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Ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and bats, I love decorating for Halloween! It makes me feel like a kid again!  If you are stopping in from Jessica’s blog, Four Generations One Roof, welcome to my 4 ways to decorate for Halloween! Today I’m joining 4 bloggers who love Halloween. We are each sharing 4 Halloween decor tips. Together we bring you 20 ways to decorate for Halloween – Halloween Home Tour!

Holiday decor is a tradition that I loved as a little girl. Every holiday my mom would transform our home into a seasonal wonderland. My siblings and I would help her tuck away everyday decor, to make room for holiday treasures. Opening up the stored boxes was like reuniting with old friends. The magic of each season would come alive as our house was dusted with decor to welcome the much anticipated holiday.

When I became a mother 16 years ago, I knew that I wanted to carry on those fun holiday decor traditions with my children. Halloween is our family’s favorite! Our 5 children help bring in the boxes, get on the ladder and prep the house for one of the funnest night’s of the year!

Here are 4 ways we decorate for Halloween…



If you are new here, you may not know how much I love a fancy table! You can read my tips on how you can have a nice home and dinner table with children here. Fancy tables are my way of making friends and family feel loved and special. Every year we have family over for a special Halloween dinner.

Try setting an elegant Halloween like this one for your Halloween this year. To get this look {some affiliate links used}…

Shop my table

Shop my dining room

{room tour here}

Read a more detailed post on this table here. See it featured on Elle Decor’s blog here.


Here is a peek at the elegant table I set this year being featured on Fashionable Hostess’s website this Friday.


I’ll be sharing a few more tables including my favorite, children’s Halloween table soon!


A fun and simple way to decorate your place settings for Halloween is to make these mini party skeleton’s. They will add whimsy and fun to your Halloween table! They look darling placed on a place setting, set on pumpkin or tucked into spaces on a shelf.

To make these little guys…

  • Spray paint mini skeletons white or cream {mine are cream}.
  • Create mini party hats out of craft paper.  Shrink and print off a party hat template from your computer onto your patterned paper. Cut it out and glue it together.
  • Hot glue a small piece of vintage silver tinsel to the top of the hat and a small piece around it’s neck.

Add them to your Halloween tablescape or around your house!

20 ways to decorate for halloween- halloween home tour




This decor tip is one of our family’s favorite holiday traditions. Plus, it is so easy to do! Create a spooky, bug infested wall to your Halloween house by adding fake black spiders to your wall. Take a small ball of sticky tack and attach it to the back of each spider. Attach them in a random pattern up your wall. This is such an easy, yet dramatic Halloween decor tip! My kids love it and my exterminator thinks it’s hilarious.

They also look great crawling up your front door or crawling on the walls on the outside of your house. Oh the possibilities!!!



Don’t leave your mantle bare this Halloween! Try mixing different color pumpkins with a few black feather boas. Spray paint a small bird cage black. Perch a few black crows around and tuck some black berry sprays under pumpkins. Drape a couple black bead strands in the front. Top it off with some black butterflies.

There you have an unexpected, festive Halloween mantle!


Here is a peek at our Halloween mantle for this year. I will be sharing it along with the rest of our Halloween house 2016 soon…


I hope these 4 tips help you bring more Halloween magic to your home this year! For more Halloween decor tips visit my friend Shauna, The House of Silver Lining. She goes all out for Halloween and I know you will love her and her ideas!



Check back for a full tour of our house decorated for Halloween!

Click on the photos below to go to the next tips for 20 ways to decorate for Halloween – Home Tour…









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28 thoughts on “20 Ways to Decorate for Halloween – Halloween Home Tour

  1. So elegant Randi!! And congrats on the Elle Decor feature…I didn’t know about that! Off to check that out now but your tabke is stunning and so inspiring, as always my friend😍

  2. Randi, where do I begin?? LOVE the spiders on your white walls! I’m going to try that one. Those mini skeletons have got to be the cutest things ever! I love how your whole family decorates with you! Such a good memory for them. Thanks for having me on this tour!

    1. Thank you my Halloween loving friend! This was such a fun tour to do together! Off to check out yours!!! xoxo

  3. Randi!!!! I’m in love with everything!!!!!! Love love love! Had no idea you love Halloween as much as I do:) I’m thinking I need to do the spiders on the wall! That is the cutest! (Can spiders be cute? Lol. You know what I mean)

    1. Haha! I had no idea you loved Halloween either! We will have to do something together next year! Your Halloween table seriously leaves me speechless! xo

  4. Do you have a shopping list of where you purchased some of the items on your tablescape? I also love the banner is the back so cute!

    I have been follow you it seems like forever and I am just really noticing the frame around your TV in your living room. Can you share where you purchased that or how you framed your TV in to look like a picture?

    Your home and everything you do is brilliant and stunning <3

    1. Hi Darcy! There are links throughout the post that will take you to the items on my table. There are also photos for you to click on to purchase the items. I hope that helps.
      Also, we had our contractor build a custom frame around the hole for our tv. It really is simple to do. Good luck!!! xo

    1. Rebekah! Thank you my friend! I wish you could hop on over for dinner! It would be a blast! Thanks for the fun!!! xo

    1. KariAnne you are such a doll! I just love doing these tours with you! You are such a creative genius and an inspiring writer! I just love you! xo

  5. Pretty. How do you serve food on your table? Do you have a buffet? Love the little skeletons and those gorgeous floral plates!!

    1. Hi Michele! I almost always serve my food buffet style. I like keeping the table free from clutter and looking pretty while we eat. xo

  6. Love your “glam” Halloween tablescape……so pretty, and fun! I think my favorite were the mini skeletons with the party hats! 🙂 Thanks for sharing…..

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by! The mini skeleton’s are my favorite too! Happy weekend! xo

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