Glam Guest Bedroom Makeover

Our guest bedroom is one of the last rooms in the house that has gotten a makeover! Since this room is used and seen less frequently than other rooms in the house; it fell to the bottom of the priority list. Well, it’s day in the sun finally came and I was able to give the room a glam guest bedroom makeover! A few years ago we began updating our home one room at a time, starting with our kitchen. See our kitchen remodel here. Leading to the transformation of almost our entire home!

The guest bedroom has stuck out like a sore thumb! Driving me a little nuts! Bedrooms are my favorite rooms to design! So, this room was one I was really looking forward to making over!!!

Many of you may have followed along on this process on Instagram with with me. I shared a few videos of the progress of the room. This was not done overnight! Like many of the projects you have probably done in your  homes, this one had many hiccups along the way! I’ll share more about that later!

Every room I design starts with an inspiration piece. Something that inspires me to create the feel for the room. Don’t laugh too hard, but for this room, my inspiration was a bottle of bubble bath! The irony of it all is I hate taking baths! Haha! It happened when I found this gorgeous, icy blue and gold bottle of bubble bath when shopping online, of all places! For some reason, I was so drawn to the jar! It felt refreshing and glamorous, just like I wanted my guests to feel when they stayed with me.

So this glam guest bedroom was designed around a beautiful bottle of bubble bath. It sits in my bathroom so I can stare at it everyday. No, I won’t ever use it! I giggle a little when I look at it. It is a beautiful reminder that inspiration can be found all around us, in the most unexpected way. Just open your eyes and use your imagination!

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Here’s a look at what the room used to look like…


before and after guest bedroom


traditional moldings - wainscoting - glam guest bedroom makeover glam chandelier - luxe bedroom - white walls - wainscoting -Glam Guest Bedroom Makeover lux white gold guest bedroom - mirrored furnitureglam guest bedroom - white walls - wainscoting - glam gold crystal chandelierglam guest bedroom before and afterBefore, the room consisted mostly of hand me down furniture. We donated almost everything in the room. Then added some personality to the walls with some gorgeous trim work.

My contractor who helped me with our kitchen, guest bathroom and family room remodels, added the trim work. Can you even believe the difference that one change made?!!! Look how much bigger and brighter it feels! Not gonna lie, I want to make this my bedroom now! You just may see some trim work appear in my bedroom!

glam bedroom - sunburst art - velvet bedding luxe guest bedroom - velvet bedding - fur pillows white wainscoting - glam bedroom - velvet fur beddingglam bedroom - intaglios - crystal brass chandelierAfter adding the trim work, the focal point of the room is this white velvet bed. Mine is from here, but I found it for LESS THAN half the price here or here!!!!

The bedding is soft and luxurious. Remember the bubble bath bottle I was talking about, that icy blue color from the bottle is the color of the velvet bedding I used. Think of the color of a glacier or mountain waterfall – it’s that refreshing color.

To create a glam feel, I used 3 fur euro pillows in the back, 2 of the glacier velvet standard shams and a fur lumbar pillow. Look at how soft and pillowy the white ruched quilt mixed with the white fur throw and dainty ruffle sheets are! Glam to the max!!! Can you tell I don’t want my guests to leave?!

Luxe bedroom with mirrored nightstands and gold accessories and wainscoting rose and hydrangea floral arrangement with selenite blossoms stands Tips for creating a glam guest bedroom Glam guest bedroom with mirrored nightstand and velvet bed

Remember the hiccups I mentioned earlier? Well the nightstands were one of those hiccups! I ordered a mirrored chest and a white and gold side table for nightstands. The chest was waaaay too big and the side table was waaaaay too small!

After finding a new spot for the chest, and sending back the side table, I found these perfect mirrored nightstands that fit the room like a glove! The light gold detail give a nod to the Hollywood Glam era that I love so much. Mirrored furniture makes a space feel larger and more elegant.

Another hiccup we had was the chandelier. The one I ordered arrived and looked gigantic! So, my bedroom got a new chandelier and I went back to the drawing board!

This sparkly chandelier is the crowning jewel of the room! See all of those crystals? The reflection of each one dances off the walls and ceiling at night making the room feel like it is engulfed in stars! So magical! This chandelier was also half the price as the first one! Sometimes mistakes end up being very happy ends!
Luxe, glam bedroom with brass crystal chandelier, white wainscoting Glam guest bedroom details Framed Intaglios in glam guest bedroom glam bedroom with white walls and wainscoting and lux bedding Glam bedroom with mirrored nightstands and lux finishings

Accessories are truly the jewelry for a space. Make sure they reflect your style and a little sentiment. Sentiment adds heart and warmth to a room.

The sunburst art above the bed has a celestite rock center. As a little girl, my dad taught me to love rocks. We would collect them, tumble them  and even make them into jewelry. He taught me that there is beauty in even the smallest of God’s creations.

Also, a beautiful lesson about how adversity polishes us into something more spectacular than we could have ever imagined. So, finding this art that combines my love for sunbursts and my dad’s love for rocks, was such a treasure! It is different. I love to be unique!

On the nightstand are fresh and faux florals. Add fresh florals to your guest room the next time guests come to town. You will be their favorite person! Fresh flowers make people feel so special. There are also more crystal details in the selenite crystal votive holder and the selenite blossoms. Again, they make me think of my dad and add a touch of glam to the room.

Finally the framed intaglios on the wall. These are similar to cameos. Each one reflects a scene or person. They are replicas of timeless, classic antiques. I love them!

A few other pieces to mention, the rug and lamps. The rug is gorgeous and a fabulous price! We have the same one in pink in Ellie’s bedroom. Notice how the colors match EXACTLY with the velvet glacier colored quilt? It could not be more perfect!!! There are tones of taupe, creams and grays. I love it, it is fabulous! Find a spot for it in your house and click add to cart!

The crystal lamps. Your husband will hate me for suggesting them! I am so sorry! They are a splurge! But, worth every penny you saved by getting my bed for less than half the price and a killer deal on the rug! Haha! Seriously though, when you find something that goes so perfectly with your vision for a space, it is worth saving until you can get it! Wait for them to go on sale, they always offer 30% off. If this isn’t in your budget, here is another beautiful, similar option.
beautiful bedroom with velvet bed and glam finishings mirrored nightstands with rose and hydrangea arrangement Beautiful Glam bedroom with luxurious velvet bedding and crystal details

I wish you could all be my guests and stay in our glam guest room! Hopefully our makeover inspires you to create your own glam guest room for family and friends!

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Room Details

Paint Color  – Dunn Edwards base color- no tint added- Semi Gloss 

Wood Floor – African Plains – by Sahara Sun

Velvet Bed

Mirrored Nightstands

Fur Euro Pillows

Velvet Pillow Shams

White Fur Lumbar Pillow

Velvet Quilt

White Ruched Quilt

Ruffled Sheets

White Fur Throw


Crystal Lamps {similar less expensive version}


Bubble Vase

Selenite Votive Holder

Selenite Blossoms

Intaglio Art (and here)

Faux Floral Arrangement

Sunburst Art above bed


Alarm Clock

Gold Mirrored Side Table

Long Fur Lumbar Pillow

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18 thoughts on “Glam Guest Bedroom Makeover

  1. Such a beautiful new look Randi! The chandelier pairs so perfectly with your nightstand lamps! It’s such an inviting and cozy-glam space. Is cozy-glam a thing? I think it is now!!! Love it so very much!

    1. Haha! I think you just created a new style! I love it! Thank you so much for stopping by and for being such a dear friend! Love ya! xo

  2. Randi, everything in this room, from the trimmed detail on the walls to that gorgeous chandelier!!!!, to the headboard, to the rug, to the accessories, they are all so beautiful!! You did such a great job designing this space! You need to open your own design company! I loved the chandelier so much I went onto Wayfair’s website but that chandelier is out of stock until March 2019 :(. Since you have such a talent of finding the very best wherever you shop, can you recommend another option that isn’t too pricey but gives off that same reflection and shine? Thank you.

  3. Such a gorgeous and elegant room!! Would you say the velvet quilt is more blue or green in color? Thanks for the info!

    1. Thank you! It is more green gray! It is seriously the most beautiful color!

  4. That is a tiny bedroom but with your amazing decorating skills you have turned it into a little jewelry box. I love the change! The curved headboard, mirror night tables and glamorous, sparkly chandelier make for one very feminine room.

  5. Hi Randi, I have looked at this quilt and shams several times but have hesitated from ordering because I can never quite tell what color they are. I’m wondering if you were to describe them if you would call them blue?? I am looking for a blue similar to Pottery Barns Porcelain Blue. I have purchased and returned more than I would like to admit. Any tips on the color of this set would be wonderful! The room is lovely!

    1. It is a beautiful silvery, sage – gray color. It is not blue. I love it because it is such a soft luxurious color. I hope that helps!

  6. Stunning makeover Randi!!! Every detail is perfection. I’m wondering, is the paint color Edwardian Linen by Ralph Lauren like the rest of your home?

    1. Thank you Jackie! No, its actually the base color (white no tint added) from Dunn Edwards. Satin sheen. xo

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