Fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds

Last week, I shared some of my favorite Amazon find for your home. This week, as promised, I am sharing some fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds! Get ready because there are so many gorgeous, affordable pieces you will want to add to your Spring and Summer wardrobes!

Many of the pieces I found are pieces I already own. Some are fashion dupes of designer pieces I own and love. All of these pieces are classy, feminine and fabulous! I hope you find some gorgeous pieces to your closet! 

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Fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds
Fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds

White Rhinestone Sandals | Blue and White Striped Wrap Dress | GG Pearl Earrings | Love Ring |Gold Bangle  | Leopard Sun Glasses | Gold Flip Flops | Black Chanel Style Sunglasses | Checkered Tote | White Gold Bee Purse | Gucci Inspired Floral Dress | White Ruffle Top | Blue Striped Paper Bag Shorts | Rimless Sunglasses | Floral Ruffle Top | Pink Wrap Dress | White Gold Quilted Bucket Purse | Pink Bow Top | Lemon Skirt | Floral Skirt | Blue White Knot Mules | Pink Pearl Flip Flops 

Fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds

Checked Tote | Wicker Purse | Pink Cross Body Purse | Rattan Circle Purse | Black Quilted Purse | Bee Purse | White Quilted Bucket Handbag | Gold Bangle | GG Pearl Earrings | Gold Rings | Leopard Sunglasses | Pearl Hoop Earrings | Black Chanel Style Sunglasses | Rimless Sunglasses
Fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds

White Pear Flip Flops | White Rhinestone Flip Flops | White Rosette Sandals | Ankle Strap Sandals |Blush Pearl Flip Flops | Gold Bow Flip Flops | Rhinestone Flip Flops | Gold Rosette Flip Flops | Camel Slides | Leopard Heeled Sandal | Blue Knot Mules  | Leopard Flip Flop | Black Pearl Flip Flops

I hope you found some fun new pieces for your closet and that you enjoyed this round up of fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds! Let me know if you find something you love and if you would like me to do this again!

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204 thoughts on “Fabulous Amazon Fashion Finds

  1. Randi, I saw the beautiful magazine spread of your kitchen in Country French Magazine. So proud for you and it was so deserving of your talents. I will have to say though, I much prefer your decor to their staging. Congratulations to you!

    1. I agree Randi, 100%. You decorating is beautiful and appreciate the similar looks that are a little more budget friendly on Amazon! Would love more of your thoughts on what pieces you think are worth the splurge vs. looking for similar items at lower prices!

  2. Classy, Fantastic, Fun Fashion Finds! No body said you can’t have a ton of CLASS even if you don’t have a ton of CASH!

  3. I love the amazon finds section. I purchased the jelly flip flops and love the. Thank you for the tip! Can’t wait to see more Amazon finds from you.

  4. I ordered the rattan circle purse for my daughter who is attending college away from home. I just got it yesterday. I’m so excited to give it to her, Filled with some extra goodies., of course. I love your ideas!

    1. Sweet Randi,
      The adorable lemon skirt has my name all over it.
      I have to admit, initially I thought your fashion line was just a bit too ‘young’ for me. I’m small, short and 66 years old, but now I KNOW that I can definitely pull it off! Thank you for your inspiration!!!!!
      Jamie Angelich

  5. All the pieces I’ve seen you wear, look beautiful on you!!! These are great fashion finds, and I cannot wait to explore them more and get into my closet! Great variety you’ve shared.

  6. The ruffle neck/sleeve tops you have worn this week are so beautiful on you! You have inspired me to give that style a try this season! Thank you, Randi!!

  7. Love all the Amazon finds here, I trust your taste and is all so lovely. There are a couple of pictures I tried clicking on but Amazon said unable to find items. The gold bangle ( without rhinestones) and the gold rings. Just wanted to make you aware but thank you for sharing your home and your good taste here with all of us. Congratulations on your new home, can’t wait to see all your beautiful details!!

    1. Hi Randi !
      I love so much your style and all the fashion finds specially when they are affordable and classy!!
      I really appreciate the time and all the work you put in to it to presenting so great ideas for fashion !
      I always looking forward to watch your new finds !❣️

  8. Randi, I love your tips and style! I Got my Women Flip-Flops Pearls Bow Sandals – one pink and one black. They are so comfortable and elegant 😊. I get so many compliments on them all the time.
    Thank you!

  9. Incredible finds. My favorite however is the beautiful beige/cream rug. Can’t wait to see it in my home. Thank you for all your recommendations!

  10. I love all of these suggestions. Thanks for putting this together. I love your taste. 💕

  11. Everything is beautiful and would love one of everything. You are one classy woman.!

  12. Congratulations Randi on your new home. Your site is stunning. I can’t wait to see how you design your new family home.
    Your Amazon Finds are like having my own personal shopper. Love your style.
    I have been wearing more dresses for the summer. They are cooler in the hot weather and easier when getting dressed. I feel a little more “put together” in a dress. I can either dress it up or down depending on what I’m doing that day.
    You have found some cute ones in your Finds.
    Thanks for your Finds Love to see more.

    1. Thank you for all the time and effort it took to our these collections together!

  13. Hi Randi, I love the pink and white stripe dress and the sandals. Thanks for sharing your ideas and style. You are so talented!

  14. Amazon has such amazing finds, since the pandemic that has been my guilty pleasure. Love all your Amazon fashion

  15. I got the Gucci earrings they are gorgeous thank you for the inspiration 😘😘

  16. I love all the new styles, an Amazon delivers so quickly, Thank you for all the suggestions!! Can’t wait to order.

  17. So lovely all your beautiful amazon finds and tips ✨🤩 I order the GG earring!

  18. You always share the best items! You have exquisite taste and I Love that you show us where to buy it all! Thank you!!!!

  19. Love all these fashion finds! 😍 I ordered the pearl GG earrings. Going to be purchasing the light pink Valentino dupe sandals soon! 👡

  20. Thank you so much Randi for all these amazing fashion finds! I especially love the white and blue dresses and the pearl bow sandals! They are gorgeous and so perfect for summer! 🥰 Love your home Amazon treasures too! So many gorgeous things to choose from!

  21. I just came here after swooning over your Amazon home decor finds. Now I don’t know what to update first: my home or me. Either way, you offered some great finds at reasonable prices. Thank you

  22. Oh my goodness! I love everything, I want it all!!!
    Thank you for creating this 💗

  23. These finds and the home finds post have been SO very helpful- we’re building, and you have made my job that much easier! Always appreciate all you do for your readers 🙂

  24. Love your style it’s so classic and timeless! Thanks for keeping us looking great!

  25. Not only do I love your design style, Randi, but I also love your fashion sense! You are an influencer on so many levels, including the spreading of kindness!

  26. I love all Pearl Bow jellies! They are so fun looking for summer, and they look expensive without the high price! I’m so excited for you to start your new journey of building a new home! You have such exquisite taste! I’m excited to see what you decide on for home design and decor. Congratulations Garrett family!

  27. You are the reason that I love ginger jars now! I have started my own collection from seeing all yours for the last couple of years! I love all of your decor and organizing ideas. I’m also so happy for your new home endeavors! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together! Thanks for all your hard work to give us the content that you do ❤️

  28. Love your Amazon finds!!!
    The bowls & ginger jars are amazing!!!
    Thank you for being a bright sunny spot on social. Your positivity is refreshing & uplifting.

  29. WOW!!!! So many great finds. I like be your site and Amazon Shopping (busy mama too) so combining them to snag some of your style (personal and home) is just amazing. Thank you so much for all the links!!

  30. I just would like to share how much i love your page!
    you are such an inspiration to me,..not to mention have the best taste….I work as a nurse and wake up at 4am to have my coffee and look at your page every day for about 30 min before starting my day…we just bought some land and are starting to work with a architect, on a small scale but will still be home♥️ I’m so excited to see what you will do with your new home🤗.
    Thank you so much for all you share from Amazon finds to your morning and nightly skin care regime…i enjoy it all…Thank You!!

  31. Thank you for the faux flowers recommendation, and all the accessories – I needed that! xoxo

  32. I love all of the Amazon finds. I love all the blue and white you incorporate through out your home.

  33. What amazing finds! Love your style and am especially excited about the accessories! 🌷💗

  34. I love your sense of style…both wardrobe and home. So soft and feminine. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  35. You find the most amazing finds on Amazon! All of your fashion finds are awesome!

  36. I commented on a post a couple of moths ago saying you literally have the exact style I LOVE, from home to fashion, to beauty! Love your content. It inspires me so much! Thanks

  37. Always feminine! Always classy! You continue to bless us with your great sense of fashion and design! Thank you for always being a bright light!

  38. Love the lemon skirt! So happy to see lemon print is popping up everywhere! 🍋🍋🍋

  39. I love your Amazon finds, especially the ruffle top, paper bag shorts,, and the feminine dresses. I look forward to your future Amazon posts. Your style is so timeless and feminine. Love it. Thanks!

  40. Omgosh! I loved these pearl earrings and I actually have bought a ton of them for my clients and friends. They are so classic looking!

    Your style is impeccable, thank you for sharing! ~ XO

  41. Thank you for sourcing such fabulous choices!
    I already purchased the H sandals in white and the lemon 🍋 🍋 🍋 skirt! Love 💗 both. More purchases to come 🤩🤗👏🏽

  42. Love all the shoes and the pearl hoops! Thanks for finding so many affordable and fabulous options! It’s easy to get lost on Amazon for sure.

  43. I always look forward to your posts! Excited to get more inspiration from your new build!

  44. I probably have ordered half of the items listed on your fashion amazon finds! I used to research and read all reviews before purchasing anything on Amazon.. now, when you recommend it, I just “add to cart”. Thanks for all your amazing recommendations.

  45. Hi Randi,
    I love how all these styles fit a woman of any age. Both my mom and I can wear them and it suits both of us. Very classy and comfortable at the same time. Thank you so much for always sharing it all with us 💜

  46. Randi,
    I absolutely LOVE all your home and fashion finds! When I first came across your page I was like there is no way I could create that BUT with your amazon home/fashion finds you’ve helped me find pieces that were affordable for my budget yet still so beautiful! I get so many comments on my home when I post a picture ( I say my secret is RANDI GARRETT) and I can’t help but THANK YOU! My family has loved the transformation of our little condo and my husband appreciates the affordable prices haha! I’ve also REALLY enjoyed your blog with all the cleaning tips! My kids have enjoyed (seriously) helping out with chores! You’ve also opened my eyes to YES you CAN have white couches with kids! I have 2 boys 9 and 5 and our couch is still brand new looking! I’ve ordered all your cleaning products just in case 😉 I appreciate you sharing your home, tips, and finds and for allowing me to see that with ANY budget you CAN create a beautiful space for your home or dress like a CLASSY BOSS! I look forward to many more finds!

    Thank you
    Xoxo Erica

  47. Randi, you make Amazon shopping even more fun with these luxurious finds. Thank you for sharing! 💕 I’m lucky I ordered the studded Valentino dupes before they sold out! Love them all!

  48. I have gotten a few amazon fashion and home finds from you- the bow jelly sandals- earrings- pillow cases- and fun tops. But I just love how you link it right away with your posts so we have quick and easy access. It’s always thrilling to get a great deal.

  49. Randi, I love all of your Amazon finds. The GG pearl earrings are so pretty and look gorgeous on you!!! Thanks for all your recommendations and tips. You are one of my top favorite bloggers.🥰

  50. Love all these wonderful fun but classy amazon finds. I’ve already purchased a few of them. Thanks for sharing all of these!

  51. I love the amazon finds section. I love all the pieces. I want them all 😍
    You always share the best items! Thank you Randi ❤️

  52. Randi you have totally changed my home! It’s so much more organized thanks to your tips. And I’m changing my decor to more suit my style based on some amazing deals I’ve found on your blog and the LIKEtoKNOW.it! Thank you for sharing and being such a huge inspiration!

  53. Hi Randi
    I love your Amazon finds. I have bought so many things from you posts. Recently I bought GG pearl earrings from Amazon. They are adorable and cute.
    I am so excited for your new house.. would love to watch your journey from start to finish in this adventure.

  54. Ordered the GG pearl earrings, love them so much!!! I get so many compliments and always refer them to the famous Randi Garret insta page to look chic!!

  55. Wow! Thank you for posting all these beautiful pieces from amazon. They are all so elegant and align with my style. Love all that you do!

  56. You’ve found so many wonderful fashion finds at Amazon!! I’ll be doing some shopping!

  57. Such great luxe looks for less Thank you for sharing, Randi. Love the Gucci inspired dress, so assy!

  58. I bought the pearl Gucci lookalike earrings that you suggested! I love them and they make my outfit feel so elevated and chic! Thanks for sharing 💗

  59. GG earrings! Very classy. I’m curious what you recommend for loungewear or sweats. I normally wear suits/dresses to work but now I’m at home working and sometimes just want to wear comfy clothes 🙂 Hope you and your family are well.

  60. I bought those pearl GG earrings and my daughter stole them from me! Guess I have to buy another pair!

  61. I love your style. Definitely an inspiration to me. These Amazon finds are fashionable and affordable. Thank you.

  62. I really like your stile. Thank you so much for all these find on Amazon ❤️.. I got one of the skirt already!

  63. I always love seeing what goodies you find on Amazon!! Your style is so classy, and your round ups truly make my shopping so much easier!! XxxOoo

  64. Randi,
    Thanks for sharing. I’m never disappointed in anything you recommend. My closet has so many things I adore, thanks to you. I just received my navy ‘H’ blanket and white peonies as well. LOVE them!

  65. Love love all of this! Such classy & timeless style! I had to order a few things. Obsessed 🙂

  66. I absolutely love your style! You’re the first design blogger I started following years ago and still my favorite to this day! I love incorporating the beautiful pieces you find into my own home. I recently purchased the Serenity bed frame and it’s just as glamorous in person! I’m hoping to add the H throw to my home soon! I also adore your fashion sense. It’s classy and elegant!

  67. Love my Amazon finds. My first purchase was the GG earrings you were wearing and spoke so highly of. I could go on and on from the dupe bags to the beautiful sandals… I thank you and look forward to the next Amazon treasure.

  68. I have the Black and Tan jelly sandals with the pearls. I get so many compliments on them! I am waiting for my GG pearl earrings to come. You are the one who introduced me to Amazon . I am happy to be able to purchase at least one item per month. Thank you so much for sharing your classy finds that are budget friendly. Have fun shopping with momma🌸

  69. Everything you do, own or wear is just beautiful, timesless, classsy, and so elegant! Finding your account is the gift that keeps on giving!!! It inspires me so much!!😊🥰❤️💕💕

  70. You always have the most amazing taste whether it is for your home or what you wear. Everything is always classy and all the time! I love the Gucci inspired dress and pear earrings! I am going on Amazon also to look for a chair. Did not think I could find such nice furniture on Amazon but you lead the way. Also congrats on your new house and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  71. Thanks so much for these finds. Love all of the handbag selections. I can never make myself pay for designer handbags, so I love these affordable options that look absolutely amazing!

  72. Hi Randi,
    I’ve been following for a long time now. I already purchased several items from your Like ti know it app. You’re fabulous and I love your style. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. 💕

  73. Thank you for taking the time to make this!!! I ordered the GG inspired earrings and they are just darling ❤️ Thank you for being an inspiration always ! Xo

  74. I love all of your amazon finds! So much more convenient to order from amazon too!! Definitely ordering the Cartier lookalike bracelet!

  75. I love all of your amazon finds! Especially the Gucci inspired pieces! So adorable and affordable!!!

    I am in the process of having our cabinets painted white and I have ordered your lanterns. Thank you for being an inspiration and always giving such great tips!

    Oh and your banana cake recipe is a HUGE hit in our house! I have triplet boys and they ask for it weekly!!!

  76. I’m obsessed! I have a house full of ginger jars, clothes and other things from you. You are truly an inspiration!

  77. I love your fashion style. Thanks for all these amazing Amazon finds. I always look forward to seeing what you have to share.

  78. Hello Randi,
    I started following you on Instagram from Belgium at first for you beautiful home and your nice way of styling it.
    But I become to know you as a very pretty and even nicer lady how is genuan sweet en honest and how took the time to answer my questions. Thanks for this.
    Luckely we can also buy things from Amazon from Europe so I already have some of your favorite stuff in my home😍
    I allways look out for your posts.
    Regards from a Belgian Fan

  79. I absolutely adore your style, Randi! You have influenced me and inspired me many ways in my home!

    I adored this post as soon as I saw it. I actually purchased the GG earrings and everyone asks if they are real, they are so beautiful and super high quality. Thank you for always opening your home and sharing your favorites. So excited for the new home construction!


  80. Randi you have amazing ideas! I get inspired by your designs everyday, my husband and and I just bought a house and I’m in the process of decorating and everyday I find a new tip or idea that I can put on my house, I love that you share this post from amazon with a lot of different decor and fashion items at a really good price.

  81. Oh man! Currently heading to Amazon to add one of everything to my cart. 😂 Okay, maybe just my wishlist.
    Thank you for always making your items so easy and accessible to find and purchase. Absolutely adore your style!

  82. Thankful for your inspiration! My home has taken a new, more traditional/feminine direction it is mostly because of your style/influence…..so thank you!

  83. We just recently moved into our new home and it has been hard to accessorize it with all the stores shut down. It has been so great to have your Amazon finds to use as resource!’

  84. Beautiful thanks for always sharing with us. I love all the sunglasses and dresses of course.

  85. Love everything! You always post the most amazing items for home and fashion, you are positively my favorite blogger

  86. HI Randi,
    I love your beautiful home and your amazing sense of fashion ! I managed to grab a few of your amazon fashion finds and I love them ! A few things that I grabs are the pearl flip flops , the GG pearl earrings , and the love bracelet ! I’m obsessed! I really want to purchase your Gucci inspired dress dupe next . Everything you shared is so classy and beautiful. tThank you so much for sharing your home and style with us ! Your home is inspiration when I decorate my apartment. And I hope to one day have a beautiful home like yours !
    Blessings ! Chantel

  87. I am very thankful for your posts, your style is absolutely gorgeous. Being in Australia we can’t always source your items but it gives me ideas for what to look for. At least we have Amazon now for delivery here. Truly blessed xx
    I am more a looker on Instagram than a poster, sorry.

  88. I am in awe of your fabulous finds! The Most Beautiful pieces for home and for personal use!! I love how everything is so tastefully displayed and you have proven it doesn’t have to cost of fortune to make your home look and feel BEAUTIFUL!!! Spectacular design and functionality!! 💗 Thank you for sharing all your goodies with us!!

  89. Love all your home decor and stories. Just purchased the gold alligator serving trey. From Amazon you listed. Thank you for the much affordable find… can’t wait till it arrives! Xo🥰

  90. Love love love your style. So blessed to be suscribed and to follow on instagram. I was so happy you posted a Amazone finds not only for chloting but also for home items. It makes it affordable and accesable. Love when you take the time to abswer my questions. That is so nice of you. It is hard to say which one is my favorite but I always want it the dress dupe and the Gucci dupe earings.

  91. You have completely inspired the decor in my home!!!! Love everything on this amazon post!

  92. Love your style Randi for home and fashion you are a real inspiration! This post has so many goodies from Amazon thanks for putting together such a awesome list!!

  93. Who knew you can find so many amazing things on amazon! I was surprised to find so many gorgeous home decors from amazon! And they are all affordable! Thank you so much!!!
    Your home is so amazing!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  94. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Randi Garrett Design! love all your ideas, tips, and Amazon finds. Thank you for supplying the list!

  95. Your home is stunning! I am thankful for the links you’ve shared on amazon! It’s made home decor on a budget much easier!! 💕

  96. Love looking through all of your posts for inspiration!!! You do such a wonderful job sharing affordable and beautiful items ❤️

  97. I love that you post your favorites 💕 on Amazon! I would have never been able to find these amazing items. 🥰

  98. I love everything you put together! I have seen so many people recreate your style….including me. I would like to see more finds put together but from Wayfair or overstock places I can afford.

  99. I’m obsessed with your Amazon finds! I have no idea how you do it, but you find such fun pieces at great prices. Because of you, I own jelly bow sandals in every color and I am about to order the Bermuda and Paperbag shorts you found! Thanks, Randi!

  100. Ooh so many good amazon fashion and home decor finds to browse! Thank you! I love everything you share!

  101. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this ! I always find such wonderful inspiration from you! One of my favorite is the ping- pong table I saw your boys playing and knew it would be perfect during all this time at home! You are a gem!
    ~ Florida

  102. Randi,
    Thank you for all your fabulous Amazon finds!! I love looking like a million bucks but not breaking the bank.

  103. Love everything but truly the Vintage skirts are delightful! You curated a great collection. 🌹🌹

  104. I always look forward to my Randi Garrett posts! Whether fashion, home or baking, she’s the best!

  105. 💙🤍Hello Ms. Randi! I am a new follower and I love all your beautiful designs and pieces you have in your home. You’re such an inspiration to me. Your blogs and Ig posts make me happy just to looking at it. Love all your fashion finds as well. More power to you and goodluck in everything that you do. God Bless you and your family. 💙🤍

  106. Randi,
    You are one of my favorite designer accounts to follow. I think you have cultivated a following based on trust and high quality. I think you use and believe in what you post and you are authentic and intentional. Thank you for spreading what brings you joy.

  107. I love your Amazon finds posts so much! I have ordered a lot from your “finds” posts and links. It gives me so many ideas!

  108. Love watching your Instagram stories. My home is my peace and my hobby is decorating. I love how neat and organized you are and how fresh and clean your home is. Thanks for sharing your amazon finds!!!

  109. Randi, I absolutely love your style! You’re such an inspiration 😘Thanks for sharing these amazing finds!

  110. I love all the femininity of your fashion finds. Also your home design posts are on point. Some people do not like others to copy their style but you are so gracious to share and make us look good too. Thanks again Randi, you are a gem to so many if us. Cheers.

  111. Randi,
    Thank you for finding and posting all these wonderful home and fashion items. It’s so amazing . Your style is fabulous and so beautiful ! 🌸❤️

  112. Randi, thank you for sharing your amazon favs. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style. Been following you for a few months now and, there is something special about style ..always so much inspiration. Your posts are flooded with great ideas! I have learned a lot from you! Thank you for all you do ❤️

  113. I just love your style, Randi! I ordered the beautiful runner for my foyer, but realized I couldn’t open the front or closet door due to the pile. 😩 I’ll have to return it & would love to get the large size for under the bed in my guest room…I love the look of it under your bed! I’m hoping that it’ll come back in stock! 💗

  114. Such a fun post! Probably one of my favorites so far! I already got my hands on a few pieces. Thanks Randi! 💜

  115. Randi , your style always seems to amaze me I love your chic style in home decor and adorable feminine clothing style 💕‼️❣️💟🎀🌸

  116. These Amazon finds and the color scheme are amazing! So bright and lively, they would look lovely in any wardrobe.

  117. Randi, thank you so much for taking the time to put an Amazon finds section for us. Please continue helping us to style our homes and sharing all your amazing recipes. I made almost all your recipes and I cannot wait to see the new Garrett residence!!! I love everything about you, your kindness, your style, your beautiful heart. 💗

  118. Though your style is beautiful and actually similar to mine, what I like most about your Instagram account and blog is your authenticity and genuineness. You are a ray of sunshine. Seeing the warmth you exude as a parent is something I look forward to see. Enjoy building that home…I will be following!

  119. I love the shopping experience on Amazon! They have a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories and if they don’t work out it’s easy to return or exchange them.

  120. Thank you for sharing such inspiring and fun content. It’s refreshing to follow a designer/blogger who is as authentic, kind, and grounded as you are!! I always look forward to your posts ☺️

  121. My favorite blogger ever💖💖
    Thank you for mixer suggestion I got it and LOVE it, stay with us Forever Randi 💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘

    We love you!!!!!

  122. My favorite blogger ever💖💖
    Thank you for mixer suggestion I got it and LOVE it, stay with us Forever Randi 💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘

    We love you!!!!!

  123. I adore sooooo many of your home and fashion items! I’ve added several touches of your ideas around my house! Your taste is so elegant and pulled together! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for all the great finds on Amazon, Randi! These days shopping on Amazon has become a favorite. Can’t wait to try some of your suggestions! Hope all is going well with the new house. Looking forward to following along to see the progress. Thanks for all you do for all of us! You are such an inspiration!

  124. I love your taste in fashion and also on house decor , love to see your stories all the time , I love that you amazon finds list , I always take pictures of all your lists !

  125. Hi Randi 🌸 Such a wonderful blog!! Thankyou so much for sharing so many beautiful pieces of furniture and making it so easy to decorate and making it beautiful in my home effortlessly! The brightest part of my home now are these faux peonies and they truly brighten and set a beautiful mood, so enjoying it! Thankyou for always responding to my questions you are delightful! I enjoy browsing your blog every single day! Thank you Randi ox

  126. Thank you so much for the Amazon finds. I love both the fashion and the home items that you have selected. Your style is amazing and I am super excited that I am able to find items on Amazon to recreate your style.

  127. I love all your amazon finds. Your style is so beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  128. I love everything you share. Have purchased so many things lately especially clothing. Please keep it coming.

  129. Love all of your fashion finds! It proves you can look like a million dollars without breaking the bank!

  130. Love everything in the fashion finds post and home finds too🥰 thanks for sharing 💕

  131. LOVE!! I feel like I need one of everything, especially the pink bow blouse! Thank you for sharing such beautiful finds!

    1. Love all of your picks! Your style and grace with your stories and posts are so inspiring!

    2. All of your picks are gorgeous! Your style and grace with your stories and posts are so inspiring!

  132. Hi Randi,
    I love all the amazon finds you’ have selected. So feminine and classy. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring.

    💗, Angelina

  133. One of the things I love about you Randi is you always try to show the “look for less”. Once again some very cool Amazon finds! Can’t wait to make some purchases today! Keep up the amazing work. As I have told you before, you are so inspiring!

  134. I love your home decor style!!! I like that you offer alternatives and definitely have my wish list made

  135. Hi Randi,
    Thanks for all the fabulous finds on Amazon! Who knew they had such cute fashions… I just ordered 3 of the embroidered tops that you recommended. They arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait❤️

  136. Gorgeous finds! Thank you for sharing. I love following you. Your amazing style for both fashion and home decor is such an inspiration 💙

  137. This post is so helpful!! It’s always so hard to find good pieces on Amazon (that are also as pictured lol!). Can’t wait to add some of those sandals to my cart! Keep these posts coming!

  138. I love all your Amazon finds. I have purchased several of the items you have recommended. Thanks!!

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