Girlfriend’s Guide to Marble Countertops

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You have probably all heard the horror stories about marble countertops! When my husband and I were remodeling our kitchen, we were told by multiple people, “STAY AWAY FROM MARBLE!!!” Even the employees at the stone yard encouraged us to go with a different material. For those reasons, we decided to select a quartz slab instead of marble.

For years, I had dreamed about having a marble counter. I loved their warmth and character. No slab is the same as another. Before we signed on the dotted line, I asked if we could see a slab of marble and a slab of quartz side by side. Our choice was made instantly! There was absolutely no comparison to the life and warmth that was in the marble slab verses the quartz. Both were gorgeous. But for us, we were willing to choose the high maintenance beauty!

I am a lover of charming bakeries and French chateaus. When you see these 100 year old buildings with their original marble, etched with a beautiful patina, their imperfections become a tale of the past. Instead of marks of shame, they are symbols of years of use and love.

So, two years ago when we remodeled our kitchen, we went against the advice of majority and chose the marble! I have never regretted my decision one day.

On my Instagram account, I get asked weekly, if not daily, do you like your marble countertops? Do they etch? What do you do to protect them? So, I decided to create this girlfriend’s guide to marble countertops. I hope this is a useful resource to you as you design the home of your dreams.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Marble Countertops

Girlfriend's Guide to Marble Countertops

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Does marble etch?

Yes! Marble etches when anything with high acidy, touches it. This means citrus, spaghetti sauce, etc. We have had our counters for almost 2 years, they do have some etching, but still look beautiful! Don’t let that scare you! When something spills, just wipe it up. The marble “heals” itself over time. I don’t know how it works, but over time the spots fade. Maybe it’s just that more spots form and they patina together over time.

One day lemonade spilled under my son’s dinner plate. We wiped the counter but didn’t realize it had traveled under his plate. It sat there for over 10 min. and etched the counter! I was sick when I saw the circle etched into the countertop. Over time, it has faded and blended into the rest of the imperfections. I don’t even notice it anymore.

Girlfriend's Guide to Marble Countertops -white kitchen with marble countertops

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How do you prevent etching on your countertops?

This is a tricky one! I feel like no matter what you do, your marble will etch! It is just part of having this gorgeous natural stone in your home. There are things you can do to keep it from etching excessively.  Here are a few things to do..

  1. Have marble cutting boards made when your fabricator cuts your stone. We have one on each side of our sink. I wish mine were a little larger. Use these to set anything down that could harm your marble.
  2. Cut citrus on a wooden cutting board with a dish towel under to catch any juice run off.
  3. Wipe up any acid spills immediately with a paper towel, then clean with a damp rag.
  4. Seal your marble.

Girlfriend's Guide to Marble Countertops - white kitchen with marble countertops

Does your marble stain and scratch easily?

Marble will stain and scratch. Period. Don’t worry! You can usually get stains out with distilled water and a mixture of baking soda. My husband set our olive oil bottle on the marble and it left a ring from the oil residue. Over time it has faded without treatment. Tougher stains require treatment to remove the stain.

My mom had some raspberry colored ice-cream spilled on her marble counters. It sat there for a week while she was out of town. The spot came out with a mixture of distilled water and baking soda.

Scratching. Yep, it will scratch too. The first scratch we got on our stone happened 5 minutes after it was installed. There was a box on the counter. One of the workers slide it off to pick it up. There must have been some dirt on the bottom and a foot long scratch mark was left on the counter. It was actually kind of nice to get that first mark out of the way! Haha! I honestly don’t even notice it anymore, there are some many tiny marks that have blended together to create a new patina.

If imperfections like this bother you, do not get marble! It will not remain perfect like quartz or granite. If you  love the character that marble begins to take on with years of use, go for it! Marble is not the choice for everyone! But girlfriend, it was the right choice for me!

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The Dets about my Marble

What kind of marble do you have?

Our marble is an American quarried marble. This means it is from a quarry here in the USA. It also means it is a little more durable than marble quarried in Italy. The fabricator told me it is because it is not as porous. The name of ours is called Montclair White.

Girlfriend's Guide to Marble Countertops - glam white kitchen

How do you clean marble?

The best way to clean and protect your marble is to use gentle products. I wrote an entire post on how to care and clean for your marble countertops here. This post talks all about the cleaning products and rags I use to keep ours looking gorgeous.

how to clean marble countertops

How often can you reseal marble?

I have not resealed my marble in the 2 years I have had it. Don’t tell on me! I read that you should reseal it every 6 months. This one has amazing reviews Stonetech Bulletproof Sealer.

What type of edge do you have on your countertop?

Our island has a double ogee edge and the side counters are more simple with a small beveled edge.

white kitchen with marble countertops - guide to marble

What size is your island?

It measures 63″ wide by 128″ long.

The island is 3″ thick and the perimeter countertops are 1 and 1/2″ thick.

Girlfriend's Guide to Marble Countertops

Is your marble polished or honed?

The marble we have is polished. Polished tends to show more scratching and etching. But I just love the shiny look of the polished so, so much!

Girlfriend's Guide to Marble Countertops

Would you choose marble again?

Yes, a thousand times yes! We love the life marble has brought into our home. My advise to anyone thinking about installing marble – weigh all the pros and cons. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy!

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white kitchen with marble countertops - glam kitchen

I hope this guide to marble helps in you in your quest to choose or care for marble in your home!

To see all the other details on our kitchen click here. I also wrote a review about our La Cornue Range here,







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15 thoughts on “Girlfriend’s Guide to Marble Countertops

  1. I just moved to the valley from California, and would love to know where you purchased your slab, or a couple of favorite shops? Thx! Your home is stunning!!!! Love the lights near your new gym.

    Thank you

    PS. Do you have any suggestions for reupholstering?

    1. Hi Sheila! We got out slab from Arizona Tile. I loved them! I love using Piazza Upholstery in Buckeye. They are amazing! They made my daughter’s bed. xo

  2. Dear Randi,
    Greetings from The Netherlands! Thank you for posting on your blog about marble countertops. Your kitchen looks absolutely stunning!
    We are renovating our kitchen and I too absolutely wanted to have the marble look but everybody was telling me that it was a bad idea because it is porous so bad for stains and scratches… 🙁
    But there is a new product out there that comes from Spain and was developed in 2013. It is called DEKTON and is made of a combination of quartz, porcelain, and glass that has been intensely heated and compacted to make it super strong. It’s more expensive than other options like granite, quartz or marble because of the difficulty in fabricating and installing it but it is heat, scratch and stain resistant. Have you heard about it? Worth checking.
    Since 2017, they came up with a “marble” look (NATURA and OPERA) and we are getting the Natura one because it is a polished version vs the Opera which is a mat finish. I am so excited we found this option because I really wanted a marble look!
    We start demolition in 2 weeks, then plumbing and electricity, drywall and new floors to have our new kitchen installed end of March. All white, just like you 🙂 I can’t wait to see the finished product :-)))


    Dominique KABEL

    1. Hi Dominque! I hadn’t heard of it until I wrote this post! I am excited to check it out! Best wishes to you as you begin your remodel! Send pictures when it is finished! Hugs!

  3. I am thrilled that you posted this!! My decision is made, Calcatta Gold Marble is my choice for my new kitchen remodel. Can’t wait for install!! You have a beautiful home.

  4. Very helpful Randi, thank you. Do you also have marble floors in your bathrooms, how is that working for you?
    I am trying to make furniture selections for my renovation. My home is also mostly white but I have dogs and a lot of guests, do you have suggestions for beautiful but comfortable furnishings?

    1. Hi Connie! I love the marble in our bathrooms. It does etch a little from toothpaste spills, but we love it none the less!
      Choose fabrics that are durable for your pups. I love anything Krylon. It is indestructible! xo

  5. I love this post Randi. We have an older home built in 2005 and have marble in every bathroom and our kitchen. We love it too. Thanks for getting the word out about marble!

  6. We have marble throughout our kitchen and bathrooms. They etch, chip, scratch, and they’re gorgeous. My trips to Europe sold me. Patina is stunning, and feels so much warmer! You’re counters are just lovely!

  7. Hi Randi. Hello from New Zealand! 🙂 I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your kitchen!!! Can i marry it?! Im in love!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are about to do a whole house extension and renovation. I’ve always loved marble too but always been too scared to do the real thing! (This is our third house and third reno!!) But maybe this time i will! I think marble counters must be like wool carpet. Everybody tells you not to do it but when you do you never regret it! Wool carpet, stains, fluffs, rots etc but it is beeeeeeuuuuuutiful!!! and guess what, Nylon carpet does all those things too!!!!!!!!! I bet every other type of bench stains, chips, marks, and scratches as well!!!!
    Also Randi, I don’t normally ask for advice on blogs but i want to do my kitchen the same as yours! Do you mind?!
    But………. we have already bought our oven and its black (oh dammit) I wanted stainless but got talked out of it (stupid me) its a big freestanding 3 door thing. Do you think it will look ok? We also have the rangehood to match, but that hasn’t been opened yet so i might see if i can swap it for a built in one
    I would love to get one like yours but it was already $7k. Don’t think hubby will be too pleased if say i need another one! 🙂

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