3 Days of Halloween – Glam Halloween Table

Welcome to the third and final day of 3 Days of Halloween! Today I’m sharing a super simple and Glam Halloween Table! If you missed Day 1 and 2 you can see them here and hereSetting a fun Halloween table to dine at on Halloween night, is one of our family’s favorite traditions. This year’s table is more of an adult table, but could easily be adapted for children. I usually set a special children’s table with touches just for them. You can see last year’s here.

Taking the time to set a special table for your family and friends, will create a place for special memories to be made. I can still remember the tables my mom would set for us on special occasions. We would sit around the table laughing and talking for hours. Take a look at this year’s glam Halloween table. I hope you can use some of these ideas to set your own table this year!

This post was done in partnership with Arte Italica and Hot Skwash and contains affiliate links. 

Centerpieces don’t have to be complicated to be impactful! This centerpiece is created with two elements, velvet pumpkins and votives! Simply arrange pumpkins down the center of the table and nestle in some gold votives. Super simple, and super glam! 

Velvet pumpkins with feathers and gold beads make this table feel glam and special. Each place setting has a baby pumpkin to welcome each guest. I love the little details on each pumpkin, like the gold signature from artist Daria on each stem. Create your own special combination at Hot Skwash. 

Create a glam place setting with gorgeous layers and shiny metals! Arte Italica’s exquisite dishes give your table an effortless elegant look. I love the intricate details of each piece. The charger and dinner plate look like pieces of antique lace. In fact their design is inspired by vintage lace.

I love how you can mix the patterns to get such an amazing visual treat! Each piece is stunning all alone, but when they are layered together, my knees go weak! Their pieces are heirloom pieces and you will have for a lifetime!

We have a tradition to serve our Aunt Kim’s Taco Soup and my White Chicken Chili every year on Halloween night. So our table needs bowls! Check out these darling little handled bowls! They look like mini caldrons!


1  |  2  |  3  |  4

What is Halloween without caramel apples? Try serving caramel in this gorgeous black handled bowl {which also resembles a caldron on Halloween}, with sliced Honey Crisp apples. If you have the time, make my homemade caramel recipe {here}. It is the best caramel recipe I’ve found!!!! If you are pinched for time, melt some store bought caramels or warm some store bought caramel dip.

Wishing you a delightful Halloween filled with fun memories and lots of treats!

For more Halloween table ideas you can visit my past tables. Click on the photos below to see more.

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9 thoughts on “3 Days of Halloween – Glam Halloween Table

  1. BRAVO, another beautiful design!!! Can you tell me if your bar cart is brown with gold? I have waited for this for months and now says it is in but it says in the description that it is brown? It looks gold to me? Did yours say brown when you ordered it? Also, when will you have Christmas out? Can’t wait to see what you come up with. You are such an inspiration! Blessings~

    1. Hi Jamie! You are so sweet! My bar cart is gold. It’s not a shiny fake gold. It has a brown undertone I would say. I hope that helps! My Christmas will be out the last week of November! Can you come help me set up?!!!!! xo

      1. I wish, too much Nashville to decorate! The real question is can you help me set up? Haha! You are amazing!!! Thanks for your help with my questions. Eager to see your exquisite Christmas Decour. Blessings –

  2. Randi, Everything looks so beautiful. Is your mom coming out to help you decorate for Christmas again this year. Hoping I can tag along this time. Have a wonderful holiday season.

    1. Hi Susan! I am trying to convince her to! They have been traveling so much, it will be hard for her to sneak away again. That would be so fun! Thank you for saying ‘Hi”! xo

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