Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree! Today, I am SO excited to share our Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree with you! This is a color combination I have never done before. I am usually a neutral, soft color scheme Christmas decorator. This year will be our last in this home and I wanted to do something different! So I used a powerful pop of BLUE!

I styled our home for Spring, Summer and Fall with blue, white and gold. So, it felt natural to keep with the theme and continue it on through the Christmas season. 

A few things about how I like to decorate my Christmas tree…. I go all out! This is where I spend most of my time, money and energy. I want  my tree to be the focal point of the house. My Christmas mantel is usually just as ornate to help balance the room. The rest of my decor will be a soft Christmas dusting of holiday magic. 

I shared a video tutorial on exactly how I decorate my tree on You Tube and on Instagram (it is saved under my highlights “Tree Tutorial”). If you need help figuring out how many ornaments to buy for your tree, how much ribbon you need and how many picks and flowers you should use, visit my Christmas Tree Capsule post. It will help you figure out what you need to make your tree look like a designer Christmas Tree.

Here’s a look a our Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree. I have everything I used sourced for you at the end.

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Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree

Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas TreeElegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree Christmas gift wrapping ideas

The TreeMy flocked Christmas tree is amazing! I have had it for 5 years. The flock isn’t messy, the lights are stunning and don’t burn out quickly. I store mine in this rolling cover for easy assembly. I linked a similar affordable option as well.

Tree Skirt

Fur Ribbon- (I used 6 rolls on my tree) This ribbon gives your tree a soft, fuller look! I use it every year! You can use it on green trees as well.

Ornaments– The blue, white and gold ornaments I used on my tree this year from Frontgate are stunning! I used 2 sets on my tree. Did you spot the tiny blue and white ginger jar ornaments sprinkled throughout the tree as well? I am in love with them! 

Sacred Hearts -Every year I like to add some special ornaments that add some charm and character. This year I chose to use sacred heart ornaments. I found this fabulous shop with the most gorgeous selection of hearts and crowns. I will be using these in lots of places this Christmas and coming year!

Picks and Flowers

Tree Toppers


Boxes – For tips on how to style your boxes and why I love to use them, read my gift wrapping post!




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21 thoughts on “Elegant Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree

  1. Your tree is just stunning! I ordered several sets of the blue and white ginger jars and can hardly wait to get my tree up. I love the white and gold ribbon you used on your tree. Could you source it for me?

    1. Oh so fun! You will love them for years to come! The ribbon is a D Stevens ribbon. I got it last year at a wholesale boutique. xo

  2. Love your tree ❤️🙏 Thank you sharing how to decorate a tree. Helps so much 👍. I Love love it !! Now teach his yo tie bows. On packages 😬👍

  3. Your Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous Randi. I love every detail and touch of blue color. It is the most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve ever seen!

  4. Hi Randy, love the blue you added to your tree this year. It’s amazing how a few coloured balls can make such a difference to a tree. I’ve always used picks as well they make the best fillers. Sad to think of your last Christmas in this home but I’m sure your new home will be just as beautiful. I can’t wait to see it. Thanks again for sharing 😀

    1. It is so crazy how a few additions can give your decor a whole new life. Thank you for your kind words. I too am sad about leaving our home, but am anxious to make the new one home.

  5. Bellísimo! Every year you do extraordinary work of Art on you Christmas tree and all around you Beautiful Home, this year is not the exception, Love the the pop up ofcolor Blue, very Elegant in Cozy as Always. May this year Christmas full of Health and Love to all you Family, Have a very Blessing Holidays.

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words! Wishing you the merriest of Christmases!

  6. Hi Randi, I think your tree looks really pretty with the blue! The phrase “ Peace on earth“, comes to mind. I’ve always decorated my tree in silver and gold but last year I decided to add red balls, a red tree skirt and other red accents around my house. I have to say the red truly makes an elegant statement combined w/the gold and silver!!! About a week after I decorated my tree, I went to New York City for Christmas with friends and everywhere I looked I saw red, silver and gold! I was walking by one of the windows and saw a beautiful Christmas bouquet of white and red flowers against a golden silver background and I was again inspired! I even went to the Christmas market and saw a whole shelf of red glass candles by Fifth and Madison, they are their Holiday Greenwich candles are not only do they smell sooo good but they are so beautiful!!!!! When I saw those I was again inspired and happy I added red!! So I came home and added red berry stems to my white bouquet of flowers! I was truly amazed at just how sophisticated my house looked. I think from now on, I will always add red to my home at Christmastime!! I just did a Google search and found out that Fifth and Madison has a website and I ordered more of my Holiday Greenwich candles. They have so many beautiful products you should check out their website sometime. Merry Christmas!


    1. That is such a lovey story. I love red at Christmas time. I am so glad you started a fun new tradition! xo

  7. Oh my, I think this is the most amazing tree I have ever seen. You have a great talent that makes me so jealous.
    We are in the process of remodeling, and I never know where to place things and what kind of art to buy and what you should put together.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I hope that this post inspires you as you decorate your home! You can do it! xoxo

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