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Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

Randi Garrett Design simple thanksgiving tablescape_edited-1

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals of the year, it seems only fitting to serve it on a table that is equally as fabulous.  I’m sharing a simple yet elegant Thanksgiving tablescape you can set quickly, leaving time for you to focus on preparing that show stopping meal.

Randi Garrett Design simple, elegant thanksgiving tablescape

The best tablescapes are the ones that look like you spend hours fine tuning them but really only spent minutes getting them ready.

Here are a few secrets I use when setting my simple, elegant Thanksgiving table…

  1.  Set the table days or even a few weeks before Thanksgiving. This allows you to enjoy your work for more than just a few hours. It also gets everyone in the holiday mood.  You will also have one less thing to do on those busy few days leading up to Thanksgiving.
  2. Invest in some good quality faux flowers that can be used over and over, with many different tablescapes.  Doing this will allow you to keep your table set up longer than if using real flowers. You can always mix in a few live flowers the day of if you want.
  3. Keep food off of the table. Serve buffet style so that you and your guests can enjoy a beautiful, clutter free meal.  Nothing is less appetizing than starring at all of the man handled dishes mixed in with your lovely centerpiece.  Guests can go back and help themselves without having to trouble grandma to pass the heavy turkey platter.


Now onto the fun part, creating your simple Thanksgiving tablescape.


First, place your faux flowers in the center of the table with the stems pointing towards the middle of the table.  Place half pointing towards each of ends of the table.  As shown below…


simple thanksgiving tablescape using faux flowers


Berries and seasonal fruit also look great mixed in with the flowers.

Second, place a large, {real or faux}, white pumpkin on top of the steams to hide them.  You may need to tuck and adjust a little.


simple thanksgiving tablescape faux flowers white pumpkin

Third, add some faux fruit, like these golden pears and fresh, baby white pumpkins. Just nestle them into the flowers like they belong in there.


simple thanksgiving tablescape white pumpkin

Fluff  and bend a few branches to give some height and interest.  Finally, add some pillar candles and a few votives and set your place settings.   I told you it was easy!!!


Randi Garrett Design simple thanksgiving tablescape

One last design tip… notice my pillar candle hasn’t been lit in the above photo, for a designer look, always burn your candle. Doing that gives your candle a finished look.

Randi Garrett Design simple thanksgiving tablescape dining room

Your friends and family will feel so loved sitting at a table that you created just for them and they will never know it took you no time at all!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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