5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life

For the past 2 years, I have shared 5 things my Mom taught me that will change your life (and here). Since Father’s Day is this weekend, I thought I would share 5 things my Dad taught me that will change your life. You don’t hear much about my dad on my blog, mostly because I share mainly home decor and fashion tips. Not my Dad’s forte! But I have learned many things from my dear old Dad! Things that have helped me through my life that I think will help you too!

My Dad is a quiet, yet funny guy. He is a man of few words. His actions speak much louder than he does. I have learned by watching him rather than listening to him. Here are just a few things I have gleaned from him over the years.

5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life

Me and My Dad

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5 Things My Dad Taught Me that Will Change your Life

You can learn how to do anything you put your mind to

When we moved into my childhood home in Southern California, it had a pool.  My siblings and I were SO excited! I remember my mom and dad swimming with us, not often but they did sometimes! Years later I found out, that my Dad didn’t know how to swim but he taught himself when we moved into that house! He taught me that you can learn new things at any age!

When my Dad was in college, his sister put an addition on her home. My Uncle hired my Dad to do a lot of the work. Dad figured out what he needed to do and learned how to do it. My Grandpa was the same way. My Dad learned by watching him.

You will find my Dad in his wood shop many nights working on some project. If it’s Christmastime he will most likely be making wooden toys for the children’s hospital. If one of my siblings is expecting a baby, he will be working on a cradle. When I was a little girl, my dad built me a swing set with a wooden playhouse, a darling white play kitchen and a doll cradle. Those were my most cherished toys growing up! Dad figured out how to make anything he decided to build. Again, I learned that when you really want to learn how to do something, you can do it!

When my two oldest boys were 5 and 7, my dad built a Pine Wood Derby track for their birthday party. He dreamed up a design in his head and built it for them. The guests all made their own derby car, then raced them down dad’s track. Just because something may seem hard, doesn’t mean you should give up or not try to make it happen! My Dad taught me that.

My Dad was the first one in his family to go to college. He was a Pediatrician for over 30 years. He taught me, through his actions, that I can do anything I set my mind to. When I am faced with something I don’t know how to do, I think of my dad and I dig a little deeper and try a little harder to figure it out!

I saw a plaque that I couldn’t afford to buy. I told my Dad what it looked like and he helped me make it. It hangs outside my front door. I will always treasure it because we did it together. He has taught me over and over that where there’s a will, there is most certainly a way!

5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life

Our playhouse made by my Dad5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life

My kitchen made by my Dad

A job worth doing, is worth doing right

Never have I seen my Dad do something half way. When he does something, he does it right.

One visual reminder of this is my Dad’s  beautiful yard. Dad has a beautiful vegetable and flower garden at his home. He spends hours each week tending to and caring for his yard. He finds joy in the work, and loves sharing the reward of the fruits of his labors with his family. Because he has put in the time to care and cultivate his garden, we all reap the reward of his efforts.

5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life 5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life 5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life Flowers from Dad’s garden

My parents have chickens. A simple chicken coupe just wouldn’t right for his chickens. His chicken coupe is no simple coupe. He built a high rise luxury condo for his chickens, equip with misters to keep them cool in the summer heat. His creative mind dreams up a way to make something better, and he creates it. I love watching him create, it inspires me to be more creative!

Chicken coupe

My Dad’s Chicken Coupe

Dad has helped my Mom remodel their home and done much of the work himself. He recently redesigned their fireplace mantle. He built the mantel and wasn’t happy with a few things so he rebuilt it. My Mom and I joke that Dad takes twice as long to do something, but it’s because he pays attention to every detail and makes it as perfect as he can. I save jobs around my house for my Dad comes to visit because I know he will do it the right way!

elegant blue living room - white fireplace

My Dad laid the wood floors in here, made the fireplace mantel and surround, painted the walls and ceiling.

Sweets make life sweeter

I learned to bake from my Dad. Every Sunday growing up, we would make chocolate chip cookies together. It was our thing. He taught me little things while we baked, like clean up as you go, so you don’t have a huge mess to clean up at the end. Read the directions first so you are prepared for everything and don’t miss a step. Follow the directions in order! The result will be so much better if you follow with exactness. He would often relate these principles to our life. I love those moments we shared together!

Now that I am raising my own 5 kiddos, we have carried on that tradition. We make chocolate chip cookies every Sunday together. I think of my Dad every time we do. You can click here for our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life

the best chocolate chip cookie ever

These are my essentials for baking our cookies…

Take lots of pictures and share them

On family trips we would stop countless times so my Dad could take a photo of the beautiful scenery. On Christmas morning, the 6 of us kids would wait very impatiently for Dad to set up camera lights so our family photos would have good lighting. Each birthday and special event was documented loving by Dad and his beloved camera.

Those photos didn’t just sit in his camera or in a photo album, we would gather on Sunday nights as a family to watch videos or slide shows together. We spent hours as laughing at funny footage Dad captured! I treasure the  moments Dad caught on film with grandparents who have since passed on.

My Dad taught me to take time to capture moments worth remembering and share them over and over. I have developed a love of photography from him. Here’s the camera my Dad helped me pick out that I use for all of my photos and the lens I use.

black eyed susan                         One of my favorite shots from my Dad. He can capture the simple beauty around him.
5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life

Dad was vigilant about taking our photo often when we were growing up. This is one of my favorite’s from my childhood.

Rocks are more than rocks

My Grandparents lived in Springdale, right outside Zion National Park. My Grandpa helped make the trails up through the park and even planted the large tree that stands outside the lodge today! We spent family vacations in Springdale. My Dad would take us into town to look at the rock shops. He would show us the different type of rocks and teach us their names. I loved learning about each type of rock, noticing the beauty each type held.

Dad would also pick up rocks and throw them into his rock tumbler. He showed us how dull and sharp the rocks were before they were placed inside the drum. After weeks of tumbling, Dad pulled out the rocks to reveal shiny, colorful, smooth rocks. We were amazed by the transformation! Dad took this moment to teach us about how it’s through the tumbles in life we are transformed and shaped into something more beautiful than we could imagine.

I look at rocks differently because of my Dad. They are a symbol of beauty and triumph. My kid’s now have rock collections because of their Papa and I have special rocks and minerals throughout our home as a reminder of this beautiful lesson.

Here are some of my favorite rock and mineral decor items from our home.

My Dad has taught me many things through his loving, quiet example. I hope some of these things help you!

Thank you for everything you have taught me Dad! I love you! Happy Father’s Day!

My parents and 5 siblings







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20 thoughts on “5 Things My Dad Taught me that will Change your Life

  1. I have a lump in my throat, Randi. What a sweet story and wonderful tribute to your father. Beautiful.

  2. Wow, this was a very touching post Randi and one that will be a reminder for you for always.. My dad too was a handyman and a perfectionist around the house. There was nothing he couldn’t figure out and do, yet do it to perfection! He taught me and my siblings how to cut cheese so precisely that every time I cut cheese I make sure to follow his steps. He had a way of teaching that has inspired so many people. He led by example and many family members wish he was their dad and actually considered him their dad because of the love and care he showed to them. I miss my father dearly. He’s been gone for six years now and I think of him every day and especially while doing things he taught me. He lived a great life to be 96 years old and often kid with us us about how my mom would insist he was old but he would say “I am not old! age is just a number” 🙂 He had an infectious laugh and lit up the room. Dads like yours and mine are very special… enjoy every minute with your dad and Happy Fathers Day to him! -xo Herica

    1. Awe your dad sounds amazing! What a legacy he left behind! Sending you a big hug! xo

  3. He sounds absolutely awesome. Wish every little one had a Daddy like that. The world would be in a much better place.

    1. The world would be a much better place if they did! Thank you for your comment xo

  4. Wow amazing I love the proud and the sincerity that you talk about your dad you have such an amazing father you must feel so blessed

  5. I am sitting here with my enjoying my morning coffee with my new little puppy and I have tears in my eyes. I never had the luxury of dad memories …my father was an abusive alcohol. It was a long , long time ago. Your dad sounds like the dad I used to close my eyes and dream about! Randi, you are one very,very lucky young lady to have had such a loving dad in your life. Some of the most interesting men I know are the ones with the fewest words. I love that you are carrying on the Sunday cookie tradition. One day your own children will have all the beautiful memories of you. God Bless.

    1. So many have grown up like you. I know you have a Heavenly Father who loves you perfectly. Sending hugs! Thank you for your tender comment! xoxo

  6. Beautiful story and what great pictures. My daughters must be very close in age to you because that adorable picture of you with the flip looks exactly like ones we have of them. Soooooo cute! Your Dad must be as proud of you as you are of him….

    1. Oh the flipped hair was my very favorite! Thank you so much for your comment! xoxo

  7. Thank you for sharing those precious memories. You have been truly blessed.

  8. What a beautiful tribute! Every little girl should be so lucky to have a father like that! I’m sure your dad is extremely proud of the woman you’ve become!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, every girl deserves the best! Thank you for your sweet comment! xoxo

  9. I enjoyed this post so very much. I believe the man I married and is the father of my two children was cut from the exact same cookie cutter your father was cut from. I could not wait to get to the next lesson taught by your dad because not only were the lessons taught identical to my kids dad but the supporting descriptions were spot on. From a man of few words, to a strong determination to teach yourself what you do not know, to putting in the time and doing a job a little more slowly but getting it done to near perfection, to loving all thing sweet and baking cookies with their kids teaching them to not use a timer but using your eyes to tell when they are done, to always being the one behind the camera and our kids waiting to see what Santa brought only after dad was ready downstairs to capture the looks on their faces and finally to the rocks and rock tumblers! We went on trips in search of cool rocks to be tumbled and he even bought rocks and had them delivered by mail (poor mailman) to put in the tumbler to unveil yet another beauty from the earth! Loved this post and love the dads who give their children these kinds of life lessons and experiences.

    1. I love that they are so similar! How fun! Hug him for me! Thank you for your sweet comment! xoxo

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