Tips for Trimming your Christmas Tree like a Pro

The best part of Christmas decorating – the TREE!!! Do you ever feel overwhelmed when decorating yours? A gorgeous Christmas tree may look intimidating, but with a few simple tricks and tips, you can trim your Christmas tree like a pro! Today, I’m sharing how I decorate my trees for Christmas. First, there is not right or wrong way to trim a tree! Some start with ribbon, some end with ribbon. These tips are just what works for me. Hopefully they work for you too!

Tips for Trimming your Christmas Tree like a Star

  • After setting up your tree, fluff your branches {if your tree is faux}! A well fluffed tree will look fuller and more luxurious.
  • Next grab some tree picks. I like to use at least 3 different kinds, 5-8 of each. Stick them into the tree spaced well. Have some pointing up to the ceiling, some straight out and some down. Since this tree is green, I like to add picks in varied shades of green for interest. Always add some picks that have a little sparkle to them. This helps create more sparkle!
  • Now add your large ornaments. I like to start at the bottom and work my way to the top. I tie my heavy ornaments to the branches with ribbon so they don’t tumble off.  Tuck them into the tree a little father back. You will hang smaller ones in from of some of them. This helps make the tree look fuller. I look for natural holes in the tree to know where to place them.
  • Use a mix of inexpensive ornaments and some more special ones. This will help you stretch your budget.
  • Stop placing the large ornaments about 1/4 of the way from the top. You are basically following the gradual shrinking angle of the tree.
  • Whether you use poinsettias, magnolias, roses, etc, flowers fill in a tree and soften the look. This tree I only used white poinsettias. Our family room tree {see it here}, has 3 different kinds of flowers.
  • Space flowers around the tree. Use around 12 or more.
  • Push some into the tree and keep some pulled out farther.
  • Grab your smaller ornaments and start hanging those babies all over!
  • Don’t be afraid to hang them in front of the larger ornaments for a layer look.
  • Ribbon hanging can be the most daunting task of Christmas decorating. I have learned a few tricks that have helped me take the “ugh” out of hanging ribbon!!!
  • You can create tufts of ribbon by looping a few strands together with wire. They will look like bows. Tuck them into the tree.
  • My F A V O R I T E way to add ribbon is to cut  18 inch strips of wired ribbon.
  • Wrap the ribbon around your wrist.
  • Then pull the ribbon apart like a slinky. It will look like a small corkscrew.
  • Place the ribbon on the tree. Pinch the ribbon and push it into the tree so it doesn’t look like a macaroni noodle laying on the tree!!!
  • You can pull ornaments and flowers in front of the ribbon if needed.
  • My favorite place to find ribbon is Sam’s Club, and local Boutiques. If I find an awesome online ribbon source, you guys will be the first ones to know!!!

For this tree I used 5 yards of ribbon for the mini corkscrews and 5 yards for the tufts. Our family room tree only used 5 yards!!! This little trick saves so much time and money!
Next year I will share tips on how I decorate my flocked tree. There are a few different tricks I use for that!

I hope these tips and tricks help you all trim a tree like a star! Merry Christmas my dear friends!


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9 thoughts on “Tips for Trimming your Christmas Tree like a Pro

  1. Thanks for the tip with the ribbon! I think I shall tear the ribbon off my tree and try your method!! I have always wrapped it around the tree stuffing it in and making bows and loops. I do the flowers trick & super large balls trick as well. It really livens up and filled out the tree!🌲

    1. Haha! I hope it works beautifully! Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases! xoxo

  2. Very nice and attractive design you just give me an amazing idea of decorating Chrismas tree.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing stuff.

  3. I found you on Pinterest and had to come visit your blog! This is exactly how I decorate my tree – I learned so much from classes at Gatehouse No1 here in Orem! I love your style and your darling family! We met at BYU too and have stayed in Orem ever since. So nice to meet you!

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