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Glam Transitional Dining Room Reveal

Hello everyone! Today, I am so excited to share our glam, transitional dining room reveal with you! This room has stayed the same for almost 10 years. I have slowly been gathering pieces to update the room and make it feel more like our updated kitchen and family room.

It is rare that we can transform an entire room in one day, like our family room remodel {here}. Usually, we decorate a little at a time, as our budgets allow. That is exactly how I approached this project. One piece at a time!

I find that this slower paced decorating creates a space that has a more curated look. One thing I want you to take away from my post – you can have the home of your dreams by simply adding beauty to it everyday. Don’t get overwhelmed because you want to change your whole home overnight! Set a goal each month and either complete a project, purchase a piece, or organize a space. Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t ever forget that!

It is easy to become discouraged when you look at social media and blogs. You create an unrealistic vision of another person’s life and how that picture came to be. Don’t fall into that trap! My pictures show the best me. The room finished and styled. Remember there is real life behind each photo. Hard work, sweat and tears, just like at your home. Take some of my tips and ideas and use them to create a home that makes you happy! I am cheering you on!!!!

Whenever I decide to refresh a room, I always start with a mood board. I shared steps on how you can create one here. Mood boards help you see what pieces work together and what doesn’t without having to go through the hassle of buying and returning so many pieces. They also give you a map to lay out what you need to be planning and saving for. I created this board months ago and started purchasing one piece each month. I am still saving up for a table!

This post contains some affiliate links {read my disclosure here}.

Glam Transitional Dining Room Reveal

Glam Transitional Dining Room RevealHere is what our dining room looked like before any of the new pieces were added…

Glam Transitional Dining Room Reveal Glam Transitional Dining Room Reveal

Our dark $150, dark brown, Salvation Army buffet was laid to rest. In it’s place, a gorgeous mirrored buffet, that mimics the furniture in our master bedroom.

Two grand, white and gold lamps weight the piece. The piece that steals the show is this rectangular sunburst mirror! It is all wood, with slivers of mirror in between the gold rays. It is so stunning, I love that it is a modern spin on a french classic. I added some gold accessories to tie in the touches of gold in the room.

A gold and lucite tray holds my favorite gold filigree goblets and dainty plates from Arte Italica. I will be sharing a table featuring these beauties in the next few days. For a gorgeous, simple arrangement, use a bubble vase filled with two dozen roses. As the roses bloom and open the arrangement becomes ever more impressive!

For a dramatic centerpiece, I used my favorite ginger jars filled with some beautiful, faux pink cherry blossoms. I have seven in each jar. 

What stayed:

Our China Cabinet – it was purchased a few years ago, it’s my favorite piece of furniture in our home

Dining side chairs (they are out of stock but will be restocking them)

Head Chairs

Bar Cart

Drapes – I made these silk drapes almost 10 years ago and still love them {similar here}

Paint – Ralph Lauren’s Edwardian Linen – mixed by Dunn Edwards

Table – We found this girl on Craig’s List. My sweet husband sanded it down and gave her a new life with a dark espresso stain. This is the last piece I am going to replace in here. Tables are expensive and hard to find the perfect one! When I find it, I will let you know!!!

What is new:

Chandelier {SIMILAR}


Mirrored Buffet

Sunburst Mirror 


Brass Curtain Rods

I purchased one item each month until I had all the pieces for the make over. The silver trays came down. I patched the holes and touched up the paint. Putting nothing in their place for a cleaner, sleeker look. The gorgeous brass chandelier, from Lighting Design Company {call to order}, ties in with the lighting from our kitchen and living room. Using lighting in similar tones helps create a beautiful flow in your home.

Before, the room was very neutral, it still is, but the addition of gold makes it pop!  The room feels like it flows with the rest of the house now. It is a transitional, glam dining room all ready for entertaining! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing her all dressed up with my favorite colors – pink and gold in a few days!

Wishing you a beautiful day! Make a plan at your home to add some beauty and create a space you and your loved ones can make beautiful memories in!



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30 thoughts on “Glam Transitional Dining Room Reveal

  1. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. That mirror is spectacular. The sideboard is stunning. What a pleasure for your family to see such a beautiful space everyday. Well done, Randi!

    1. Linda thank you! The mirror is simple stunning in person! I am so glad you stopped by and thank you so much for your lovey comment! Wishing you a wonderful day my friend! xoxo

  2. How fabulous!!! I knew it would be beautiful and it is…so very beautiful! I especially love that you selected a buffet that is similar to your nightstands. I’m sure it enhances the flow of your home even more. And that mirror!!! LOVE it all!

    1. Jen thank you so much! You are the best! Wishing you could be here in person to enjoy it with me! Someday! xoxo

  3. Beautiful!!!! I love your idea of make a clear picture what you want and then buy in pieces … easy for pocket and choice too …

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! It really helps stick to your budget and not feel so overwhelmed! xoxo

  4. Loved this blog post and especially the suggestion of adding little by little. You designed this beautifully and love how good taste never goes out of style! So neat you made those drapery panels so long ago! Great jobon it all!

    1. Hi Kelly! Our kitchen counter is marble. We love it! The exact name can be found under my kitchen sources page. xo

  5. Hi Randi, just wanted to know about the gorgeous bar cart in your dining room. The dining room is stunning, and I love the idea of a design board! It’s like a lightbulb going on in my head! The Cole and Gray bar cart looks gold in your dining room and on the Wayfair website as well, but under the specifications, it says it iron and the frame is brown. Did you paint it? I LOVE it, but want the gold, as it sits in your dining room.
    I love your website!


    1. Hi Leah! I linked the exact cart that I bought and mine is gold. I think I remember it saying it was bronze. Maybe call them and double check. But I really think it is gold. It’s more of an antiqued gold, not a brassy shiny gold. I hope that helps! Thank you too for the compliment! xoxo

  6. Another beautiful transformation! I love how you made a plan first, acquired most of the pieces you needed, and THEN did the update all at one time. Everything flows so perfectly! I’m saving all of these tips for our upcoming renovation!

  7. I love this room! It now flows so nicely with the rest of the house! I think sentimental pieces are what makes a house a home…maybe you can have M repaint your Craig’s list find? I have to say that the chandelier had my heart!!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! That is a good idea! I love the table, the lines and even the color, it’s the size and shape it is in that are the problem. It is a little to small and it is so wobbly. It almost falls over when you lean on it! I’ll be sad to give it up someday! xoxo

  8. Randi this is absolutely stunning!! The perfect addition to all of your makeovers!! Gold anything is my favorite, and that mirror, wow!! But that chandelier is spectacular!! I have loved it for years and it’s suits your home just perfectly!! xo

    1. Tam you are such a dear friend! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check it out! xoxo

  9. Randi~
    Girl, you have waved your magic wand of beauty once again. It is absolutely breathtaking. I LOVE it all!!!! I am a gold girl too. Anything gold just adds that right amount of sparkle and grace to any room. I often tell my husband that if he’s not careful, I might, just might, add a little gold to the garage as well. 🙂 🙂

    Deb 🙂

    1. Haha! I love it! It would sure liven up the place! Have a wonderful day Deb! xoxo

  10. What a beautiful room. I have to admit, I love glitz. Not a farmhouse girl. The chandelier is stunning as is the buffet. Great job !
    Trends come and go, but I still love my glass table top with a chrome/gold base.

    1. Hi Daniell! Thank you so much! My tablecloth is a square one turned sideways! xo

  11. Absolutely stunning room. I love the chandelier and the sunburst mirror. Both items are out of my price range, but I love the look and can search for similarly styled items. I would also love to know where you purchased your bar cart.
    Thank you for your beautiful design style and blog content. I dream of a home of my own decorated in a similar style as I patiently sit in my rental home. One of these days, when the timing is right……….

    1. Hi Kara! There is a link to the bar cart under “what stayed”. Just click on the word BAR CART and it will take you to the exact one I purchased. You will have your own home one day and it will be even more magical than you ever dreamed because I can tell you will fill it with love! Best wishes! xoxo

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