7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright White

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We’ve been talking a lot about bedding and bath essentials here on RGD lately. Now that you know how to build a white bedding collection and where to purchase some awesome bathroom essentials, let’s talk about some tips to help you keep your whites looking bright white.

These are tips I have used for years! Use these tips to keep your sheets crisp and your towels bright.

7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright White

7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright White 7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright White 7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright White white bathroom with wainscoting 7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright White7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright Whitewhite bed - bedding essentials

Buy Multiple Sets

This tip works! wonders on your linens! Purchase at least two sets of sheets for each bed and at least two sets of towels for each bathroom. Having multiple sets keeps your linens looking their best. Using the same set over and over wears them out, making them look dingy quicker.

This will be an investment but will protect your whites and will save you money over time.

Here are a few of my favorite sets of sheets and towels.

Wash Frequently

Try to wash your sheets weekly and your towels every 3-4 days. Frequent washing prevents soil from building up on your fabrics. Getting into a good washing routine will keep your linens looking their best!

Keep Colors Separate when Washing

Wash your whites together and keep any colors to themselves. Color will transfer to your whites, making them look less white and bright. There is nothing worse than finding that you washed a red pair of underwear with your white towels, leaving everything a light shade of pink! Lighter colors will do the same thing. Take care and keep those colors out of your white loads!

Bleach Towels, Use a Detergent with Bleach or White Booster

I like to use bleach sparingly. Bleach your towels whenever you feel they look a little dull. I do it only a few times a year. Make sure you measure out the bleach very carefully. In between bleaching cycles, I like to us a white booster. These two are my favorites here and here.

Wash Loads on Warmest Setting Possible

Washing on the hottest setting possible for your linens, kills germs and breaks down dirt. Make sure to check labels to ensure you don’t shrink your fabric.

Add Vinegar to your White Loads + or Oxygen Brighteners 

Add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your white loads. I don’t know the science behind why it works, I just know it does! It also softens your towels. Keep a large bottle in your laundry room so you are prepared!

I also use this all natural oxygen brightener on all of my white laundry. Do this every time you wash them. It will help keep those whites their whitest!

Fix Stains with a Good Stain Remover

A good stain remover is essential to keeping your whites their whitest! I love using 2 together. This stain stick and this stain remover spray are my favorite. Use the stick first, agitate the fabric with a laundry brush and then finish with the spray. Let it sit for a few hours, then wash.

One Last Tip

One of my biggest pet peeves is pulling sheets out of the closet that you know are clean, but they smell like oils from skin. I started using these scent boosting beads and LOVE them! When I pull out sheets that were washed weeks ago, they still smell fresh! My kid’s clothes smell amazing and our towels too! Give them a try and see if you enjoy them as much as our family does!

Try using these tips to help keep your linens looking their best!

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2 thoughts on “7 Tips to Keep Your Whites Bright White

  1. I’ve been using vinegar in with my towels for years. It helps keep them fresh. I stopped washing with hot water, but instead use warm. Perhaps, I should go back to hot for my white towels.
    My pet peeve is when company uses my white towels for make up. Really?! I now include make up wipes in my guest bath to encourage ladies to use, instead of a facecloth.
    Your home is immaculate. I don’t know how you do it and stay stress free.

    1. Great idea Joanna! I have also seen people get a colored towel monogramed with the word makeup on it for guests to use! I get plenty stressed if the house is a mess, so I try to keep it picked up. Haha! xo

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