Amazon Cleaning Essentials

Today, I am so excited to share some of my favorite cleaning essentials that help me clean our home in a flash! Chaotic households and busy schedules,  welcome anything that help keeping up on housework a breeze! These products have helped me stay on top of my highest traffic areas… floors, carpets and countertops. I know you will love each of these in your homes! Here’s to a clean house without sacrificing an excess amount of time! Happy cleaning!

Amazon Cleaning Essentials

Amazon Cleaning Essentials



Mini Chargeable Vacuum

This mini vacuum reaches into every nook and cranny making it so easy to clean up crumbs and dirt in drawers, cabinets and hard to reach places. It comes with attachments to make cleaning even easier. I have one in my kitchen, laundry room and closet. It comes in white, pink or black.

Cordless Wet / Dry Vacuum

I am obsessed with this wet vac! It is safe on tile, marble and wood. It vacuums, mops and sucks up the water. Minimal water is left on the surface and dries in minutes. I use this daily to clean our kitchen and high traffic areas. It is cordless and rechargeable.

Cordless Vacuum

I've never loved a vacuum more than this one! It is safe on your rugs, doesn't cause blooming like other strong suction vacuums. It has a light on it, which allows you to see what is hiding on your floor. There is a switch that holds the power button on so you don't have to keep your hand on the trigger the whole time.

Microfiber Cleaning Rags

These are the only rags I use to clean. Not only are they soft on marble, they are great for dusting and every other cleaning job you have.

Marble Cleaner

Good old fashioned soap and water are my favorite way to clean my marble countertops, but this marble cleaner is fantastic for a quick clean on any marble or travertine surface.

Grout Cleaner

This grout cleaner has rave reviews and is easy to use.

Portable Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

This portable upholstery and carpet cleaner is simple to use and cleans like a champ!

Fabric / Upholstery Shaver

Hate pilling? This little tool gets rid of all of those annoying pills that pop up on upholstery and fabrics. It's magic!
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  1. Very confused if I should buy the wet dry vac or the steam dry vac? Any thoughts on that? Thank you


    1. I love the wet dry vac for daily cleaning. A steamer is great for a deeper clean and perfect for bathroom floors to kill bacteria. I hope that helps. xo

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