My Favorite Makeup

If you asked me what my favorite birthday gift of all time was, I would with out a doubt say it was a gift given to me when I was 6 from my fancy Aunt Marolyn. It was a plush white purse filled with lipgloss, hand mirror and all sorts of girly things. My Aunty Marolyn knew exactly what my little girly heart would love. Makeup, dressing up and feeling girly make me smile! 

Getting ready and putting my makeup on, makes me feel better. It’s something I do just for myself to give me an extra lift everyday. When my kiddos were little, getting ready for the day was the one thing that made me feel like I had something together. There may have been spit up in my hair and on my shoulder and most certainly food and slobber on my shirt, but I at least felt like my face was pulled together! For me, it’s just a little something I do for myself everyday. 

Today, I thought I’d share my favorite makeup with you. These are all products I love and think you will too! Makeup is a simple little way to take care of yourself so you can help take care of others!

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My Favorite Makeup

my favorite makeup

My Daily Makeup Routine



Makeup Bags



My Favorite Lipstick Combos 

Favorite Lip Combo for Winter

favorite nude lip combo

Lip Liner (Medium Nude) | Lip Stick (Pillow Talk) | Lip Gloss (Bourgeoisie)

Favorite Lip Combos Year Round

favorite lip combo

Favorite Lip Combo – Liner { color – Edge to Edge or Soar} Lipstick { color – Angel }

Another Year Round Lip Combo Fav – Liner { color Medium Nude or Soar} Lipstick { color – Snob }

Favorite Mascara Duo – MascaraPrimer – you won’t believe how long and full these will make your lashes

The makeup I use and swear by!

My Favorite Makeup

Taking care of your skin is so crucial in anti-aging! Get my skin care routine here and all the products I love!



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