Organization – Dining Room Storage

I’ve been busy organizing our entertaining closet in our dining room over the past few weeks. Today, I thought I’d share the pieces I found that really helped me organize all the dining room essentials. These pieces are versatile and beautiful and can be used in a closet, cupboard or cabinet! Oh and did I mention they are gorgeous!?!

Here’s a peek into our dining room storage closet and how I organized it using these pretty organization pieces. Organization - Dining Room Storage

Organization - Dining Room Storage


Napkin Ring Organization

Use these acrylic boxes to organize your napkin rings in style. They come in 3 different sizes for you to configure to your space.

Dish Storage

Linen storage boxes are the perfect way to keep your dishes safe, dust free and beautifully organized.

Platter Storage

These gold plate racks will hold up to 8 platters or plates.

Clear Shelf Liner

Keep your shelves looking great by protecting them with this clear shelf liner.

Wire Baskets

Corral all of your votives, candles or various entertaining items in these white wire baskets.
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  1. Gorgeous, you just gave me some great ideas for a new closet I just finished building out today! Can’t wait to start!

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