How to Give a Room a Fresh New Look without Breaking the Bank

Do you have a room in your house that bugs you? Maybe there are pieces that you just aren’t in love with anymore? My guest room in that room for me. We’ve lived in our house for 10 years and our guest bedroom has pretty much stayed to same for those 10 long years. I just felt like it was time to give it a little makeover, a fresh look without having to redo the whole room just yet. I set out to try to find a few new pieces that would transform the room without breaking the bank {this post contains affiliate links for your convenience}.

One day I received an email from Birch Lane featuring their new arrivals {here}. After opening it and looking through their beautifully curated collections, I stumbled upon a lamp from their Country Romance collection that sparked some inspiration for a mini makeover. It was just the piece I needed to give the room a fresh new look.

You can refresh your room too by making a few simple changes. Here are a few tips on what to change to update your space on a budget…

Look for an inspiration piece

  • When you find an inspiration piece for a space, it makes other decisions easy. I knew I wanted to replace the table lamps in this space. They were dated and just not my style anymore. My inspiration piece was this gorgeous Ferndale Table Lamp from Birch Lane. I loved the curvy lines and the pops of gold. They have that little touch of glam that I love to add to a room. They updated my room instantly and fit my style perfectly. If you’re looking for a good place to find items to freshen up your space, you will love shopping Birch Lane. They have so many different collections, it’s so easy to find pieces that fit your exact style. Their prices and quality are great too.

Add New Linens

  • No matter what space you are refreshing, linens will help transform the room. Add new towels to a bathroom, curtains to a bedroom, pillows to a couch or bed, these will add bang for little buck!

Our space got a few new throw pillows, a new comforter set and a luxurious throw. Those 3 pieces transformed the room! The blush pink, softened the harshness of the black and gave it a whole new look. I swapped out the old comforter for this crisp white beauty! I love the texture this set adds to the room.

Update Accessories

  • A few accessories can make a big impact. Less really is more!
  • Try repurposing items from around your house. This tray used to be in our family room. I just added a new vase and a gorgeous geode  {they are all the rage this season}, with some flowers from our yard.

Try using these 3 tips, on a room that is bugging you, to give it a little refresh – without breaking the bank!!!

For more ideas on how you can freshen up your space with Birch Lane’s new arrivals visit my friend Julie from Lemon Stripes. Tomorrow my friend Jen of Decor Gold Designs will be sharing her favorite pieces!


Special thanks to Birch Lane for sponsoring this post.

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16 thoughts on “How to Give a Room a Fresh New Look without Breaking the Bank

  1. The before was nice, but the updated room is just incredible! Love how those soft blush tones freshen and tone down the black and white. Beautiful!

    1. Isn’t it funny how just a few changes really make a huge difference?! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! xo

  2. Randi I am in love! It was gorgeous before but now it’s spectacular! I especially love the lamps and those stunning blush pillows!

  3. Can you tell me where the original bedding was purchased? It appears to be a pastel yellow/gold color.

    1. Hi Shaun, the original bedding was purchased from Costco over 10 years ago! I bet if you google “hotel bedding” something similar will come up. Best of luck! xo

  4. New follower of yours, really lovely room. the soft pink/blush color is so refreshing. I just ordered the pink pillows from Nordstroms, thanks for the inspiration! one thing I noticed was the first book (the taller one) may be upside down as typically the publisher’s mark usually is at the bottom. However, I have noticed in general, that some book spines are not consistent in how they read. so this book could be one of those.

    1. Hi Lorrie! Welcome! You’re so funny that you noticed that! It totally is upside down! Haha! I will think of you every time I look at it now! Wising you a happy weekend. xo

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