Stylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

*I partnered with Walmart to bring you these stylish storage options.

January brings lots of thoughts about organizing and giving your home a fresh start. I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys that I used to work for people organizing their homes. It was such a fun job! Organizing brings such a sense of immediate satisfaction. I love it!!! I’ve learned over the years that the best part of organizing is finding stylish storage solutions. Turning an ugly cupboard into a beautiful surprise when you open the door is so rewarding! Pieces that serve a function, and double as a design element are my favorite to incorporate! Today, I am taking you inside our closet and bathroom to share some stylish storage options for your home! I hope this makes you excited to style and organize your home too!

All of the stylish storage options I’m sharing today are from Walmart. Creating a comfortable, stylish space doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg! I was shocked at all of the beautiful pieces they carry for your entire home. On their site you can also shop by style! I love adding a touch of glam to each of my rooms, so the glam section was really appealing to me!

Stylish Storage Options for your Bathroom

Stylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

In the bathroom, I like to use pretty trays to organize and display favorite beauty products. Most of my products are tucked away in the drawers and cabinets, but the ones I use the most are neatly organized and styled on this gorgeous mirrored gold tray. Your makeup brushes could be tucked away in the drawers, but to make a more stylish choice, place them in a gold julep cup or silver julep cupStylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

Fresh flowers will brighten your bathroom too! I love using unexpected item as vases, like this marble jar. Makeup sponges and cotton swabs are turned from ordinary to extraordinary in these glam mini apothecary jars!
Stylish Storage Options you'll LOVE for your Closet + Bathroom Stylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

On my husband’s counter, I have taller apothecary jars with epson salt (for baths) and cotton balls. To add even more style to this area, finish it off with a pretty vase and more fresh flowers. This chrome mirrored tray is fabulous for organizing all of your essentials. An empty candle holder makes the perfect vase for some fresh flowers.

Elegant white marble master bathroom - velvet stool

Towels are a bathroom essential! Store and style them with some finesse on a glam bench. I used this gorgeous velvet bench with nailhead trim to not only show off our fresh white towels, but also to give us a place to sit and put our shoes on.
white velvet stool in white marble bathroom

Stylish Storage Options for your ClosetGlam master bedroom closet

Don’t over look stylish storage in your closet! Whether your closet is large or small, you can organize your things with style! It just takes a little creativity. Try adding a fur rug to your closet floor. Ours is large enough for a medium sized fur rug. If yours is smaller, you can use this smaller fur rug.
closet organizing ideas

Using all the same style hangers, gives your closet a cohesive, pulled together look! I love these velvet hangers for my shirts, pants and dresses and these velvet clip hangers for my skirts.Stylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

If you have the space, add a cute chair or stool to your closet. My tufted chair is the perfect size for your closet. It’s also less than $200! I’ve seen them sold at other stores for over $600!!!Stylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

Use stylish baskets to hold small accessories in y0ur closet. Love, love, love these gold storage baskets! I have two on a shelf in my closet for all of my scarfs, mittens and hats. The other holds wallets and other small accessories. This linen tufted bench is also a great piece for your bathroom or closet. We use ours to lay out our clothes for the day.stylish storage options for your bathroom

My husband’s dry cleaning goes in this fun black and white laundry bag. Fill it, then throw it in your car to take to the cleaners and be the most stylish one in line at the cleaner! It looks fabulous in your closet too! Stylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

If you’ve got the space, a beautiful tray is lovely to hold your favorite fragrances. Look at how fabulous it looks just placed on a shelf in the closet!

Go style your bathrooms and closets! Have fun and make it functional and pretty! Tour the rest of my closet here,  and my master bathroom here.

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18 thoughts on “Stylish Storage Options for your Closet + Bathroom

  1. Hi Randi. My daughter is a high school senior and loves organizing. I saw that you worked for a period of time as a professional organizer. Do you have any tips on this as a career choice? Areas of the country where this field is popular, necessary training or education, professional organizations, and any other advice would be greatly appreciated 😊

    1. Hi Frances! You are so sweet to ask! What a fun career choice for your daughter! I think I should clarify- my job was a side job, organizing for friends, family and a few clients. Nothing professional. I’m so sorry! My friend Sam, @simplyorganized on Instagram works as a professional organizer. She may be able to give you more insight. xo

    1. It was my husband’s grandmother’s! I’m sorry I don’t have a source for you! xo

    1. It is linked for you in the post. Just click on the photo of it in the little squares under where I talk about it. Or click on the different color words that say “tufted chair”. xo

  2. Randi,
    I love organization posts especially this time of year. I would love to see how you organize your kitchen/dining room entertaining pieces. I have accumulated quite a bit of it as well and I wonder how you organize yours. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Randi,

    I’m looking for a soft white that’s not stark, what is the brand and color of the paint you used in the bathroom photo with the dark cabinets above?

    Thank you,

    1. Mine wall color is Ralph Lauren’s Edwardian Linen mixed by Dunn Edwards. Its a creamy white. xo

        1. My bathroom walls are painted Ralph Lauren’s Edwardian Linen. I had it mixed by Dunn Edwards. xo

  4. Hi Randi,
    I’m a recent follower and really love your decor! You’ve truly inspired me and helped me in using ginger jars I already had. I also love organizing! I love your use of the jars in your kitchen. Are they airtight to store the flour and sugar? Also, where do you store your kitchen knives and where do you store the toothbrushes in the bathroom?
    Thank you for your time and I can’t wait to see pics from your shoot today.

    1. Oh thank you so much! They aren’t air tight, but they are pretty awesome! I have never had things go bad while storing things in them. My knives are in a drawer. My toothbrush in a drawer as well in a plastic bin so I can clean it out with soap and water. xo

  5. Thank you for sharing all your ideas and sources. I feel that I have expanded my knowledge in decorating because of you. I am finally remodeling my home, one room at a time and truly appreciate you sharing all your ideas. You have a beautiful home and a great eye for style. I love each and every room of your home and learning to think about those small details. Because of you I am adding touches of gold to my upcoming LR and Bathroom!

    1. Oh Stacey that makes me so so happy! I do this in hopes to inspire others to make their homes more beautiful for their loved ones! Thank you for sharing! xo

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