How to Design a Fabulous Home Office Space

I am a firm believer that when you love to be somewhere, you enjoy what you are doing there even more. For example, I hated doing the laundry. The laundry room was my least favorite room in the house, because it was ugly!!! When I did a little design transformation {see it here}, suddenly I didn’t mind doing the laundry SO much.

Doing the dishes isn’t so bad when you love your kitchen! I could go on and on. The point is, the mundane tasks of organizing a house are NOT glamorous. Make them more appealing by designing a little glam office area somewhere in your home.

We all have to pay the bills, make grocery lists and schedule out our day. Why not transform an ordinary space in your home into an extraordinary place for you to do these daily tasks? Even if you don’t have full room devoted to a home office, you can still design a fabulous home office space where you can check off those To Do’s.

Here are a few tips on how you can design a fabulous home office space, big or small…

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How to Design a Fabulous Home Office Space

  • Find a corner in your home where you can add a desk. Designate this spot as your fabulous home office. It may be in your own special room, it may be in a corner in your family room, maybe even in a hallway. Mine is in my family room, right off the kitchen. This little corner is my special spot.
  • Use a pretty desk or small table to use in your special spot.
  • Add a comfy, fabulous chair.
  • Then accessorize your space with pieces that make you happy and pretty organizing accessories.

How to Design a Fabulous Home Office Space How to Design a Fabulous Home Office SpaceMy desk has a gorgeous desk calendar, pretty and practical notepads, a yummy smelling candle, my favorite gold wreath accessories and always fresh flowers!
How to Design a Fabulous Home Office Space How to Design a Fabulous Home Office Space

You can also use a console table as a desk. I have linked some of my favorites above. Just click on the photos.

If you don’t have space for a desk, use a cupboard! Organize a “Command Center” in a kitchen cupboard. Store your bills, notepads, pens, spare change, calendar, keys, all the random things in here. Whatever you do, make it fabulous! 

Think outside the box when setting up your little space.

  • Use pretty candy dishes to store spare change and keys.
  • Grab a cute votive and use it as a pen holder {use matching pens, it will make your space look so much more pulled together!!!!}.
  • Find cute storage bins to hold your “stuff” { I used mine to store my notepad collection and our kids devices}.
  • Get yourself some cute notepads that will keep you organized!!!
  • Use a letter organizer for bills, important papers and an address book.
  • I have our house phone in this cupboard! Yes we still have a house phone! I hated having it on the countertop, so when we redid our kitchen, I had the electrician move the wires up the wall and put an outlet in the cupboard. I LOVE it!

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Try to give yourself a glam space, big or small, where you can enjoy doing some of those must do tasks of life! You just might like paying the bills a little more!

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6 thoughts on “How to Design a Fabulous Home Office Space

  1. I really enjoyed this post, Randi. It’s so helpful to learn how others organize their lives. For example, I, too, have a house phone that I hate looking at on my kitchen counter but my husband insists on keeping it even though we rarely use it. You have given me hope that I can hide the darn thing in a kitchen cabinet! I never would have thought of that solution. Thank you for the inspiration and ideas!!

    1. Thank you so much Linda! That makes me so happy! You are always so kind with your comments! xo

  2. Your whole house just looks so beautiful! Thanks for the tips. I never thought to hang the calendar on the inside of the cabinet, this way I won’t have to hang it on my kitchen wall anymore, great tip.

    1. Lucy, I am so glad you like that tip! It is one of my favorites to stay organized and still keep the house looking fresh and uncluttered! xo

  3. Your office spaces are just FAB!! I’ve had my eye on your beautiful desk but I just don’t know where to put it in our tiny house 🤔 I love how you styled it, just beautiful!

    1. Thank you Sherina! You have to find a place somewhere! I just love mine! Maybe even behind your couch. Get creative! xo

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