Dream Kitchen Mood Board

Every room needs a focal point. It’s what draws your eyes into the room and gives it that magnificent feeling of home. Well, I am BEYOND excited to be sharing the focal point of our dream kitchen with you today!!! Your excitement for this kitchen sneak peek, makes me even more thrilled to share it! So today, let me tell you the story behind our kitchen’s focal point and I’ll give you a peek at our dream kitchen mood board

It all began over 3 years ago when I found a gorgeous white and gold custom kitchen hood while perusing Pinterest. It was immediately added to my Dream Kitchen board. I began to mentally plan our dream kitchen around this stunning focal point. As the days passed and our building process progressed, I knew I was going to have to find someone who could create this masterpiece for our dream kitchen. How the heck do you go about finding a custom hood company?!!! 

Do you believe in fate? I 100% do! One day, about a year ago, I was answering DM’s on Instagram. A kind follower mentioned she was excited for our new home and thought I would love to use the custom hood company she used for her dream hood – Classic Custom Metal Works and Design. She gave me their info and told me to reach out to them. After checking out their gorgeous custom hoods on Instagram,  I felt as if the design stars had aligned – I had found my hood company!

Classic Custom Metal Works and Design, design completely custom hoods for your dream kitchen – in any part of the country! They take you through the entire process, ship it and will even help with the install if you chose! Cindy and her amazing team are located in Florida, I on the other hand live way across the country in Arizona! That didn’t stop us from creating the hood of my dreams! In fact the process was so much fun! The end results (yes plural, we have more than one dream hood to show you) brought tears of joy to my eyes!

One of the many things I loved about working with Cindy and the Classic Custom Metal Works and Design team, is that you are getting a piece that is 100% custom and tailored to you and your dream kitchen. Your hood will never be made for someone else. It is uniquely your’s. I LOVE that! 

Let me walk you through the process really quickly, then I’ll show you what we came up with and our dream kitchen mood board!

This post is done in partnership with Classic Custom Metal Works and Design and contains affiliate links (full disclosure here).

Dream Kitchen Mood Board

The Design Process

  • Create a mood or inspiration board. This gives Cindy and her team a feel for the project. See my mood boards below.

Dream House Kitchen Mood BoardDream House Kitchen Mood Board

  • Choose a profile. Based off your kitchen’s dimensions, budget and inspiration, Cindy and her team create several options for you to choose from. 
  • Select finish and trim details. There are several stunning finish options (like stainless steel, brass, etc) for you to choose from. Details make all the difference! This is where the team really shined for me! They gave me several options I would never have dreamed up, based on my personal style. It was so much fun to create together!
  • CAD drawing. Once you select a profile and nail the details, the team puts together a CAD drawing that is scaled properly for your kitchen. This helps you visualize exactly how your hood will look. Cindy had an artist render our final favorite in these beautiful watercolor drawings. We wanted to give you all a better picture of just how amazing this hood is going to be!
  • Hood Production. Once you sign off on the details, production takes around 4-6 weeks. 
  • Shipping and Installation. When your hood is complete, it will be carefully packed in a custom crate and then shipped to your home. You can pay to have the team help install the hood or have your contractor take care of that.
  • Enjoy your gorgeous custom hood for years to come!

Here are the two hoods that made the final cut! Can you believe how gorgeous they are?!!! Which one would you choose 1 or 2 (vote in the comments below)?

Dream House Kitchen Mood Board - kitchen hood

Dream House Kitchen Mood Board - kitchen hoodDream House Kitchen Mood Board Dream House Kitchen Mood Board

Dream Kitchen Mood BoardCan you believe how stunning these are?!!!! I want you to vote on which one is your favorite! Leave a comment below to let me know which one is your favorite! I’ll share which one I chose later. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek! I cannot wait to see this dream kitchen come to life!

I just want to thank Cindy and the team at Classic Custom Metal Works and Design for making this process so fun and easy! To learn more about how it works, check out the Process Page on their website. This custom hood will be the beautiful focal point that makes our dream kitchen feel like home. To contact Cindy and her team, email them at info@classiccustommetalworks.com. You can see more of their work and learn more about this amazing team over on their website, classiccustommetalworks.com. You will absolutely love them!



Thank you so much for voting and for your sweet input on which hood I should choose! We chose hood #2! Both would be beautiful, but #2 just feels more like “me”. I am SO excited to see it installed!!!!!

The Winner!



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170 thoughts on “Dream Kitchen Mood Board

  1. Omgosh, Randi…they are both stunning! I LOVE and vote for #2. I can’t wait to see how your new kitchen comes together. I’m so excited fir you! ❤

    1. I think no. 1 everyone else seems to be choosing 2 maybe but 1 just looks stunning they both are though but I like 1!! 😘

    2. They are both stunning but #2 really catches my eye at first glance. It feels even more “custom” if that’s possible 🤷🏼‍♀️ Can’t wait to see the final results!

    3. I liked 1 until I saw it with the rest of the plan then I decided 2 was better. I would rethink having sconces on reach side of the stove. Are those shades going to be cloth covered? Won’t they get dirty if you gave grease and steam coming from the stove top? Maybe if they had metal shades that could be washed. But all in all it is really beautiful and I plan on copying as much as I can when I get to do my kitchen very soon. I am anxious to see your island.

      1. I absolutely love sconces and the idea of incorporating into the focal point of the kitchen too… but, then I had the same concern with the cloth shade 😣. Maybe just find a white glass shade?

        PS- my vote is for 2, too! Looks more balanced!

    4. Number 1 please. It. Pulls all the gold solidly together. #2 fights with the stove for attention to detail and makes it all look way too busy.

    5. Hey Randi! I enjoyed reading this blog and watching the progress of your new home so much! Although they both are gorgeous, I choose #2. It just commands the attention it deserves! I absolutely love it! A statement piece for sure!

    6. I love #1 except I would fill in the top to make it like #2. Then the bands on the too and bottom would be equally balanced.

    7. I love that one the best as well! Can’t wait to see it all put together! It’s going to be stunning ❤️

  2. 2- like the squares. Love this source. I from Florida so I will look them up.
    Thank you,

  3. I absolutely love selection number 2 – it has a lighter airy feel to the gold detail – and that corner detail just sets it off perfectly!! 😍

  4. I think both of them are gorgeous, but I was really really drawn to number 2. I love the the gold square on both ends!!! I don’t think you could go wrong with either one.

  5. Both are stunning but I love # 2 but would take the bottom gold design of #1 and put it on bottom of number 2. 🤣

  6. I was initially drawn to #1, but I think #2 looks like you. You cannot go wrong with either! They are stunning!

  7. Omg..!! That all look amazing! I think I like #2!
    I can’t wait to see your new kitchen!

  8. I like both and love the solid gold band on #1, but would choose #2 and it add more style and will probably age better over the years with design trends.

  9. I love the kitchen mood board reveal… stunning options…. #1 has a beautiful elegance. Very sleek design. Reminds me of a beautiful French lampshade. My eye is continually drawn to the second rendered version. The gold and white detail wrapping the bottom edge… It’s such a beautiful detail. I love that both tones are introduced in this space. The rectangular/square ends capping off the edges at the bottom… are like jewels… Just beautiful and I really see that shape mirrored elsewhere in the kitchen and in your light fixtures over the island etc.… I just love love love your choices Randi. I can’t wait to see this kitchen come to life and I love it that you put sconces on either side of the range hood. I’ve never seen that before and I absolutely love that idea. So cozy. 💗

    1. I love both, but # 2 is my favorite. The sconce idea is beautiful and unusual. Can’t wait to see more!

  10. Both are beautiful! I do love the detail on #2! I can’t wait to see your kitchen when finished.

  11. Both are beautiful but I like the detail on hood #2.
    Your home is going to be stunning per usual!

  12. Both are stunning but I think #2 wins by a hair. I love the elegance of the lines of the design, and I think the gold trim perfectly complements your island pendants. You really cannot go wrong with either choice!

  13. Both are absolutely gorgeous but if I have to pick, 2 is my favorite. Can’t wait to see what you went with. Have a wonderful time in SC…love it there.

  14. Of course both are stunning! It was hard to choose, but I vote for 2! ❤️

    1. Randi, they are stunning! Kudos to Cindy and her team. #2 really showcases the lines and spaces. It’s truly dreamy!

  15. They are both stunning my pick would be #2 , you have wonderful taste by the way..love all your great ideas

  16. I like #2. It tends to offer the eye a break from the gold when you glance at it paired with the stove and backsplash. Congratulations on new home!

  17. Both are so beautiful and you have impeccable taste, but it is definitely number 2 for me, absolutely divine!!!!!
    Tiffany xx

  18. Both are simply beautiful, but if I had to choose, it would be two! Can’t wait to see the finished product! 💕

  19. I love both but no. 2 is my pick. Good luck with the new house. I love all of your designs.

  20. I guess I’m among the lone #1 lovers! 😇 Your oven is busy, so it seems like the hood should be more subtle and let the oven have its shining moment in the kitchen! Amazing either way, though!!

  21. Oh my goodness…..thank you for sharing!! I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. It is going to be so gorgeous. I love both of these but I am drawn to #2 as well. Just beautiful and inspiring

  22. I can’t wait to see your kitchen come to fruition!!
    It’s gorgeous! While both hoods are beautiful, my vote is for 2.

  23. Hands down but both are so beautiful!!! Either one option will look amazing!!! 😍😍😍

  24. Both choices are absolutely gorgeous but I tend to lean towards #2. Love the design. So excited for you! 💕

  25. I love the elegant simplicity of #1 but think #2 is more your style. That range is amazing and either would be beautiful.

  26. I love #2 because it has more brass detailing. I know your kitchen will be beautiful🤗

  27. I like #2 but #1 seems a little more formal to me and you might like it better. Can’t go wrong with either.

  28. #2 is my favorite because I like how the gold trim surrounds more white on bottom portion of the hood. Either will be perfectly beautiful, though!

  29. Everything is just stunning!
    While both are gorgeous my favorite is #2.
    How beautiful this will look!!

  30. Love it! All your hard work is paying off. It’s beautiful!
    I vote # 2. So excited to see it done and your extra touches.

  31. I originally was drawn to #2 but after looking at the 2 pics below I chose 1 because its more sleek and doesn’t compete with the other pretties in the room.

  32. They are both stunning! #1 if the gold band is not too thick. (first choice) If that is a heavier look, then I would happily choose 2. Actually, 2 really looks like what you would choose!

  33. Both custom hoods are STUNNING! I don’t think you can make wrong decision. If I were choosing, #2 would be my choice. Love the little details 😍

  34. Such a hard choice as they’re both stunning! #2 has a tad extra detail that wins my vote!

  35. I like the symmetry of the second range hood better. For me, the R design at the bottom corners of the hood tie into the oven door pull. What a great pair of choices!

  36. You can’t go wrong with either one. Both are beautiful. But if I really had to choose, I would pick #2. The simple box detail across the bottom reminds me of wainscoting and I love wainscoting!

  37. Both are stunning, but my favorite is #2. I don’t think you’d go wrong with either one.

  38. This is a tricky one, both are really lovely. My vote goes for 2, it has more pop! Number 1 is more subtle but 2 has that little bit extra focal point for me. Good luck!

  39. Oh, if I had your kitchen! You’ll enjoy for years to come especially if you go with #2. It is gorgeous. 🤍

  40. Hi Randi,
    Both are stunning, but the detail on 2 is exquisite! What a swoon worthy kitchen it will be!

  41. I’m for number 2. Just finishing up my condo kitchen renovation. Went with chrome instead of gold but used crystal knobs for extra bling. Will add some gold accessories. Absolutely love your work!

  42. Absolutely stunning kitchen!! I love everything! My vote is for the # 2 hood 🤍

  43. At first I was drawn to #1, but then looking at them again, I think #2 shows of the beautiful shape and detail of the hood.

  44. I love both!! What an amazing decision to have to make. Having the detail on the bottom seems to draw the eyes attention… maybe because it’s a larger area? The sconces are stunning, but you are brave to put the next to your stove!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  45. I like #1 because of the balance it brings to the overall picture. My eye is drawn first to the bold center and then takes in the many other gorgeous details you’ve selected. I also was concerned, as someone else mentioned, about the sconces and linen shades getting greasy, but they are picture perfect in this vignette. Your blog, Randi, is my favorite. Your style is simply gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiratio

  46. I STRUGGLED (yes, all capitals) with which “choice” and posted on the CCMW&D Instagram post of your two choices. Now, I just went back to your mood board and see a detail I missed from a picture you posted on your mood board. Certainly, CCMW&D did not miss seeing it. However, I think if you chose the other one, then wonderful choice….I will LOVE learning why. There is a whole lot of beauty going on in your selections. I once read a meme on Instagram that stated, “Pretty pictures solve everything.” Not that a person would not struggle, but it truly helps to see the drawings. The “winner’ is CCMW&D, because of their talent, creativity and skills of workmanship and discernment. Of course, they got to work with your ideas and YOU!

  47. Both would be ABSOLUTELY beautiful. My favorite is #1. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  48. They are both beautiful but I really like #2 the best. I can’t wait to see the completed kitchen!

  49. Not sure I could make a choice . Lover them both. Let’s go with #1. New homes are so exciting !
    BTW I haven’t getting your emails for some time. Surprised to see one today.

  50. Oh my goodness, are you placing two LaCornue Albertine ranges next to each other?!! Wow! That is going to look stunning!! Since the ranges are simply beautiful I vote for Hood 1 to make it a simpler design that still allows the ranges to share the spotlight…enjoy!!!!

  51. Both the hoods are absolutely stunning but Hood number 2 gets my vote. It’s one I would love to have in my kitchen. I personally would not want to have the (very expensive and very beautiful) sconces over my cooking range. I believe the inevitable grease and steam from cooking would ruin the shades quickly and the sconces would need a good bit of care to keep them sparkling clean. But they do look gorgeous!!

  52. I love them both, #2 is definitely my favorite. It’s elegant, classy and timeless

  53. I like the smooth sleekness of #1. I feel the corner squares in #2 cause the eyes to be distracted and #1 just flows smoother for me and doesn’t interfere with the gorgeous sconces on each side. Looks more high end to me. I just renovated my entire home using many of your gorgeous ideas and I am so happy with my results however I haven’t moved back in or gotten all the boxed things and moved things back in place. I can’t wait to see all your new home ideas come into fruition! Thanks for your inspiration and prescription for beautiful living!

  54. Gorgeous Randi! You know when I saw the goods separate I liked the straight line one best, but then when I saw the whole set up I think I am leaning towards the 2nd one! You really can’t go wrong with either lol they are both stunning and will look great. I m is them both! ❤️

  55. Randi…I am voting with number two. I cannot wait to see your home come together. Congratulations to you and your family. May I ask why you are planning to purchase two LaCanche ranges instead of one in a larger size? I have fallen in love with the LaCanche and plan to buy one as my remodeling project draws near.

  56. I love them both but I would vote 1. It’s softer and a little more romantic, more feminine. You have excellent taste. Whatever you choose will be perfect for you. I’m learning so much from you. Will be starting my dream kitchen soon!

  57. I loved both hoods they are beautiful. I did vote for the second choice. I enjoy your updates on your home and your new home.

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