5 Tips for a Fabulous New Year – Tip 1 – Show Gratitude

Happy New Year!!! I hope your holidays were magical and relaxing!

I’ve had a lot of time to ponder and think about how to make this year fabulous without over doing it.

As a little girl my parents would sit all 6 of us kiddos down and we would set goals for the new year. We would choose a goal in 4 different areas – social, spiritual, physical and educational. This tradition taught me to focus on things that were really important, a lesson that has stuck with me.

I now sit down with my 5 kids and set goals with them for the fresh new year. As I think about what goals I want to set for myself this year, I keep thinking about simple ways to make life more organized and more enjoyable.

I have come up with 5 tips for a fabulous New Year! These are easy ways to make your life more organized and enjoyable. This 5 day series starts today with this simple tip…

This is such a simple way to make your life happy!!! When we show gratitude toward others, our lives are blessed. We are more thankful, more appreciative, more positive and just plain happier!

So, my tip to help us show more gratitude is to send a handwritten thank you note.

In this day of paperless communication, pause and take the time to write a heart felt note for a gift, a service, a friendship, any kind act.

You will brighten someone else’s day and will in turn brighten your own.

Here is a simple way to make your own fancy thank you notes…

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1. Embossing Tool

2. Thank You Stamp & Flower Stamp

3. Embossing Ink Pad

4. Gold Embossing Powder

5. Gold Envelopes

6. Blush Cards

First- Flip your stamps over and ink them with the Versamark embossing ink.

Second – Stamp onto card of your choice. I used this gorgeous blush card stock.

Third – Sprinkle gold embossing powder on the wet ink.

Fourth – Shake of extra powder onto a piece of paper.

Fifth – Pour extra powder back into container.

Sixth – Using your embossing tool, blow dry the embossed powder. It’s kind of like blow drying your hair. Just gently shake the tool back and forth, a few inches from the paper, and watch the powder turn from dull to shiny and flat to embossed. It’s like magic!!!!

You can do this with any stamp and with any color embossing powder. I’m sorry if you become addicted.


Another little trick I love to do to add charm to my letters is stamp my envelopes with this awesome dry embossing address stamp. You can custom make your stamp to fit your style. I love, love, love mine! You simply insert your envelope flap like pictured below and gently press down. Not too hard or you will get holes instead of impressions.

This is a time saver and a classy addition to your notes of appreciation. One more touch – a tiny strip of gold patterned Washi tape.

Try different color combinations, like the black and gold – it is stunning!

Go get your supplies and thank someone special in your life!!!

If you’re looking to simplify, here are some of my favorite thank you notes already made and ready to go…

I’ll be back sharing my next tip for a fabulous New Year soon!


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14 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Fabulous New Year – Tip 1 – Show Gratitude

  1. Randi,
    I definitely am not as crafty as I would like to be, but one of my new goals this year is to learn calligraphy. I loved those thank you notes. I’m a former reading specialist so any time someone is going to write a handwritten letter I get excited. Penmanship and beautiful lettering is a lost art form.

    1. Jenn, what an awesome goal! Can you learn and then teach me?!!! My mom used to write calligraphy and I always thought it was so beautiful! xo

  2. Randi, I am going to LOVE this series! I am big on “thank you” notes but mine are store bought and boring haha. These are absolutely adorable! Such an important, kind tradition to pass along.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kelley! Any thank you note is a gift from the heart! Love you my friend! xo

  3. Love this Randi! Gratitude is everything, isn’t it!? Beautiful thank you cards and what a fun post series idea too! Excited to see your next tip. Love you cutie! Happy weekend! xo

  4. Beautiful post from a beutiful lady! Everything you do is classy and elegant. Love you lots❤!

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