How to make Gourmet S’mores

No Summer is complete without gathering around a cozy fire to roast some yummy, gooey S’mores. S’mores, the quintessential Summer treat, are getting a glam makeover here on Randi Garrett Design! Today, I’m sharing a simple way you can turn Summer s’mores into a gourmet S’mores dessert that will knock your socks off! 

A few weeks ago, when my parent’s were in town, my dad and I were perusing the chocolate isle – our favorite isle! My dad pointed out the gourmet chocolate squares and said, “Ooh those would be good on S’mores!” The wheels started turning in my head! What if we took ordinary S’mores and took them to the next level?! Use buttery shortbread cookies instead of graham crackers. Homemade or high quality marshmallows replace the normal marshmallow. Finish it off with decadent chocolate squares instead of the basic milk chocolate. Gourmet S’mores

Here is an easy, Summery S’mores buffet you can set up in your kitchen or backyard. If you don’t have a fire pit or fireplace at your house, you can roast your marshmallows in the oven or even toast them on your kitchen range (if it is gas). Take a look at how to make my version of a Gourmet S’more! You’ll never eat a plain S’more again!

Gourmet S’mores
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How to Set up your Gourmet S’mores Buffet

You will need …

How to Assemble

  • Toast marshmallow over an open flame until golden brown
  • Select your cookies and chocolate
  • Sandwich your marshmallow between two cookies and a piece or two of chocolate
  • Enjoy!

My favorite combo was the shortbread cookies, dark chocolate raspberry and a piece of the salted caramel chocolate. Oh my! It was like eating the most decadent Summer treat ever! The kids loved them too!  Look how cute they are!

Gourmet S'mores rattan hurricanes rattan bowl white hydrangeas simple summer party ideas -Gourmet S'mores summer entertaining ideas -Gourmet S'mores

Pink Romper | Studded SandalsGourmet S'mores

I hope you give these gourmet S’mores a try and love them! Wishing you a yummy Summer!

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  1. Could you link the adorable things you put the marshmallows in and the ramekins you used? Looovvve this!!

    1. They were from Home Goods several years ago. I see them every once in awhile. xoxo

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