Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Day Table

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When I was a little girl, my mom made a paper for each month of the year. She wrote the name of the month in bubble letters, then filled it in with some sort of symbol that represented a holiday from the month. For February she had hearts. On the back of each paper were the traditions our family would do to make each month special. I remember in February our tradition was to have heart shaped pancakes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day and make a special cake to celebrate the day of love.

I looked forward to each month and the fun traditions we would do together as a family. My parent’s helped us choose the traditions so we felt apart of the whole thing.

As I started having children of my own, I knew I wanted to create traditions of our own that would bring fond memories for my children. For Valentine’s Day I set a special table for our family. We have a Valentine’s dinner together as a family. If Matt and I are going out on Valentine’s Day, we will celebrate a night early with the children.

This has become a tradition that I look forward to so much! When the kids were little, I would set the table in our kitchen and keep it fun and child friendly. We always played Bingo and had special prizes. As my children have grown, we have graduated to the dining room table where I set a fancy table for them to feel extra special.

Today I am so excited to show you our Valentine’s Day table in hopes that it inspires you to start this tradition with your family or with your friends. Galentine’s Day parties are a really fun way to celebrate too!

Here is a peek at our Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Day Table done in partnership with one of my favorite brands, Hot Skwash.

Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Day Table

Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day TableQueen of Hearts Valentine's Day TableValentine's Day table ideasPink and Red Valentine's Day table Valentine's Day Table Valentine's Day table - heart plates - velvet hearts Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Table

Our table features these gorgeous velvet hearts topped with a 14ct. gold crown! These are new to Hot Skwash this season and come in 3 different sizes. When I saw them my jaw hit the floor! The largest one comes with a removable crown for you to tuck away a special note or gift to the ones you love. I’m writing love notes to my kid’s and placing them inside mine for them to read at our special family Valentine’s Day dinner.

I placed the baby ones one each of the place settings. Let’s talk about these darling heart plates! You can find them here. These can be used all year long, not just for Valentine’s Day. I love layering the tiny heart plates ones with the dinner plates. The tiny ones would also look darling layered with these pink plates too.

The pink gold rimmed glasses are filled with water and pink carnations. I tossed in a few carnation petals too.

I used a pink linen tablecloth as the base for the table. It washes up great!
Rose centerpiece - rose arrangement - Valentine's Day arrangement Red pink rose arrangement red pink roses Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Table - velvet hearts

For our centerpiece, I used this basketweave patterned trashcan, yes trashcan! It’s filled with 3 dozen roses from my local grocery store.Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Table - velvet hearts Velvet hearts - valentine's day decor Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Table

The hearts are sprinkled down the center of the table with glitter X and O’s cute from scrapbook paper and gold votives. They create a glamorous table runner to let the kids know they have my heart!
Valentine's day dessert bar valentine's day dessert ideas pink cake stand

Display your treats on pink cake plates. Here I used a store bought chocolate cake and homemade sugar cookies with raspberry buttercream frosting topped with carnation petals (recipe coming next week). Hot Skwash velvet strawberries finish the look off.

I hope this inspires you to set a special table for your special loves this Valentine’s Day!

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8 thoughts on “Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Day Table

  1. I LOVE HOT SKWASH!!!! Hearts are my cant pass it up “shiny” (the thing that always catches my eye and always ends up in my cart). Hearts and hot skwash? Be still….

  2. Randi,
    I can’t believe you found hearts with crowns on them. How cute it that? I love the mix of red and pink. The traditions you did with your kids sounds really fun too!

    1. Can you believe it?!!!! I couldn’t love them more! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! xo

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring Valentine table. Your style is so lovely, classic and upscale, however, way out of my lifestyle range. The Hot Skwash items are extremely expensive, but I love them. It certainly makes a lovely picture and its wonderful that they partnered with you for the shoot. Thank you for all the lovely inspiration on your blog even though we are world’s apart in means. Your style helps me to clearly define what I hope for in the future of my own home decor. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi kara! Their pieces are lifetime pieces for sure! They are real treasures! Thank you for your comment!xo

  4. Randi I love to see your posts!! Your home is so beautiful and was the inspiration to my new home decor and style. Love the hearts!

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