The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

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Every Sunday night when I was in high school, my dad and I would make chocolate chip cookies. It was our special time together. He taught me that a good baker reads a recipe all the way through before beginning to bake. He taught me to clean up as you go, so there wasn’t a huge mess to clean up at the end. Most importantly, he taught me to love baking. Chocolate chip cookies are so much more to me than a yummy, American tradition, they are a reminder of precious memories spent with my sweet dad.

When I married my husband, we go to visit his parents for long weekends and holidays. There were always freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to welcome us. I’ve mentioned before how my mother in law has some of the best recipes, you can read about one of our family’s favorites here.

These chocolate chip cookies were not your normal chocolate chip cookies, they were THE BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!!! I am serious. The. Best. Ever. She shared the recipe and all of her tips on how to get them to turn out perfectly, with me. Over the years, I’ve made these cookies hundreds of times. Each time they are made for someone new, they insist on getting the recipe.

Today I am sharing my mother in law’s Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies and all of the tips to help you make them perfectly!

A few tips

  • Keep your chocolate chips in the freezer. They will last longer and keeping them frozen will allow your cookie dough to be the perfect temperature.
  • Soften your butter on the countertop just until it is soft to the touch. Don’t melt it! This will make your cookies flat!
  • I use the medium cookie scoop and these measuring cups. They are the best!
  • I love love love my Bosch! The dough fits perfectly in the bowl and mixes the cookies to perfection!
  • Drop your cookie sheet on the countertop after baking your cookies if your cookies are too fluffy.
  • Store uneaten cookies in freezer safe gallon sized bags. They last up to 3 months in the freezer. Just set them out to unfreeze them or eat them frozen!
  • Use them to make an ice cream sandwich! Scoop your favorite ice cream between 2 frozen cookies.


the best chocolate chip cookie recipe


Go make some memories and whip up a batch of these cookies! Your friends and family will love you!

Here are my favorite kitchen tools I use for this recipe…

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20 thoughts on “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

  1. Your (mother-in-law’s) chocolate chip cookies look wonderful! Actually, the cookies AND your photos of them are beautiful! Can you just let me know if these are soft and chewy or are they crispy? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Joanne. They are actually both! Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. The perfect cookie!

  2. These really are THEE BEST cookies in the world!! I’m so glad that you’re offering a peek of one of your many other talents!! ?

    1. Thanks Erin! They really are THE BEST, so are you my friend! xoxo

  3. What fonts did you use in they cookie recipe? I do not think I have these on my IMac,
    Thank you!

  4. I am so excited to try this recipe! I’ve been thinking of it since the first iPhone shot you sent over! The cookies look amazing on your gorgeous Skyros cake stand and you styled the whole scene perfectly! Great post!

    1. Jen! You will love this recipe! It is our family’s favorite!!!!

  5. Best cookies ever! I always keep a bag or two in my freezer for dessert emergencies!!

  6. Hi, the cookies look delicious! One question do you always use milk chocolate chips or do you ever use semi chocolate chips?

    Thank you for your time!
    -Susan Deedrick

    1. Hi Susan! Great question! I actually do switch it up and use semi sweet chocolate chips. My kids actually like the semi sweet best! Happy baking! xo

  7. Thank you so much for answering my question so quickly! I also wanted to share that I have 5 little ones too, but mine are all boys. I have an 11 year old, 9 year old triplets and a 6 year old boy. We can’t wait to try your chocolate chip cookie recipe! Your blog is an inspiration and your house is so beautiful!

    Susan Deedrick

    1. Oh that is so fun! I hope your boys like them as much as mine do!!! xo

    2. And Susan, triplets?!!! You must be wonder woman!!! Thank you for sharing and for your sweet comment! Let me know how the cookies turn out!!!

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