Tips for Caring for your Marble Counter Tops – How to Clean Marble

We’ve had our new kitchen for almost two months now {see the transformation here}. Switching from granite to marble countertops was one of my favorite changes! Many people warned me about the cons of marble, but the beauty of marble won me over. Can I just tell you how much I love the marble?!!!! Not only is it gorgeous, it hides crumbs and spills even more that my previous granite.

Yes, the marble etches very easily with hot water, citrus, etc. and is easily scratched. We have just learned to be more careful to use our marble cutting boards to help protect the stone.

I’ve learned a few things over these past few months about how to care for marble and how to keep it sparkling clean and thought i’d share them with you!

Tips for Keeping your Marble Counter Tops Clean

Use a good marble cleaner when cleaning your kitchen.

When our counter tops were installed, I began to research cleaners that were safe for marble. I found this Marblelife cleaner and read lots of reviews on it. People raved about how they loved this product. So, I’ve given it a try and say I love it too. It’s a great everyday cleaner. Simply spray it on your counter {it’s great for marble and granite}, then wipe with a soft microfiber rag.

Choose a fragrant spray to make your counters sparkle and smelling fresh.

This cleaner doesn’t have a scent, so when I am wanting my kitchen to smell clean and fresh, I will use my absolute favorite cleaner – ┬áMrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner. They have many yummy scents, but my favorite it their peony! It leaves the house smelling like a fresh bunch of flowers.

To use this product you also just spray and wipe with a soft microfiber rag.

Scrub with good old fashioned soap and water.

For your deep cleaning, maybe once a week, try scrubbing your countertops with your favorite mild dish soap and water. Work up a some light suds then rise with water and a soft microfiber rag. These rags are my favorite! This leaves your counter tops looking and smelling amazing!

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  1. Hi Randi,
    Can you share where your guest bathroom shower door came from. We are redoing our bathroom and the tile is up but waiting for the frameless shower door. A co-worker used Arizona Shower Doors and was happy with them but the online reviews were not great. Thank You.


  2. Randi, what is the white color of your cabinets. I am thinking of painting mine white.
    thank you,

    1. Hi Enriqueta! I don’t know the paint color. It was a custom mix from my painter. xo

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful! I would like to note that I have used Mrs. Meyers products on our honed Alabama White marble in the past and it left etching marks :O You could see exactly where the product left droplet markets where it was sprayed! I do not recommend Mrs. Meyers on marble surfaces, although we do love their products and use them elsewhere in our home! Maybe different marble types are more resilient than others.

    1. Oh that is terrible! We have not had that problem at all and neither has anyone else I know that uses it on their marble. I’m so sorry that happened to you! Maybe it does have something to do with the type of marble you have. Best wishes! xo

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