The Wren’s Backyard Reveal

Living in the land of sunshine, aka Arizona, we spend a good amount of the year outside! Matt and I wanted to create a backyard that was fun for the kids and a beautiful extension of the inside of our home. We love to entertain family and friends, so creating comfortable gathering places was also key. Countless hours have been poured into the design, creation and completion of The Wren’s backyard. We are still waiting for a few pieces to arrive but she is almost finished. Today, I am so pleased to welcome you into our backyard! I hope you enjoy The Wren’s backyard reveal and get some inspiration for your home.

There is a detailed source list at the end of the post for you.

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Backyard Dining Area

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

backyard design ideas

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

outdoor fireplace ginger jars

ginger jars fireplace mantel

outdoor ginger jars

Outdoor limestone fireplace

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

beautiful outdoor dining area

backyard design ideas

The Wren's Backyard RevealWe selected a round dining table withgray bistro chairs for our outdoor dining area. I love the coziness a round table brings to a space. I picture many dinners, games and gatherings around this beautiful table. It is nestled right up against our outdoor fireplace allowing guests to linger longer around the warmth of the fire. The fireplace is limestone. Gorgeous ginger jars from Cailini Coastal dress it up and bring a bit of our inside decor outside. They tie in beautifully with our Chinoiserie planters. We used faux boxwood topiaries to help save on water and to keep them looking gorgeous year round. 

We are waiting for our last outdoor lantern to arrive to hang above our fireplace.

outdoor topiary outdoor pots

Gray Planter Similar |Triple Ball Topiary | Cream French Planter | Single Ball Topiary | Chinoiserie Planter | Faux Boxwood Topiary

Lounge Area

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

gorgeous backyard design

scalloped outdoor umbrella

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

Our pool lounge chairs sit on top of a checkered limestone and turf pattern. We decided to use turf instead of real grass to save on water and keep the yard looking beautiful year round. We are so happy with the result. The turf gets hot in the summer, but the pool water cools it right down. The limestone we used is 12″ x 24″ cut and laid into 36″ squares which are cemented in place. We purchased these stunning wicker lounge chairs 5 years ago. I have never covered them and keep them out rain or shine 24 / 7 everyday of the year. You can slip off the covers and wash them in the washing machine. They are worth every penny. 

Outdoor Sitting Area

outdoor checkered patio

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

ginger jar daisies The Wren's Backyard Reveal The Wren's Backyard Reveal

Under our covered patio, we mimicked the look of our marble checked floors from inside our home. We used gray marble and natural limestone to create a checkered patio connecting the inside with the backyard. Our sofa and club chairs coordinate with the lounge chairs. They are so comfortable and easy to clean. I use my small vacuum for a quick clean and hose them off for a deep clean. We have had them for 5 years as well and they still look brand new! Our coffee table and side tables are so easy to clean and look stunning with the other pieces.

Grass Area

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

All of our grass in the backyard is turf. We love it! 

The Pool

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

Our pool is plaster with a marble (cloud like) waterline. I just adore how the cloud pattern ties in my cloud paintings from inside. We used 4′ x 4″ limestone tiles on the spa. Our pool copping is the same natural limestone used throughout the backyard. It’s 9 and 1/2 feet deep. We chose to use plaster instead of Pebbleteck for several reasons. We love the color of the water with plaster and love the smooth feeling of plaster. Our last pool had a vacuum. We chose to use the in floor cleaning system this time. I really like looking at a pool with no vacuum! It used to get unplugged by the kids all the time and would get clogged by goggles or toys. The in floor pop ups do a pretty good job keeping the pool looking crystal clean. 

Fire Pit

limestone outdoor fire pit

This is one of the most used elements in our backyard! Our limestone, gas fireplace is used to roast s’mores, keep us warm and serves as a cozy gathering place for hours of conversation under the stars. I highly recommend adding one to your yard if you have ever thought about it. We are still waiting on a few pieces for this area. The daybed is missing its cushions and we have more of the 3 ball topiaries coming to fill our Chinoiserie pots.

Outdoor Kitchen

The Wren's Backyard Reveal

The Wren's Backyard RevealThis is our outdoor kitchen area. I am still working on a few things, but here is a look at what we have.  That is a pizza oven under the black cover on the countertop. It is really fun! The larger stainless steel door is a beverage fridge and the smaller one is storage. Matt loves to smoke meat and grill out here. 

It been on of the funnest things at this home to have more outdoor space to spread out and have fun together as a family. Below you will find a detailed list of the sources from our backyard. I hope this helps you create a backyard space that fosters priceless memories!

Sources – tap on the word or photo for source 


Paint – Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete

12 x 24 Limestone Tile – Vision Makers Inc

18″ Dark Gray Marble in Checkered Floor – Vision Makers Inc

18″ Limestone in Checkered Floor – Vision Makers Inc

Limestone Pool Copping – Vision Makers Inc

Marble Pool Tile – QDI Surfaces Phoenix

Limestone 4 x 4 Spa Tile – QDI Surfaces Phoenix

Pool is plaster


Outdoor Dining Table

Gray Bistro Dining Chairs

Lounge Chairs

Blue White Drink Table between Lounge Chairs – Cailini Coastal

Scalloped Umbrella | Umbrella Base

Wicker Sofa

Wicker Arm Chairs

Outdoor Coffee Table

Metal Side Tables / Stools

Club Chairs by Fire Pit

Daybed by Fire Pit

Marble Cafe Table

Blue Bistro Chairs


Ginger Jars – Calini Coastal

These are the exact ones I have – Forever Rose Temple Jar  | Link Temple Jar | Blooming Ancestor Jar |  Extra Large Magnolia Pheasant Temple Jar | Mini Peony Jar |  Seasons Melon Jar (on round table) | Honeycomb Floral Ancestor Jar | Extra Large Green Love Locks Jar | Mini Floral Vine Jar | 

Chinoiserie Planters

Gray Gold Planters – sold out, similar here

Cream French Planters | Faux Boxwood Topiary 

Faux Boxwood Topiary Single

Faux Boxwood Topiaries Triple Ball

Gray Striped Throw Pillows

Striped Pool Floaties

White Throw Pillows – Lumbar | Square


Blue Gobblets

Scalloped Wicker Tray

Faux Daisies

Gold Lantern

Beach Towels & here

Towel Rack  – Mine is a vintage dress rack. Here is a similar one click here.

Pool Basketball Hoop

Decorative Hose Holder


All of our exterior lighting is from Primo. Most is backordered. Here are some similar options for you..

Hanging Lanterns

Wall Lights 

Wall Lanterns












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18 thoughts on “The Wren’s Backyard Reveal

  1. What a beautiful home you have created for you and your family. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Beautiful backyard! The sitting area looks sooo comfy. I’m interested in seeing the general upkeep of the turf-especially with the dogs. Also I think this has been brought up before but……ceiling fans?

    1. Hi Sarah, there is really no upkeep with the turf. We hose it off every few weeks if we don’t get rain, with a puppy spray. It’s super easy. We don’t have any ceiling fans. I’m not a fan. xo

  3. Beautiful! Is your outdoor fireplace natural stone or painted? If painted, what is the color?

  4. Your yard is so beautiful Randi. Love all the flooring choices and the turf! In virginia we use all natural grass and it’s tough to keep looking nice and is a lot of upkeep, especially in the summer. We recently finished a pool and pool house so I appreciate the work and design that went into it. So happy for you and your family. Enjoy!

    1. There is nothing quite like the real thing, but living in the desert and having grass allergies led us to choose the turf. We have been very happy with it. Enjoy your pretty real grass and yummy fresh cut grass smell for me! I miss that! xo

  5. Looks beautiful! Could you please share the source for the turf used with the limestone squares. Have you noticed weeds growing in the cracks where the turf is planted? I want to do this around my pool, but am concerned with the hot turf.

    Also, could you please share the names of all of your plants? Looks like olive trees, olive bushes and white iceberg roses. What is the climbing vine and how is it doing in your heat and sun?

    Many thanks,


    1. I don’t have a source for the turf, I am sorry. Our landscaper took care of that detail for us. We haven’t had weeds growing in the cracks. The plants are as you stated. The vines are climbing roses and the little green bushes are little ollies. Everything we chose does very well in the heat and sun. xoxo

  6. So very lovely. Your outdoor fireplace is beautiful. You must not get the wind outside like we do in Nevada because those beautiful vases would be on the ground and broken in a matter of hours. Oh to be able to put such lovely decor items outside without nailing them down, sigh. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.

    1. We do get strong winds, but they are sort of protected from it in that courtyard. I only keep the heaviest ones out year round, the rest I bring out only when we entertain. You can always fill smaller ones with sand or rock to weigh them down.

  7. Beautiful and inviting backyard! Can you tell me the names of the plants you used in the flower beds?

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