – Sandra

The Spoiled Home white vase challenge

The Spoiled Home – Sheila

Oscar, Sandra and Sheila show us how you can be creative with what you define as a white vase. Be creative and think outside the box.  Oscar’s use of tailored white bowls with his greens creates such a handsome contrast.  He makes me want to run out and purchase a bonsai tree! Sandra and her shell left me so inspired.  Not only are her flowers gorgeous, the shell is so unpredicted! I really have to hand it to Sheila, she was so ingenious with her vase choice! Well done you three!


Ways to style a white vase featuring Anne from Zevy Joy

Zevy Joy – Annie

Dining Room with Floral Arrangement white vase challenge

Decor Gold Designs – Jennifer

15 ways to style a white vase featuring Blount Designs

Blount Designs – Deborah

15 ways to style a white vase featuring Janet from Fig and Twigs

Fig and Twigs – Janice

The ladies, Annie,  Jennifer, Deborah and Janice, show us how to incorporate numerous flowers in varying heights to create drama and a piece that will leave you breathless.  Jen and Annie both have blogs you need to check out and we need to convince Deborah and Janice that the world needs to see more of their talent.

There you have it, 15 ways to style a white vase.  If you have a vase laying around your home, I hope you feel driven to create a master piece of your own, and if you are inspired to style a white vase but are in need of one, I’ve sourced a few below to help you get started!

To recreate the look from my white vase photo shop the links below…



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8 thoughts on “15 Ways to Style a White Vase – Instagram Challenge

  1. Hi Randi –
    This was such a fun challenge. I’m thrilled Kelley brought us all together. And thrilled that you and I had a chance to connect! Your arrangement is divine and so clever with the clementines on skewers – have to remember that trick. Many thanks for the link and share.
    Tone on Tone

    1. Loi you are such a kind friend. It has been such a pleasure to collaborate and get to know you more. Looking forward to more projects in the future!

  2. I had such a great time, Randi. Everyone did such an amazing job! I love the beautiful shape of your arrangement, and I can just imagine the beautiful scent that must come from it. Take care!

    1. Thank you Oscar! It was a blast to do together. You are so talented, it was great to get to know you better. I loved your creative arrangement!

  3. Randi, I love this post! You had such sweet words about each white vase display and I truly appreciate the shout out! So fun doing this with you and all of our laughs and chats! I absolutely love how your vase turned out!! Always so beautiful!

    1. This was too much fun! I loved your clever approach to the challenge Shauna! You are so creative! xo

  4. This was such a beautiful post and recap of our White Vase Challenge, Randi! You have such a beautiful way of supporting and uplifting everyone. I really enjoyed seeing them all grouped together in one post for a second dose of a wow moment!! ? Everyone’s interpretation of the challenge truly blew me away! Thanks so much for the lovely share on your blog, and for your sweet words. ????

    1. Thank you Deborah! You are so sweet to stop by! I just adore you. xo

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