How to Create a Luxurious Summer Bed

Whether you’re making your bed for yourself, your children, family or friends, the key to a luxurious bed is in the details! Summertime is a great time to refresh your beds and add some luxury to them for yourself or for your guests.

Today, I want to show you how you can create the bed of your dreams with some fabulous bedding basics. I’m taking you inside our guest bedroom and sharing each piece I used to create the most luxurious bed for our guests! Now that it’s all made, I am thinking I want to sleep in here!

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How to Create a Luxurious Summer Bed

How to Create a Luxurious Summer Bed

I like to look at styling a bed in three steps…

  1. Bedding Basics
  2. Bedding Essentials
  3. Accent Bedding Pieces

Bedding Basics

First, your bedding basics are the foundation of a luxurious bed. These are the pieces you can’t see on your bed but are vital to comfort. Buy quality pieces and you will feel like you are diving into a cloud every night! Here is a list of the basics you need to create a luxurious bed…

How to Create a Luxurious Summer Bed - bedding basics How to Create a Luxurious Summer Bed - bedding basics

  1. Mattress Cover – Don’t use just any old mattress cover! Use one that has a memory foam topper like the matter cover I used in our guest bedroom. This one has deep corners to accommodate a larger mattress. It can also be tossed in the washer for cleaning.
  2. Feather Bed – A feather bed is probably the most luxurious piece you can add to your bed. It’s like sleeping on a cloud! Our’s can be machine washed.
  3. Duvet Insert – Duvets are essential no matter the season! They add softness and loft to any bed! I like to use a light weight duvet because you can use them year round. During the colder months, you can simply add another blanket to the bed for more warmth. This duvet is a fabulous weight and can also be tossed in the washer.
  4. Down Pillow InsertsPillow inserts make or break your pillow! If you use a poly filled insert, your pillow just looks stiff and flat. Invest in a few down or down alternative pillows! They last for years and make the world of difference! I like to use these down alternative pillows on my beds.
  5. Pillows – A place to rest your head! There is nothing worse than a trying to sleep with a bad pillow! Get yourself a few good pillows like these I used on our guest bed! You will sleep better and so will your guests! The ones I used one our guest bed are hypoallergenic and are a cooling pillow, awesome for warm Summer months!

Bedding Essentials

Bedding essentials are the pieces that you will use over and over to style your bed. These pieces should be neutral so you can style them in countless ways. Below you will find the essentials I used on our Summer guest bed…

How to Create a Luxurious Summer Bed- bedding essentials

  1. White Embroidered Sheets – The white embroidered detail one these white sheet set is stunning. They come in lots of colors. I love the white because they are so versatile.
  2. White Quilt – I love using a white quilt! There is something fresh and crisp about them! This one is super soft. The basketweave detail reminds me of Summer!
  3. Duvet Cover – For Summertime, I like using a more relaxed fabric as a duvet cover. This linen, ruffled cover is the perfect Summer linen.

Accent Bedding Pieces

After you’ve added all the luxurious basics and crisp bedding essentials, have some fun by adding some gorgeous accent pieces. These should have pattern, texture and color! They are the wow of the bed!blue and white summer bedroom blue and white bedroom blue and white bedroom - glam bedroom glam blue and white bedroom - pretty bedroompretty blue white bedroom blue white glam beautiful bedroom blue white pillows - gorgeous bedroom blue white glam elegant bedroom

  1. Pillow Covers – Pillows really add personality to any bed. I chose blue and white pillow covers for our guest bed. Blue and white is the quintessential Summer combination. It is timeless! Blue and white is fabulous for lots of reasons. One, you can mix almost any pattern and shade of blue and it will look amazing! I used these absolutely gorgeous embroidered pillow covers to make this guest bed pop! Each of these pillows is embroidered, not printed. The detail on them is exquisite! Here is what I used

2. Throws – Throws give your bed one more layer of texture and add even more coziness! Here I used this light weight linen tassel throw. The soft gauzy fabric screams Summer!

Grab some of these bedding basics, essentials and accents to create the most luxurious Summer bed at your house! For all the other sources in our bedroom click here.

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  1. I love the use of white. I was unsure of what colour to paint my bedroom walls and think that this would work. I just need to convince my husband that lots of cushions are super gorgeous as well.
    Thanks for the lovely ideas.

  2. Oh my gosh Randy I love everything you do it’s so so beautiful God bless you

  3. I love this SO MUCH! I just ordered the entire set o f pillows!!!!!!!!!!

    You are AMAZING friend! Thank you for inspiring me today!


  4. Your home is beautiful, Is it possible you would share the lovely white paint color/brand you used in your bedroom?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Debra! Our paint is Ralph Lauren’s Edwardian Linen mixed by Dunn Edwards. xo

  5. I just received my set of pillows and they are even more gorgeous in person. Thanks so much for posting these, they were just what my guest room needed!

  6. Hi Randi, your home is so beautiful! It’s my inspiration. Where did you get the chandelier in the bedroom? It looks like the Pottery Barn Adeline lighting. Thanks.

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