La Cornue Range Review – My Top 10 Most Asked Questions + Answers

My love for all things French started long ago, when I took my first French Language class in Junior High. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful language and wanted to know more about it’s country and history. I studied French all through High School and College. Falling more in love with France with every class.

Six years ago, my husband and I took a trip to New Orleans. That charming town with all of it’s French history and southern hospitality stole my heart. Strolling the streets in the French Quarter, we past dozens and dozens of antique stores. All of them dawned with exquisite antiques from France. Most of the pieces felt like they belonged back in a castle or stately manor, being admired not used.

Then we stumbled upon a store with pieces that as stunning as they were usable. Each piece told a story from a french country chateaux. I could envision each table being sat around, every chair sat on. I was instantly connected with this place.

The shop owner was a gracious southern lady. She walked us through her shop, giving us details and stories about where each piece came from. She took us to a back room filled with gorgeous ranges. Ranges so beautiful I could hardly breath! La Cornue, it was love at first sight!

From that day forward, I set a goal to save my money and one day have one of these stunning ranges in my home.

Fast forward six years. Our kitchen has been remodeled and I have been baking with this amazing range for a year. It is the most asked about piece in our kitchen. So, I thought I would do a review on my La Cornue Range – My Top 10 Most Asked Questions + Answers for you.

This post is not sponsored, I just want to help you decide if this range is right for you.

La Cornue Range
La Cornue Range Review - My Top 10 Most Asked Questions + Answers La Cornue Range Review - My Top 10 Most Asked Questions + Answers

My range is the CORNUFÉ 110 in stainless steel finish with brass accents {find it here} I had lots of questions and concerns I needed answered before making the decision to purchase one. You guys have the same questions I had! So,  I thought I would share my top 10 most asked questions and answers about my La Cornue Range.

My Top 10 Most Asked

Questions + Answers

Q. Was it worth the price?

A. It was worth every penny! The first thing I cooked on the range was a quesadilla for my son. It was the best quesadilla I have every had! It could have been that I was a little starved for a home cooked meal after being without a kitchen for 6 weeks! Seriously though, it baked that tortilla to perfection! My cakes bake evenly and never fall. Our cookies are chewy on the outside and gooey in the middle. Casseroles bake in about 20 minutes instead of 30. French fries and tater tots are golden brown. I am no gourmet chef, but the things we bake and cook in it turn out fantastic!

Q. It doesn’t have a window?!!! How can you bake without one?

A. I was nervous about this one! I love to bake and not being able to see my baked goods without opening the door was concerning to me. This has NOT been an issue whatsoever! Open that door all you need! There is some super awesome technology associated with why and how it works. I just know it works! When I bake cupcakes and cakes, I can open that door and check on them without them falling. I don’t miss the window, and I certainly don’t miss cleaning it either!

Q. There is no timer?

A. No timer. Annoying? Not to me. It took a little getting used to, but I just found a cute counter top one. Pull it out whenever you need it, or attach it to the front of the range. I keep mine in the drawer next to the oven.

Q. Can it hold a standard cookie sheet or large roasting pan?

A. No. This was a BIG worry of mine. We make cookies weekly, french fries and chicken patties daily. Not being able to hold a standard cookie sheet scared me. I bake on quarter sheets now. Pretty gold ones {found here}. The oven can hold three on each side. Usually I only need to use one side to feed our family. When baking cookies, I use both sides and I’m done in half the time! I love love love it!

The range can hold a 9 x 13 inch pan and my cake pans just fine. Remove one or two of the oven racks and you can fit a small oven roaster for roasts and turkeys.

Q. Is is convection or conventional?

A. Both! The right side is convection, and the left can be switched to either. This is an amazing feature that I use all the time!

Q. Does the towel bar get in the way, or snag your clothes?

A. No, I love being able to hang a towel on it if I want, and I love the way it looks!

Q. What can the bottom drawer hold?

A. All of my baking sheets {I have 6}, griddle, cupcake pans and cooling racks.

Q. Is it easy to clean?

A. Yes!  I had a glass top stove before and hated it! The “fog” on the glass was impossible to get rid of! To clean my La Cornue, I use mild soap and water. Sometimes a stainless steel cleaner for tough spots.

To clean the brass, I use brass wipes found at the local store. I haven’t cleaned the inside yet. Some may do that often, I am a once every few years kind of a girl! Oops!

Q. Do they ever go on sale?

A. NO. Trust me, I tried to use every coupon and sale around. Bummer!

Q. Do you like the range?

A. If my other responses haven’t clued you in already, yes, yes, yes! She is a fabulous as she looks and I am recommending one to you with zero reservation. If any of the above questions is a concern to you, don’t waste your money. For me, the look of the range far out weighed minor changes I had to make to my baking and cooking routine.

La Cornue Range Review - My Top 10 Most Asked Questions + Answers {click here for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe EVER!}Blush Linen Napkins | Timer | Gold Flatware | Pink Cake Plate  tall | Pink Cake Plate short | White Plates

Striped Hand Towel | Similar Ginger Jar | Marble Petal Tray 

Mixing Bowls | Gold Whisk | Wooden Spoon

My favorite mixing bowls are these copper ones. I have a small medium and large. They are so pretty sitting out too!

Dutch ovens pots are my favorite pot to cook with. I love this white one! Use it to cook, brown, boil or roast! It’s the best everyday pot and comes in tons of colors.


Range | Pot Filler | Brass Faucet | Marble Backsplash | Cabinet Pulls | Gold Lanterns | Pink Cake plates {here + here} | Ginger jar {similar} | Marble Petal Tray | Blush Napkins | White Plates | Gold Silverware | White Pot | Copper Mixing Bowls 


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  1. You are amazing! Your pictures look like magazine quality. Great post! You enthusiasm for design is palpable!!!
    Love you

  2. Thank you for this great post. I, like you, love all things French…I guess that comes from having an English Mother and a French father. One more question for you, would the oven fit a 20 pound Turkey?

    Merci pour votre reponse!

    1. Hi Joan! Thank you for your comment! I think a 20 lb turkey may fit. You will have to take the other racks out though. xo

  3. I purchased one last year Love ❤️ it. November was the first time I used it. I was a little concerned about the turkey size. But really what is wrong with a 18 pound bird. Please post on how u will clean it. How do you bake 🍪?

    1. Shelley, we purchases our turkey but a smaller one should fit just fine. I will post when I clean it! xo

  4. Very interesting post, Randi. I have an ordinary range so I found this story quite intriguing. Since I won’t be getting a new stove any time soon, if ever, I did enjoy hearing about your journey. What I am going to get are a couple of those charming copper timers for my daughters. I always leave your blog inspired and motivated to pay attention to details!

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