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HGTV Dream Home Recap + Bathroom Renovation Project

This post contains affiliate links (full disclosure here) and is done in partnership with Delta Faucet.

Remember when I got to tour the HGTV 2021 Dream House with designer Brain Patrick Flynn?!!! Well, today I want to share an exciting recap of the Dream House, a bathroom renovation project at my own home and a Delta Faucet giveaway for you! So many good things!!!

Who doesn’t love touring a dream home?!! It is so fun to get ideas and inspiration from a home that is finished from the top to the bottom! Touring the gorgeous HGTV Dream Home in Newport, Rhode Island, inspired me to renovate the last untouched room in our home to complete our home’s renovation process. Seeing every room finished with up to date finishings and faucets really inspired me to do the same in my own home. You can see the full tour of the HGTV Dream Home here.

Our family actually visited Newport a few summers ago. We fell in love with the charming town filled with history and gorgeous homes. Finding out that the HGTV Dream Home was nestled in that quaint town made it even more of a dream home! Here are a few photos of the home that inspired me to do my own little renovation.

HGTV Dream Home 2021

HGTV Dream Home Recap + Bathroom Renovation Project
HGTV Dream Home 2021 in Newport, RI


HGTV Dream Home Recap + Bathroom Renovation Project
HGTV Dream Home 2021 in Newport, RI (
HGTV Dream Home Recap + Bathroom Renovation Project
HGTV Dream Home 2021 in Newport, RI (Broderick Faucet in chrome -comes is several finishes)
HGTV Dream Home Recap + Bathroom Renovation Project
HGTV Dream Home 2021 in Newport, RI
HGTV Dream Home Recap + Bathroom Renovation Project
HGTV Dream Home 2021 in Newport, RI 
HGTV Dream Home Recap + Bathroom Renovation Project
HGTV Dream Home 2021 in Newport, RI (Dorval Faucet also comes in several finishes )

What inspired me most, was all the warm layers and stunning plumbing fixtures. Brian Patrick Flynn used some traditional elements mixed with some current trends to give the home a current, yet timeless feeling. I loved the chevron wood floors in the family room and the warm wood countertops in the kitchen. The dream home features gorgeous faucets from Delta Faucet.

We have Delta Faucet products throughout our home now and love them!  They have so many beautiful, on trend products to choose from in every finish imaginable! We used the Cassidy TM Collection in our master bathroom and guest bedroom makeovers. Our kid’s upstairs bathroom is the last remaining room in our home that hasn’t been remodeled. Since we are building a new home, we wanted to update this last space so it flows with the rest of the house for the new home owner’s to love. 

Here’s a look at our guest bathroom featuring the Cassidy TM Collection widespread faucet in Polished Nickel.

White powder bath delta cassidy faucet

When designing and redesigning spaces, I like to use a few similar elements to keep the rooms connected and create a nice flow from room to room. Using a traditional element, like a classic tile pattern mixed with some fresh layers, will give the room a layered feel, like the HGTV Dream Home. I decided to use a Cassidy TM Collection to connect the other bathrooms. Only this time, instead of the Polished Nickel finish, I decided to use Delta Faucet’s stunning Champagne Bronze TM finish for a fresh, trendy look. Simply changing out the flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting and accessories will give this dated space a fresh new look without a ton of work!

Here’s a look at the room before…

bathroom beforebathroom before

I created a few mood boards to help me with the renovation. 

Bathroom Renovation bathroom mood board

The Plan

bathroom mood board bathroom renovation


We finished the bathroom makeover just in time for her to get ready for prom tonight! I wanted to share the results with you! Ellie mostly uses this bathroom, so we added some girly touches just for her. Maybe Chloe and Lucy will finally like taking baths too!


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  1. My husband and I had just saved enough money to have our guest bathroom remodeled when Covid hit. Trying to keep a clean, Covid free home, we decided to wait to bring contractors into our home to do the work. A year later, we finally have our vaccines and we’re finally ready to get started. I’ve been looking at the exact Delta Cassidy widespread faucet that you show here in your guest bath. I’d love to win that elegant piece of jewelry for my own guest bath remodel. Thanks Randi for so much inspiration!

    1. Love this Dream home and love all of your designs Randi. I have all Delta products throughout my home and would use this fixture in my master bath! 😊

      1. I love your home, and every design idea you have is so spot on. Your rooms are so inviting and the fixtures you have chosen are beautiful.
        I have used delta products and they are such high quality. I would love to redo my guest bathroom in my home. I think a new remodel with classy fixtures would help me get out of the Covid Duldrums. Saying this however, I would love to use Delta products in several rooms so it really wouldn’t matter to me which ones were chosen.

  2. How fun! I would love to tour one of their homes. Love all the fixture choices in the post!

  3. I would refresh our guest bath!!!!!! All of our fixtures are @deltafaucet so it’s a name we know and trust!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I would refresh our guest bath! We have @deltafaucet throughout our home so we know the quality behind this iconic fixture brand!!!!!!!

  5. Absolutely Stunning and beautiful! Wow! Thank you for sharing all the information about your experience and inspiration behind this bathroom update/remodel utilizing Delta! I never realized they had so many timeless and classic options that look so chic!

  6. We are currently renovating our guest bath and have been inspired by your guest bath renovation. I would live to win a delta faucet!

  7. You have the most amazing house Randi. I love all your ideas and every small details in your home. I am absolutely in love with your house and I can’t wait to see your new house. You are such an inspiration to many people!

  8. Absolutely Stunning and beautiful! Wow! Thank you for sharing all the information about your experience and inspiration behind this bathroom update/remodel utilizing Delta! I never realized they had so many timeless and classic options that look so chic!

  9. We are looking to update our guest bathroom and I love all the nice options Delta has to offer! Such a great opportunity to win a faucet. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I Love the transformations. Everyone is very classy amd the colors are always amazing. Love to watch more!

  11. Randi, you are such an inspiration for me. I follow you and I am always looking for any new post on your instagram or blog. I would love the delta faucet for my guest bathroom, they are beautiful!

  12. Love the faucets you choose for your renovation 🤩🤩I would love to use this in my bathroom renovation!

  13. Love the new faucet and fixtures you chose, so elegant and different!! I’d use the new faucet in my master bath which we plan on remodeling soon!! Enjoy your new bathroom!!

  14. Randi, you are such an inspiration for me. I follow you and I am always looking for any new post on your instagram or blog. I would love the delta faucet for my guest bathroom., they are beautifu! 😊

  15. Going to tackle a master bath renovation once Covid is no longer a concern. Would love a head start with a new fixture! So you are renovating her bathroom but you’re getting ready to move? You are the energizer bunny!

  16. The faucets you chose are stunning! We purchased our home a little over a year ago.. right before covid hit. We have been slow with the renovations due to covid.. we have tackled a few projects, which I am thankful for!! We still have a ways to go.. including all of our bathrooms. I would definitely put this in a bathroom!!!
    Your renovations have definitely been an inspiration for me! As well as all the tips and tricks you are always sharing. I just love everything you do as well as your impeccable taste! Thank you Randi 💗

  17. I love all your renovation ideas. I would love the faucets for my guest bathroom. Thanks

  18. Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your new home designs. You are my inspiration!!

  19. I love the bathroom faucets. Trying to remodel our lake house in Maine all the way from CA bc of COVID. Will have to check out the delta line for the bathrooms! Beautiful!

  20. Absolutely beautiful! Love your design style Randi! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing and giving great inspo! Can’t wait to see your new home too!

  21. Such a beautiful makeover. I’d love to have a new bathroom faucet and accessories to update my master bathroom in a similar fashion. Thanks for sharing the pics and story behind the update. Love seeing all of your work and thanks for the inspo

  22. I would love to remodel our powder room! We have the “0ld” chrome and brass mix…would love to change it out to a pretty updated powder sink and faucet!

  23. I love your style and color scheme you skyways have such great designs for your home and your clothing!

  24. I just love your blog. We just finished a master bath remodel and we used the Delta cassidy faucets and shower system. We will be starting our second bath soon. I would love to win!

  25. I’d love to remodel the one small bathroom in our house. It’s “1960s” outdated. I love Delta faucets and would use it in our new sink. I love your decor ideas and tip. Such class! Thank you for inviting us into your home!

  26. Getting ready to completely remodel my powder room and faucets were on my list. Thank you for the inspiration.

  27. Absolutely love your style! We are in the process of closing on our dream home and we’ll be doing a complete renovation! I’ve been getting so much inspiration from your posts! We’ll need new faucets for the kitchen and 3 bathrooms and I can’t wait to start picking them out!

  28. I love your style Randi. I would love the Delta faucets in our master bathroom. This is the bathroom that needs renovating the most. Love your home and can’t wait to follow your journey in your new home❣️

  29. I am about to do a bathroom and kitchen renovation I love looking at your blog for ideas!!

  30. Randi, I love the faucet choices you’ve made. I am currently upgrading our bathroom faucets in all of the bathrooms. These are great choices. As always. I love love your decor choices. All so very beautiful. 🙂

  31. We purchased a 1940’s beautiful classic colonial in a great town with great schools. Its needs updating desperately and we’ve slowly been updating . Our upstairs bathroom can really use some updating. I have a delta faucet in our kitchen (we updated the kitchen ourselves) and I absolutely love it ! Would love one for our bathroom upstairs ! Or even a new light fixture for our kitchen (lighting was the one thing we didn’t update yet in the kitchen) .

  32. I love your mood boards! I ordered the exact same faucet and I’m having a hard time finding a light fixture to match. I like the one you posted! I’ll have to check it out.

  33. Love the mood boards for your new bath! I would love to switch out my kitchen faucet for an instant update!

  34. We are just starting to build our forever home and I would love the chance to use a Delta faucet in any of our bathrooms, but especially our master bath. Love watching you on your new house journey for wonderful ideas and tips!

  35. We recently retired and downsized to a new house. We are now in the process of making changes from the builder’s grade style to a relax elegant style. Your style is my inspiration!

  36. Just this week we moved from Lexington Kentucky to San Luis Obispo , California. The house we’ve moved into has faucets from the 1960’s 😱 I would LOVE to replace with a beautiful delta faucet like we had in our home in Kentucky:)

  37. Love the kitchen faucet your home is amazing as well I always feel inspired by your home and ideas !

  38. Great blog! I never had a delta faucet . I always end up choosing something more affordable but I learn cheap is not always a good thing now I need to replace every single faucet. I hope I win!

  39. Absolutely stunning fixtures!! I always appreciate you sharing your choices. You have impeccable taste. I would love to be able to update some in our home. I can’t wait to see your new home complete!!

  40. You’re one of my favorite home designer/decorators. You inspire me with all the details!

  41. My home has delta faucets and I love them. So beautiful and what a great warranty they have too!

  42. Great timing for this post. We put in new Delta Cassidy faucets in 2017, but already have to completely renovate our master bathroom that flooded on the 16th due a busted pipe from the horrible winter storm in Texas. This time I might go with the Victorian in champagne bronze. I’m thinking about painting the vanities SW Oyster Bay and the walls SW Sea Salt and keeping the floor and countertops light. Love your floor choice for the bathroom & the mood boards from the other bathrooms.

  43. The planned update to this last bathroom space is exactly what the buyers are going to want! I especially like the mix of the new lighting (I have a Hollywood lighting in my bathroom right now) with the champagne coloration of the new faucets. Delta has fantastic craftsmanship!

  44. Delta faucets are well-made and stylish- just like their site says. Ours still work well and have maintained their shine and function even though they are at least 30 years old! They certainly have my approval!

  45. Thank you for sharing your style plus updates ! Always an active gal I managed to take the worst spill of my life last summer ! Fractured my leg and friends stepped up to install a new shower sprayer but the actual shower faucet needs to be replaced ! I’ve used delta fixtures before in the kitchen and they have been efficient and tasteful ! Thank you for the opportunity ! Love your generosity and inspirational style!

  46. After watching your family write scripture on the beams of your new home, I was inspired to do the same with my children. In the middle of a kitchen flood/remodel..we wrote our favorites on the studs as well as my parents initials in a heart. Thank you for sharing a wonderful way to bless the home! Also, I have yet to pick out a faucet (wink, wink)

  47. Omg!! Love everything about it.. I keep trying to keep up with updates on our new home and hopefully we can use it in our kitchen I want it same like yours… love you thank you for all your great ideas 😍😘

  48. We are renovating our house and your blog inspires all our plans!! You are amazing! Thank you for helping make this process so much easier!!

  49. I want to redo our master bathroom. It’s the last room on the list of future renovations.

  50. Absolutely love your blog! My husband and I are currently renovating our forever home and you have inspired so many of our ideas! Thank you for being amazing at what you do! I would love to use a delta faucet for our new outdoor bathroom!! We love delta products and have used them throughout the house we would love one for the addition of our outdoor bathroom!

  51. I love following your Instagram and seeing your lovely home. I’ve learned a lot from your mood boards,
    and will be starting a mood board for a small bathroom remodel. Thanks for the inspiration.

  52. I love the look of the Delta Cassidy! We are building next year and I would love to put this in the main floor bathroom, so all the guests could enjoy the beauty!

  53. These faucets are like jewelry to me! I would love love love to replace my powder bath faucet with one of Delta’s beauties! Also, I have to mention I had a 6 year old Delta shower handle that became loose and stripped out. They sent me a brand new handle at no charge! Love companies that stand behind their products and offer stellar customer service!

  54. Always loved your design and styling techniques! That faucet is a treat and makes any sink look gorgeous! If I won, I would love to use it in my powder room!

  55. Love your beautiful family and home.. You inspire me. I would and could use it in the kids bathroom or our bathroom. It would be a blessing..

  56. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I’d use the faucet in my guest powder room or possible the kitchen.

  57. Thank you for such wonderful inspiration! You bring such joy through your beautiful design, and have been a blessing to so many! We will be building as well (hoping to break ground in April/May). My husband just retired after 21 years in the Army. Since we moved around so much these past 21 years, he promised me my dream home lol. We are using Delta faucets in the build, and we’d use a fixture in our twin girl’s bathroom. Thank you for sharing your journey as you build your home. It has been so helpful!

  58. Just beautiful! We are in the process of renovating our half bath. Finished the floor, trim and now looking forward the right vanity. It would be wonderful to have a Delta faucet! 👏👏😍
    I enjoy seeing you with every story and post, your home is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing all that you do with your new home! 💖

  59. I am so so grateful I stumbled upon your Instagram site. I absolutely love everything you do. You make it so easy for people like me who love beautiful things but have zero talent of putting it all together. THANK YOU for sharing your gifts with the world and making it so we too can decorate so beautifully. Your new bathroom is gorgeous!!

  60. I love the champagne bronze faucet. It’s so classy. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in your new build. We just painted our kitchen cabinets antique white from a orangy wood color. It’s so much brighter without it being too bright/blueish white. I’d love to get a champagne bronze colored kitchen faucet to go with the rest of our facelift.

  61. I forgot to say where I would use the faucet. My boys bathroom that is in dire need to f renovation.

  62. You are such a inspiration! Love the idea boards. We are building a home this summer and I love all the ideas. Keep them coming!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  63. This is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to win this beautiful faucet and place it in the guest bathroom. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for all your amazing ideas and inspiration. May God continue to bless you and your sweet family.

  64. I love following your projects and especially the new home. We are currently building and I’ve also chosen Delta for my bathrooms. I’d use the faucet or shower choice in the primary or secondary bathrooms.

  65. Beautiful! I actually just learned that we need to replace our kitchen faucet, and I was just looking at a Delta faucet !

  66. Hello! Love those plans you have for the bathroom. We remodeled (gutted) our master bathroom in 2019 and I used champagne bronze fixtures. Best decision ever! Now I need to replace VERY old faucets in bathrooms upstairs. I have been looking but made no decision yet. Who knows! Maybe I’ll win! 😍. Have a wonderful day!

  67. Randi, I get so much inspiration from you and excited to see how this Reno comes to life! I plan to use a few of the elements from your guest bath in our upcoming bath refresh and would love to win the Delta Cassidy widespread faucet. Thank you for the opportunity.

  68. I have loved following you for several years. Love your style and personality. So ladylike and gracious in all that you do. We have several projects going on at our house as we are getting it ready for our daughter and her family to move in as we will be heading out on a church mission soon. Every bathroom is getting an update. I love the delta faucets you are using in your upstairs bath.

  69. I’ve just started adding a bathroom and closet upstairs for two of my boys. This mood board along with the Delta fixtures gives me so much inspiration! I hope I win! It will definitely be put to great use and installed immediately!!🙏🏻💞

  70. In the process of building now and I’ve already picked out delta products!! I love the champagne bronze collection!!! Love see how you used it in this home!!

  71. I’m so excited to see you transformation!
    I would use a faucet in my kitchen! My antique brass one is now leaking and so is the sprayer! And the soap pump spout keeps falling out!!! Making a mess on my counter! It’s 11 years old and has been used nonstop ! So excited to watch the process of you doing your new home!!! I know it’s gonna be a show stopper! I think In a past life you were a very recognized interior designer 🧑‍🎨!!!!

  72. I am also in the planning stages of remodeling my daughters bathroom and loving the Delta fixtures. They are timeless and durable! I have to admit I am obsessed with your style Randi, I am in love with everything you do to your home 😊

  73. Re-doing our powder room is next on our list of home improvements. I am so inspired by you. Thank you for offering this give away! I can’t wait to see your new home!

  74. I’m in the middle of a basement Reno!!! Of course always inspired by you!! I will look into delta when choosing fixtures!!!

  75. Your choices are beautiful as always! We’d love to use Delta faucets in our current remodel of our guest suite/bath because our daughter and our first grand baby Jasper are finally coming to visit from Savannah GA where they live. We have so much to do getting ready for their little family to come! I love Delta fixtures and have used them often. ☺️

  76. Absolutely beautiful! I would love to win a new Delta faucet as we are moving into a new home and will be redecorating!

  77. I would love to update the faucet in my kitchen. Your posts, Randi, are an inspiration. Thank you🤍

  78. Love the new plans! I would use it in my upstairs bathroom that is in desperate need of a remodel! Thank you!

  79. I love following your Instagram- I always enjoy looking at all of your ideas especially the spring ones – ginger jars and peony’s.
    The next space I need to update is my kitchen – so a delta faucet or fixture would be a wonderful gift!!!
    Happy Spring!! 💗💗💗

  80. I’m currently looking for a new faucet for my kitchen and these are beautiful! A Delta faucet would be perfect!

  81. I would definitely choose a new faucet for in my kitchen! We bought our home 1 year and 3 months ago and slowly trying to udate the place as it is 15 years old and the previous owners seemed to really dig that 70’s dark bar vibe with everything orange and black haha

  82. I would finally get the guts to make an of dresser/console into a sink in our powder room! I’ve wanted to do it for years but all the materials add up…this would definitely put me on track! Thank you for the opportunity! ❤️

  83. Thank you for this exciting give away opportunity. We are planning to update our Master bath this Spring. I would love to use your style for inspiration. New Delta faucets would be awesome.!

  84. All three bathrooms need new faucets but I would start in the master bathroom first. The current faucets are very difficult to clean as the hot and cold water taps are placed very close together. The bathrooms we have are very nice except for the faucets. From previous remodels I know changing out the faucet can change the entire look of a bathroom or kitchen. Fingers crossed.

  85. The kitchen is the last space in the house that needs a facelift. I’d use it there! Can’t wait to see the progress.

  86. I am doing both a kitchen and bathroom remodel. I would use the faucet either place. Love the champagne bronze ! Your choices are inspirational!

  87. Thank you so much for inspiring me! I’m excited to see the progress on not only this bath temp but also your dream home. We would be thrilled to win the delta faucet for my son’s bathroom. We have completed his bedroom and he loves it! Your sons room was our inspiration! We are starting his bath next and this would help so much. You have exquisite taste and I look forward to your posts. Thank you for thinking of your followers💖

  88. Your pic has inspired me to renovate our guest bath! I love all your choices and would be honore to win the Delta fixtures. Champagne bronze would be my choice, too. A family member owns a plumbing and heating business. Due to their durablility and ease to work on (get parts, etc) he always recommends Delta products!!!

  89. Your bathroom renovation is gorgeous and has really inspired me. I’d love to do a similar look in our kitchen. We’re planning to build our house this year, and I’d love a gold Delta faucet in our kitchen!

  90. We are renovating a beach house and would love to have a beautiful Delta faucet there.

  91. Love this look and could use in an upcoming remodel. . We are currently redoing a powder bathroom and guest bathroom. Your new bathroom suggestions and mood board are so helpful and such an inspiration.

  92. We just purchased a condo that needs someTLC and redoing the bathrooms is high on the list. Would love some new faucets!! Fingers crossed!!

  93. Love Delta products and have used in our kitchen and master bathroom. I would use in renovating our guest bathroom.

  94. Hello Randi!
    Always enjoy your posts! I have been inspired in my own decorating. I would replace my powder room fixture. I enjoy that room but the fixture is the one thing that needs tweaking. Every single fixture in our home is Delta, we have confidence in the quality. Thank you!

  95. Beautiful transformation. Love the champagne bronze finish. I would use this in my guest bath that we recently redecorated. It would definitely complete the look. Thank you for sharing all of your talent with us. You are a great inspiration.

  96. Can’t wait to see the final product with this bathroom! I’d love a new Delta faucet for my 20 year old bathroom to spruce things up a bit and give it a new look and feel! With hard water calcium can build up and a make a faucet look worn out… it’s time for a new one! Thanks!

  97. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…as my Favorite designer, yours is the Only home I could walk right into and feel that I was “home!” And your new moods boards are definitely sparking my imagination for my own home renovations! My husband and I are renovating our 1923 Craftsman Bungalow and a new Delta Faucet product would surely come in handy! We have a classic, timeless style and are doing all of the work ourselves…so it’s definitely a labor of love! My design plan is lots of blue and white – oh, and Brass and Crystal! I’ve enjoyed seeing your new home come to life and can’t wait to see more! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  98. Really love your blog. Easy and beautiful ideas we live in a small home and you have so many ideas that can be incorporated to live beautifully. The faucet would go in the main bathroom to finish up with some of the remodel.

  99. We will soon begin a remodel of our hall bath. Since it has the only tub in the house and it must stay ,it has been a challenge to try to rework the layout. I look forward to seeing your progress. The soft bronze fixtures are exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway.

  100. We have purchased the Delta bath combo you used in your guest bath. I would love to refresh our sink with a similar one as we renovate our main bath.

  101. Hi Randi,
    So excited to see your updated bath here. Our Ramon powder bath that our guests use has a really outdated faucet. I updated the wallpaper and cabinet pulls. All that is left is the faucet. I love the option you chose for your update. I’d likely use the same if I get lucky!!!

  102. Love the ideas for a updated look without breaking the bank. Simply changing out the lever on the toilet can have an impact. Who knew? I would LOVE to change out the faucet in my kitchen!

  103. Looking forward to the finished product and even more excited to see your new home. I’m in the process of building too and want to upgrade my bathroom fixtures!

  104. i woukd love to win this for my daughter. They are a young family with 5 under 11 years olds. They need to expand their living space! Plans are being finalized for basement reno for bedrooms, playroom and a FULL bath. Love to win it for them!

  105. That fireplace in the HGTV Dream Home is gorgeous. As are the views. Wow.

    Thanks for all your inspiration over the years, Randi. I have been following your blog for a while now. We are slowly updating our 14 year old home to include kitchen and guest bath so could put a new fixture to use in either place.

  106. We are looking to update our master bath, now that our two boys are growing up and using their own space. I’d love to update my master with the delta products!

  107. I love your home. It is such an inspiration. Every room is so beautiful. I love the champagne bronze fixtures for the bathroom. I would love to update my master bath.

  108. Randi…I’ve had dreamy Delta and Brizo Faucets, including one in our kitchen! They’re always our top choice because of their beautiful design and that they last forever. We downsized last year in an area we loved, purchasing for location, buying a home knowing it needed renovations. The company we hired to renovate , should have made it easy, instead, the company lost managers and we had three project managers. I never lose hope. We finally had to move in without the bathrooms being completed. We have wobbly old fixtures in the Master/Primary Bath (they may be original). There have been unfortunate surprises along the way…most recently, we didn’t know the entire exterior stucco would require more than a patch! A gorgeous new Delta Faucet would be a blessing, the best surprise of all surprises! *

  109. We love to use Delta products as well. I would love to see the new faucet in our master bathroom! Lovely!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing!

  110. The guest bathroom has been neglected during our first round of renovations. It’s now time. We updated the master with Delta faucets and want to give our guests the same experience. We are DIY’er and they were easy to install. They are the perfect bathroom ‘jewelry’ Thank you for the contest

  111. I would undoubtedly use it in my master bathroom since I only have one. Delta has always been the pinnacle of design, functionality and sumptuous beauty. I truly enjoy looking at your blog for new ideas to incorporate in my home. I often say to myself, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that!”

  112. I am working on gutting a very outdated bathroom. I will use new faucets for walk in shower and double vanity..

  113. I love your bathroom ideas! Delta faucets are in all our bathrooms, and I’m in the process of updating our guest bathroom. The champagne bronze would look lovely and compliment the brass hardware cabinet pulls. Thank you for ithis opportunity!

  114. I would to refresh my now empty nester home of 20 years!
    Specifically the guest bathroom . Love the Delta products!

  115. As a recent widow I have been dreaming of updating my master bedroom. First project running solo. Would love to incorporate your amazing ideas and products.

  116. Hi Randi. Your home is so beautiful and I look forward to every post you make. I would love to win a new faucet for my kitchen. Mine is pretty but I’m not happy with how it functions. Thank you for the opportunity to be included in your giveaway.😀🌷

  117. I would love a new Delta faucet in my kitchen. It is the focal area we gather with family and friends while cooking and entertaining. Ours is very outdated and I know a new faucet will make a huge difference. We bought Delta for our master bathroom a few years ago, and love the company!

  118. Hola, Randi!

    You’re one talented, QUEEN! I always love your ideas, talent, and creative flow.

    Currently, my master bathroom sink is actually leaking. So, I’d definitely would love to win and upgrade my bathroom sink.

    Much love,

  119. Love the mood boards and everything u picked out! We are in the process of redoing our guest bathroom after the freeze hit in Texas . So this faucet would be awesome!

  120. I am currently remodeling a home with three bathrooms. I would use a new faucet for one of the guest bathrooms.

  121. Thank you for showing your home. I would use a faucet in my master bathroom. Which has been an 8 year work in progress so far.

  122. I love Delta products. Going to renovate the master bath in our condo so winning would be great!

  123. I would use it in my powder room. So my whole family can enjoy. Love you beautiful styles

  124. Did some remolding 2 years ago and still need to do our guest bath. Having a new faucet would be a great start for the remodel.

  125. I love following along with your blog. The update for the bathroom looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it all finished!! I think a new bathroom shower fixture would make a huge difference in our master bath, if I were to win!!😘

  126. I love HGTV and I love your blog. Your kitchen amazing so I can’t wait to see the bathroom. 100% I would use this faucet in my own bathroom remodel

  127. This is such a beautiful bathroom . I love everything you do. We have started our master bathroom make over. We used delta champagne in our shower. I would love the opportunity to win the faucets to finish our remodel. I’m also doing my kitchen so I can’t wait to see your new kitchen board. Always look forward to all your post and amazing creative decor ideas. Blessings to you and your family. 💝

  128. I love your decor style and excited to see the decor on your new home! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful

    Although we are not able to remodel our master bathroom at this time ( I lost my job a few months ago due to Covid), we would like to make some minor changes, decor and the faucets were one of the things we would like to update if I’m the lucky winner

  129. Your designs are beautiful Randi! I could use a new faucet in my powder room.

  130. Hi Randi!

    You are such an inspiration for me for so many reasons: the way you style your house has given me the confidence to do what I love and style it to my tastes. Also, following you has helped me discover the confidence to carve out my little space in the design world and start my own design business through Instagram.

    I have a few bathrooms, I’d like to freshen up to fit my style but I’d most likely start by using these products in my master bath. It’s the one room, I have not put my touch on yet and it needs a little “Heather love”. I hope you’re having a great day! Thanks for offering this contest to us.

    xo Heather

  131. We are currently renovating our daughters’ bathroom and would love to incorporate a Delta faucet. Such great quality! Thank you.

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