Elegant Fruit Cups with Vanilla Citrus Sauce Recipe

I love to entertain! I also love finding beautiful things to serve my guests that look amazing, but are simple. Simple elegance. A great trick to fabulous entertaining, is to create an atmosphere that makes your guests feel pampered and loved, without breaking your back! These elegant fruit cups with vanilla citrus sauce are just the thing you need to serve at your next party!

Last week I hosted a fun calligraphy – Love Letters party {see the details here}. Since the party was in the morning, I served these fruit cups instead of an overly sweet dessert. They are simple, elegant and delicious! They paired very nicely with some pretty, pink, nonalcoholic drinks I served {click here for the recipes}.

You could serve them for a party at anytime of the day. Use them for a side dish or dessert. The trick is to display them in a beautiful way, so your guests will never forget them!

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Elegant Fruit Cups with Vanilla Citrus Sauce Recipe

Elegant Fruit Cups with Vanilla Citrus Sauce Recipe Elegant Fruit Cups with Vanilla Citrus Sauce Recipe

Gold Sugar Rimmed Glass

  • Simply take a pretty coupe glass {similarĀ here}
  • Dip the rim into some agave or honey. Just a very light amount will do. I poured mine onto a paper plate.
  • Then dip the rim with the agave on it into a plate with the gold sugar {here}. Roll it around until it is coated all the way around the rim.
  • Let it dry.
  • Fill with fresh fruit. I used strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
  • Squeeze juice from a fresh orange over the fruit.
  • Top with a few edible flowers {here, here and here}.
  • Finish with a spoonful of the Vanilla Citrus Sauce – recipe below…

I hope you love this elegant, simple recipe as much as I do!

See the rest of the party details here!

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  1. Making this fruit recipe for my next book club. Thank you for sharing such a delicious but still healthy dessert.

    1. Hi Joanna! I hope your book club loves it! It was such a refreshing, beautiful treat! xoxo

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