How to Set an Elegant Halloween Table


How to set an elegant Halloween table scape

I’ve heard many people say they don’t like to decorate for Halloween because they don’t like the scary decor.  Well it’s time to think outside the box!  Halloween decor can be anything you want it to be, in my dining room it’s elegant.  Here’s how I set a quick, inexpensive, elegant Halloween table that my kids and I both love.

First start with a black and white table cloth. I used a few yards of black and white striped fabric I had on hand {I just tucked the edges under to hide with unfinished edge}. Placing it on the table on the diagonal gave it a custom look.

elegant black and white halloween table with white pumpkins 7 Second, look for something large to put in the center of your table.  I used some of the mercury glass candle sticks I have around my house.

Then set out matching plates.  If you don’t have black and white, plain white ones will do just fine.  I like to add chargers under my plates for a special touch.

elegant black and white halloween table with white pumpkins 8

Next add the black and white napkins, silverware, and glassware.  I used vintage silver cups,  I found at a second hand shop, to hold baby white pumpkins from the grocery store. White pumpkins are a very hot fall trend this year!  You can also use plastic ones from the craft store and use them again and again.

Look for items you have around  your house to hold your pumpkins, you will be surprised at what you have laying around. The trick is to use what you already have!  I added mini frames at the top of my place settings for name cards.

halloween table 2

Now add small and large pumpkins down the center of the table, stacking a few together in small groups. I had black butterflies laying around from a past Halloween and added it to a pumpkin stem. You could add an owl or a crow if you have one.

Then I set a baby skeleton, from the dollar store, on the baby pumpkin. I made him a tiny party hat out of some craft paper and a mini banner out of a tooth pick and a strip of card stock. I hot glued some tinsel around his neck to fancy him up a bit more.

elegant black and white halloween table with white pumpkins 3

Step back and admire your elegant Halloween table. Aren’t you proud of yourself.  Now go snap a photo and send it to me! Happy Elegant Halloween!!!!

elegant black and white halloween table with white pumpkins


Black and white fabric… Ikea

Black and white striped plates … Ikea

Black Toile plates… Home Goods

Gold Silverware… Horchow

Glasses… Home Goods

Candlesticks… Home Goods, TJ Max and Marshalls

Baby white pumpkins… Sprouts

Skeletons… Dollar Store


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    1. Kelley thank you!!! Ready or not… here I go!!! Thank so much for your love and support. xoxo

  1. Absolutely LOVE this set up! Those little skeletons are probably my favorite thing EVER – but the black butterflies are my favorite touch. Absolutely wonderful job! I can’t tell you how excited I am for your new site – you are such an inspiration!

    1. Haha! They are pretty fun! Thanks for all of your love Erin! You’re the best!!!!
      loves! Randi

  2. Randi, Just want to congratulate you on your launch. It’s absolutely beautiful! I agree with Kelley @kelleynan, you slayed Halloween. So gorgeous my friend! ???

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