The BEST Homemade Apple Crisp Recipe EVER

Recipes are more than just ingredients and a dish. A good, well loved recipe is truly a gift from the heart. Think about your favorite recipes and why you love them. My favorite have come from the people I love the most. There are memories attached to those special dishes. Recipes passed down from family members who have made them with love year after year are some of my greatest treasures!

It seems that the most special recipes revolve around the holidays. The time we seem to be more focused on making memories and spoiling those we love.

Today, I have a special treat for you! You have heard me talk about my mom all the many things she has taught me. Well, I have been blessed with an equally fabulous mother in law who has taught me so many things. One of which is how to make the best homemade apple crisp ever! She has made this yummy recipe ever since she and my father in law were in graduate school over 30 years ago. When I came to her home to meet her for the first time, this apple crisp was waiting for me on her cozy kitchen countertop. This was just one of the ways she made me instantly feel apart of their family.

Not only is this crisp sentimental, it seriously is the best homemade apple crisp recipe ever!

With her permission I am sharing it with you today so you can make it for someone special in your life. I hope that you make it over and over and that you create special memories attached to it as well.

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The BEST Homemade Apple Crisp EVER
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homemade apple crisp recipe

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  1. I’m excited to try this recipe! But what does #9 mean by “cut together with knife or pastry mixer”?

    1. Hi Sara, it just means to blend the butter together with the other ingredients using pastry blender or knives. xo

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