How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

The beautiful part of any crystal chandelier is the way it sparkles when the light hits the crystals. To keep your chandeliers looking and sparkling their best, you need to know how to clean them. When I was in high school, I cleaned houses. One of my favorite ladies taught me how to clean a crystal chandelier. She mixed a simple solution and had me clean each crystal with a microfiber rag. The lights would sparkle and shine like new when I was done. This simple task gave me such a sense of satisfaction. I love watching something transform into something beautiful! 

Today, I wanted to share this simple chandelier cleaning formula with you so you can keep your crystals looking their best! 

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How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Ideally, you should clean your chandeliers once you start noticing the crystals start dulling. This will vary on where you live and how much dust and dirt you have floating around  your home. I clean mine every few years, but should probably do it more often!

Crystal Chandelier Cleaning Solution

Mix this simple solution in a spray bottle:

1 part isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

4 parts distilled water

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

How to Clean your Crystal Chandelier 

If your chandelier has a lot of dust piled up, take a blow dryer and blow off your light. Be sure to vacuum the ground when you are finished. 

Next, dampen a microfiber rag with a few squirts of the solution. Gently message the rag around the dirty crystal. Take a clean microfiber rag and dry the clean crystal. Watch how it sparkles and reflects the light now! Repeat until all of the crystals are clean and shiny!

*You can also use gloves to make sure you don’t get any finger prints on the clean crystals.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

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