5 Days of Halloween – Day 4 Easy Black and White Kid’s Halloween Table



Welcome to my 5 Days of Halloween – Day 4 Easy Black and White Kid’s Table! If you missed days 1,2 and 3 you can catch them here, here and here. Today I am sharing my children’s Halloween table for this year. Children’s tables are so easy and so much fun set up!

I have 5 children of my own and many nieces and nephews. For every holiday we celebrate together, I set a table just for them. I love thinking about simple details that will bring a smile to their faces.

The joy I receive from watching their sweet little faces light up, sitting around a set just for them, is immeasurable. It doesn’t take much effort and I promise you will be so glad you took the time to do this for the little ones in your life.


Here are the table top details so you can set a table for your little Trick-or-Treaters this year…

black-and-white-halloween-kids-table-detailsblack-and-white-kids-halloween-place-setting-details black-and-white-kids-fun-halloween-table-details

Table Details

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1  Tablecloth – 3 yards of black and white fabric

2  Centerpiece – Jack – O – Lantern or large pumpkin

3  Striped Plates –  Similar here

4  Pumpkin Plates – Similar here and here

5  Napkins – Black and White Striped Napkins – here

6  Glasses – Milk Bottles {here} with paper straws {here} – I made the flags – similar {here}

7  Bingo Cards – Similar {here} and {here}

8  Bingo Candy Holders – Mini Caldrons {here}

9  Caramel Apples – Recipe coming later this week


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Since I don’t have enough pumpkin plates to set my whole table, so I used number plates at the head chairs. I used a “3” and a “1” for Halloween. Mixing plates is a fun way to add personality to any table.





A tradition we have during the holidays, is to play Bingo around the table. It is such a blast for the kids! Try playing this classic game this year at your Halloween get together. Here is what you will need…


Print simple, blank Bingo cards for each child. Type up a list of words that fit with the holiday you are celebrating, at least 30. Have the kiddos fill in the words at random on their cards {they won’t use all of the words}. This will make every card different.

To play, call out one of the words from the list. The kid’s cover the word if they have it with a candy. When someone covers five words in a row, they call out “BINGO”.  They then get to select a prize from the stash of prizes. I purchase little treats or toys for them to choose from.

This is our family’s favorite holiday tradition! I’ve even done this with my grown siblings! It is hilarious to watch adults get competitive over Bingo!


A black feather wreath and a honeycomb ball garland add more whimsy to the room around the tablescape.

To make the wreath, wrap 2 feather boas around a styrofoam wreath form.  Wrap a black and white striped ribbon around the top.

To make the honeycomb garland, take a few yards of twine or ribbon and 5 small honeycomb balls.  Place the balls folded in half on the twine. Glue in place with a hot glue gun. Open the honeycomb ball and secure together with more hot glue. Repeat, spacing the paper balls evenly along the twine.



Black bats were hang from the chandelier tied on with black and white striped ribbon.



An apple pie caramel apple sits at each place setting. Later this week for Day 5 of The 5 Days of Halloween, I will be sharing this yummy recipe. Let me tell you, you will LOVE it! My kids wait all year for the day we make caramel apples at our house! They are impressive, delicious and fairly simple to make.


So, go set an easy black and white Halloween table for the little people in your life! Happy table setting!

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