The Wren’s Christmas Exterior

One year ago today, we moved into our dream home The Wren. It was quite the whirlwind! The house wasn’t close to being complete, but we sold our other home. Our kind builder got as much done as he could and we moved into a construction zone. Three days later, family and friends rallied and helped me put up my Christmas decor. While it felt so good to finally be home, this year feels a thousand times better! We are settled and we are truly home for the holidays! So, it is with a very full heart that I share The Wren’s Christmas exterior.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for joining in the journey of creating our dream home The Wren! 

The Wren's Christmas Exterior

The Wren's Christmas Exterior

Battery Operated Christmas Wreaths | French Blue Taffeta Ribbon 

These outdoor wreaths are stunning and match the outdoor garlands that are hung on the house. They are battery operated and have timers on them as well. I tied a french blue bow on them to tie into the interior of the house. 

The Wren's Christmas Exterior wreaths on windows

The Wren's Christmas Exterior french home

The Wren's Christmas ExteriorI used Command Hooks to hang these affordable outdoor wreaths on each of our windows. They are so beautiful and feature lightly flocked pine, lambs ear and glittery gold berries. A french blue taffeta bow completes them.

The Wren's Christmas Exterior

The Wren's Christmas Exterior

Wreaths on front door (battery operated with timer) | Wreath above front door (battery operated with timer) | Doormat | White Planters | Triple Ball Topiary | French Blue Ribbon

The Wren's Christmas Exterior



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  1. When we moved back to my hometown in 2005, on Dec 22nd, I didn’t think we would have much in the way of Christmas decorations that year. However , my beloved father showed up unexpectedly that evening with a live Christmas tree and we decorated it in time for my grown children, who arrived from out of out of state on Christmas Day. That year is burned in my memory and I will always cherish that precious moment with my Dad who passed away two years later. I think of him often, and especially at Christmas, because he cherished family and the joy of his favorite holiday.

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