2015 Christmas Home Tour

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Welcome from Addison’s Wonderland beautiful and vibrant home tour,  to our 2015 Christmas Home Tour! I’m so glad you are here.  It’s a pleasure to be joining my favorite blogging friends for our first Winter Bloggingland Tour, hosted by The House of Silver Lining!

Decorating for Christmas is a labor of love. It takes time, but once it is set up the feeling in our home is more special as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

I grew up in a home with parents who instilled a deep love of tradition in me.  My mother would clear out most of her everyday decor and deck the halls with beautiful visual reminders of Christmas.  It’s these memories that have given me the same desire to create a home that celebrates the joy and wonder of this glorious time of year.

My hope is that these photos of our home will inspire you to feather your nest with the symbols of Christmas for those you love, creating treasured memories and traditions of your own.

Come on in….

Christmas Porch with white poinsettias and boxwood



This wreath is just an inexpensive pre-lit wreath that  I  added more greens and florals to give it some extra style.

SIlver and Gold Christmas entry with book page wreath and mercury glass ornaments

Since this post is filled with so many photos, I will be posting more detailed posts featuring each room with a detailed source list over the next few weeks.


Silver and gold Christmas tablescape with mercury glass candle sticks and onraments


Silver and gold entry table with Wisteria stools and mercury glass candles sticks and ornaments


Book page wreath with jingle bell ribbon


Elegant Christmas den with tabletop Christmas tree


Elegant Christmas den with tabletop Christmas tree


Elegant Christmas den with magnolia wreath


Elegant Christmas wreath with magnolia flowers

This was a pretty plain wreath from Michael’s that got a make over simply by adding some magnolia flowers and a linen polka dot bow.


Elegant Christmas den with tabletop Christmas tree


Elegant Christmas table centerpiece with fresh boxwood wreaths

Fresh box wood wreaths and flowers from Trader Joe’s mixed with faux pine garland get our kitchen table Christmas ready.  Don’t be afraid to mix real greenery with faux greenery.

Fresh boxwood wreaths with sacred heart Christmas ornament


Christmas floral arrangement centerpiece with white hydrangea , roses and lilies






Vintage bottle brush Christmas trees vignette and vintage German glass glittered bell


Mercury glass ornament in a vintage trophy cup


Vintage mini church on a mini cake stand white candy in jars







White flocked Christmas tree with mercury glass ornaments and ribbon

Our tree is special to our family because it used to belong to my parents. It is almost 20 years old. Each branch comes off and the lights get restrung every year. Once it’s finally up we remember why we have kept it all these years. Not only is it beautiful, it is a physical reminder of the many memories behind it.


White Christmas using flocked Christmas tree, white homemade stockings


White flocked Christmas tree, mercury glass ornaments


DIY ruffle Christmas stockings with mercury glass candle sticks

I’m really no master seamstress, but I wanted stockings that looked like they belonged together but had their own personalities. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to make some.  They really weren’t hard and this is coming from a girl who applied for a job at a fabric store in High School and couldn’t tell the associate how many inches were in a yard.


vintage bottle brush Christmas trees


Mercury glass ornaments in vintage silver punch bowl, flocked Christmas tree


White nativity with cloche


Christmas mantle and DIY ruffled Christmas stockings




White flocked Christmas tree with mercury glass ornaments and jingle bell ribbon


Christmas bottle brush vignette with vintage trees


White Christmas dining room


Elegant Christmas dining room

During the holidays, I keep our dining room table set.  I set our table early for two reasons. One, we get to enjoy the table setting for longer than just for our holiday dinner.  Two, it gives me one less thing to do the day of our holiday celebration giving me more time to focus on our family and friends and making delicious food.

Elegant Christmas tablescape


Christmas place setting


Christmas dishes and jingle bells


Randi Garrett Design Christmas dining room


Randi Garrett Design elegant Christmas dining room


Elegant Christmas dining room using fresh boxwood and faux garland and mercury glass candles

Mixing real and faux greenery again in the dining room. The wreath is a fresh boxwood and the garland is a faux pine garland.


Elegant Christmas master bedroom by Randi Garrett Design


Elegant white Christmas master bedroom by Randi Garrett Design

Adding a juniper garland and a few juniper sprays makes it feel like Christmas in our master.

Elegant white Christmas master bedroom by Randi Garret Design


Elegant white Christmas master bedroom by Randi Garret Design


Elegant white Christmas master bedroom by Randi Garret Design


Elegant white Christmas master bedroom by Randi Garret Design


Elegant grey and white den decorated for Christmas

My office got a dusting of fir garlands and a metal gold wreath that I picked up at a local vintage market.


Pink and gold little girls room decorated for Christmas with leopard and white fur


Pink and gold little girls room decorated for Christmas with leopard and white fur




Pink and gold little girls room decorated for Christmas with leopard and white fur

Feather trees are a tradition in my family. My Great Grandma, Grandma and Mom all had one, and now I have one. I love their vintage charm and simplicity.  My daughter and I adorned ours with pale pink, glittery and gold ornaments and draped the branches with some vintage tinsel garland.  The bottom is dressed up with a fluffy white fur tree skirt.


Vintage deers and table top feather wreath in pink and gold girls room


Pink and gold girls room with leopard and white fur, table top feather wreath


Christmas decoration ideas for game room




Vintage Christmas vignette chalkboard


Red, white and black Christmas bedroom


Red, Black and white Christmas bedroom by Randi Garrett Design


Red, black and white Christmas bedroom by Randi Garrett Design

Our guest room seemed the perfect place to add some pops of  Christmas red.  Adding fresh flowers for your guests gives your space a touch of class and luxury.

Thank you for being my guest and taking the time to view my first every Christmas tour!

mercury glass ornaments centerpiece



Family Photo Credit | Erin Eames

 Come back later this week for more detailed posts including source lists for each of my rooms.

You’re invited to continue on to my dear friend Tamara’s home from Citrine Living. Tamara is a graphic designer with an amazing talent for home decor. I know you will find inspiration for your own Christmas home.

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36 thoughts on “2015 Christmas Home Tour

  1. WOW! You really put so much work into Christmas and it is sure gorgeous. I bet you are excited to just enjoy the Holiday now. My favorite was your daughters room with the touches of pink and those cute pink deer! Well done!

    1. Thank you so much Brooke! It is so much work, but you are right, now we get to sit back and enjoy the Christmas season. I love all of you photos and can’t wait to go back for a second and third look!!!

    1. Thank you so much Kell! I feel the same way about yours. I’m not going to get anything done today!

  2. WOW, just WOW! It looks absolutely STUNNING!!!! I love it all so so so much! I love all of the textures and metallics and your tree is WOAH-mazing!!! You outdid yourself dear!!! XOXO

    1. Brittany! Thank you so much!!! I set my alarm for 5 and peeked at everyone’s with one eye open! Im going back now with both eyes open for a better look!

  3. Randi I loved your metallic christmas. It flowed so seamlessly with all your year round decor. Just stunning my friend. your family is adorable too

    1. Mysha thank you! It means the world to me that you would take the time to check it out! Someday we will meet and become real life friends. Thanks for being such a sweet gal! Merry Christmas!

  4. Randi, I am in absolute awe of your tour. Every detail is just perfect and dreamy. Your home is inspiring and your style is incredibly aspirational, my friend! I’m so excited to be joining you on this tour! Thank you for welcoming me into your home! Tam xox

    1. Thanks Tam! It has been so fun to do this together! Here’s to many more home tours together! Merry Christmas dear friend!

  5. Exquisite! I am so proud of you! You have outdone yourself! Beautiful, spirit inviting and peaceful all in one. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks mom! I’ve said it before, I’ve learned from the best teacher! Wish you could be here in person! Love you so much!

  6. Randi, your home is just STUNNING!!! Seriously. I love all the metallics with neutrals and also those bedroom holiday accents are incredible! Loved this so much. So happy to be part of this fun tour with you. Merry Christmas, my friend! xoxo, Mollie

    1. Thank you Mollie! It has been such a fun experience to do this with all of you amazingly talented girls! Wishing you the Merriest Christmas my friend!

  7. This is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Randi! You ordained every single room with such great detail! I don’t even know where to begin! The bedrooms look so inviting and those furry rugs just add to the Christmas decor!! What an outstanding home tour friend! Thank you so much for being a part of the Winter Bloggerland Home Tours! Your family photo is precious too! Such a nice looking family!

    1. Shauna thank you so much! You sure know how to make a gal smile! It was so fun to do this tour with you and all of the other gals! Thank you so much for hosting and for inviting me to join. I hope it becomes a tradition! Your home was amazing and your photos were stunning! Good job!!!!

  8. Absolutely LOVE everything! How you keep everything so ” perfect” with five children must be a full-time job! One question, is your dining table finished in a dark brown espresso finish or is it painted black? Mine is very similar and I have cream linen chairs and might consider going darker instead of lighter. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Believe me, it is far from perfect most of the day! Only when no one is home! Our table is finished in a dark brown espresso. Hope that helps! Merry Christmas to you too! xoxo

  9. So stunning! Talk about decking out every square inch of your home – I’m beyond impressed with how much holiday decorating fills your home! Your style is so amazing – you know I’m a huge fan and loved taking your tour!

    1. Haha! Thanks so much Kris! You are such a dear friend! I’m a huge fan of yours as well!!! Enjoy this month of celebrating! Thanks for taking the time to visit my tour Kris!

  10. Randi, your home is breathtaking! Your photos are striking and actually make me feel something as a reader! Sounds corny, but I LOVE THAT! Thank you for opening your home to us! You did such a beautiful job! Every room is stunning!

    1. Thank you Haneen! Your comment really warms my heart! My goal is to connect with my readers, so your words make me feel like I’m on the right track! Your a real sweetheart and I’m so grateful we got to do this together!

  11. Your Christmas decor is just lovely, Randi! I love all the special details that make it unique to your home. I especially love that you are creating traditions that your children will take with them to their homes! So glad we connected over IG! Your friendship means a lot to me! Enjoy the holidays with your beautiful family! xoxo

    1. Kathleen thank you so much for taking the time to visit my tour AND for leaving such a sweet comment. You are one of my favorite people on instagram. Hopefully we will get the chance to meet in person someday! You enjoy your Christmas too!!!

  12. Your home is absolutely dreamy!!! Love all of the neutrals, silvers and whites! So glad you shared! I put up a tree given to us by my in-laws that I haven’t put up in years. I had forgotten what a nice tree it is! Separate branches and hand stringing the lights and all! Gorgeous tree and beautiful family! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Chris! Vintage trees have so much charm, but they sure make you pay for enjoying them! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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