Spring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips

One of the best parts about Spring is Spring cleaning!!! I love, love, love to purge and clean out our home. Giving your cabinets, closets and drawers a fresh start gives your home such a lift! There is something about opening a clean, organized space that makes you so happy! Don’t be overwhelmed, just pick one space to clean everyday! Today, I am sharing some kitchen cabinet organizing tips.

Can you believe it has been a year since we finished the kitchen remodel! You can see the full transformation here. You have seen lots of shots of the outside of our cabinets, but not the inside! We are going inside them today for lots of tips for your spring cleaning.

On our fridge wall everything countertop level and above are cabinets. Everything below the countertop, are drawers. Today we will be talking about the cabinets, next week we will dive into the drawers.

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Spring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips

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Spring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinet Organizing TipsSpring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips

Pantries tend to be the most cluttered part of the kitchen. Rangel that clutter by using storage bins that keep food fresh and organized! My kids love these storage bins that you push the top to open and close. They make it easy to see what is inside and how much we have left. No more empty boxes!
Spring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips

Wire baskets are my favorite way to corral all those small items floating around in your kitchen cabinets. These wire baskets are my favorite! They hold a ton and make your cabinets look oh so fabulous! Notice the cute label holder where you can categorize all of your items too! 

Simply stacking like items together gives your space a nice cohesive feel. Our pantry has pull out shelves. These are amazing! If you are designing a kitchen or planning to remodel, I would highly recommend these for your food and dishes! Pull them out to find what you need instead of having to dig to the black hole at the back of the cabinet!

Don’t worry if you don’t have pull out shelves! You can still stack your dished neatly making finding what you need a dream!

Oh and see my cute toaster on the countertop? We L O V E it! Not only is she darling, she can cook 4 pieces of toast at a time or 6 english muffins! That my friends is heavenly when trying to feed 5 growing children! 

Creating a space where you can house all of your cookbooks will make you so so happy! Organize them by baking and cooking. I have far more baking books than cookbooks! This will make finding the one you want much more simple.

My Favorite Cook Books

My Favorite Baking Books


Try adding something fun to this space. I have my grandmother’s salt and pepper shakers displayed in here. Every time I open the cabinet I think of her. Bright colored cereal and ice cream bowls also make this a fun to open cabinet. These mini bowls are fabulous for taco night or ice cream sundae bars!
Store your medicine by categories, up high out of the reach of children! These wire baskets keep things nice and neat and easy to see.

Go organize your kitchen cabinets! You will smile every time you open them! In my next post I will be sharing how to organize your dishes with all the sources! Drawers are coming next week!

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