Simple White Pumpkin Hydrangea Arrangement

Anytime I can find a way to use white pumpkins and hydrangeas in my home decor, I take it! Fresh baby pumpkins can last the whole Fall season. When you pair them with high quality faux hydrangeas, they can dress up your home for weeks. Today, on Instagram, I joined a few of my friends in a white pumpkin challenge. You can see it here. I wanted to share the steps I used to create this simple white pumpkin hydrangea arrangement so you can recreate it in your home this Fall. 

How to Make a Simple White Pumpkin  & Hydrangea Arrangement

Large urn

10 baby white pumpkins {fresh or faux}

Dinner plate the size of the urn opening

6+ faux hydrangeas {color of your choice}



Put the plate on the top of the urn to cover the opening.

Arrange the hydrangeas around the plate in a circle. Tie the stems together to secure them in place.

Start stacking your baby pumpkins. Think pyramid. Stack larger ones on the bottom and gradually get smaller. Tuck and nestle them into each other.

Leave a few scattered around the base. 

Sit back and enjoy the simple, gorgeous arrangement!

Now go make one for your home! Tag me on Instagram if you make one and share it, or send me your photo! I would love to share your creations on my social media. Happy arranging!

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